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Fri Jul 6, 2007 13:30

The Amero - North American Currency

Their audacious treason knows no bounds!


Ethics Group: 'Is the Vice President Creating a Fourth Branch of ...
Southwest Nebraska News, NE - Jun 24, 2007
Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington said Mr. Cheney's arguments raise new questions: "Since there is

The GOP has an image problem. A dozen years of Republican control in DC left many in the party complacent and open to the types of activities that give politics a dirty name. Of the 25 most corrupt members of Congress, 21 are Republicans, according to the nonpartisan watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and included in that list is Republican Rep. Jerry Lewis.

Lewis' likely malfeasance is unfortunate. At a time when California is decently positioned to have a fairer shake at federal monies, Lewis, along with fellow "under ongoing investigation" Cali buddies Rep. John Doolittle and Rep. Ken Calvert is tainted by the stench of bribery.

But Shawn Steel, FlashReport contributor and former chairman of the California Republican Party, will hear nothing of it. In a piece entitled "Blood Sport: Slamming Jerry Lewis," Steel blames his party's corruption conundrum on, who else, the Democrats! Oh, and Vladimir Lenin makes a guest appearance:

"Democrats will do anything to get and maintain power. After all, Lenin wasn't too good a revolutionary. His specialty, once he took power, was to create a ruthless system for permanent power at any cost. Democrats hope to do the same in 2008. By any means necessary, get more senate and house seats."

The stench of desperation in this post reeks more than the mold and rat infested rooms at Walter Reed Army Medical Center under Bush's watch. The zig zag from Republican corruption to Democratic power lust to the first communist dictator of the Soviet Union is just surreal, and shows just how far some of the more scrupulous GOPers will go to deflect attention away from some of their entourage's very real ethics problems.

But if Steel wants to discuss the creation of "a ruthless system for permanent power at any cost," he need look no further than his own party. Let's review some recent history:

Which party was it again that redistricted away five Democrat-held Congressional seats in Texas, in a way that Justice Department lawyers concluded violated the Voting Rights Act?

And which party was it again that tried to suppress the black vote in Florida in preparation for a hotly contested presidential race in 2004? Here's a hint: the governor with oversight was President Bush's brother.

And in that same election, which party's donor class funded a well-publicized smear campaign against the military service credentials of the only candidate in the race to have actually fought for his country -- with ads so outrageous that even Republican Senator John McCain called them "dishonest and dishonorable"? Tip: while Dubya "partied and dated with gusto, dabbled half-heartedly in business and politics, and flew jets part time," Senator John Kerry was dodging bullets in Tran Thoi.

And which party persistently manipulates wedge issues -- including the relentless demonization of law-abiding gays -- to distract the public from issues that actually, you know, impact us, like suppressing voter rights?

If you guessed Republicans, you'd be correct. But don't tell that to Shawn Steel. He's been reading from the Bolshevik Revolution playbook for so long, that he forgot which side he was on.

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