"Mr. 9/11"
Fri Jul 6, 2007 15:22

FOX Officially Names Giuliani "Mr. 9/11"

Commentators Overtly Say Giuliani Uses "Every Opportunity" to "Pro-
Actively" Make 9/11 and the War on Terror Conditioned Responses for
Political Gain and 'Security Agenda

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | July 5, 2007

FOX News now has the gall to officially and overtly refer to Giuliani
as "Mr. 9/11"-- previously reserved for actual satire, like The Onion
piece 'Giuliani to Run for President of 9/11.'

Fox has taken this bold step not only while conditioning viewers to
favor Giuliani but while explaining how the 9/11 conditioning works
politically-- allowing the yellow journalism rag to remove the thin
veil completely, on the apparent assumption that its target audience
has absolutely no discernment.

Fox's Cavuto took the opportunity during on-going coverage of the
most recent terror attacks in the UK to stroke Giuliani's controlled-
candidate campaign for the presidency.

After Carl Cameron gives fair-and-balanced "coverage" of Giuliani's
platform-- "Clinton, Obama & Edwards will all raise taxes...
Giuliani, of course, says he will not," Cavuto butts into the
candidate advocacy to name Giuliani's as "Mr. 9/11"-- taking the
final step to place all bets for Giuliani's candidacy on a single
dimension-- fear of terror...


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