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In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful
The Arab Baath Socialist Party
One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission
Unity, Freedom, Socialism


The US Occupation, acting through its puppet Maliki government, has issued decisions to murder three stellar stalwarts of our national resistance firmament. They are Ali Hassan Al Majid, Arab Baath
Socialist Party Leader; Sultan Hashem Ahmad, Defense Minister of the legitimate government of Iraq; and Staff Marshal Hussein Rashid Muhammad, Deputy Staff Commander of the legitimate Iraqi government.

This arbitrary judicial charade forms part of the US Project to liquidate the Iraqi patriotic leadership which has heroically resisted the US onslaught since 1991 and has turned the 2003 invasion into a calamity for the US, leading to its greatest defeat.

The US was infuriated at those staunch in leading and organizing the heroic Resistance. Their hatred increased as these Knights of Iraq refused their blandishments to compromise their stand of struggling
for Iraq's freedom, independence and territorial integrity and chose death and martyrdom over treason and abasement.

Paul Bremer, at one time Iraq's US governor, offered Sultan Hashem Ahmad the presidency of the sham occupation "Republic" and offered release from captivity and other privileges to the other detainees
on condition that they renounce the Resistance and provide false witness against the Martyr President Saddam Hussein. They refused and subsequently have been sentenced to be murdered.

Our Party confirms the following:

1. The number one responsible party behind the decision to assassinate the heroes Ali Hassan Al Majid, Sultan Hashem Ahmad and Hussein Rashid Muhammad is the US administration. The tribunal and the government are mere puppets on its hands.

2. Masoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani are the number two responsible parties. They set false witnesses and fabricated lies in carrying out this arbitrary action against our heroes. These two are put on notice that justice will be served and our rights will be vindicated,

3. This decision comes as part of the US project to liquidate Iraq's patriotic leaders and symbols in a desperate and miserable attempt to empty the combat fields of Iraq of strong and experienced leaders and hence weaken the capabilities of the Resistance.

4. This judgment will not weaken the spirit of the armed Resistance and will not hurt the endeavor to confront and defeat the Occupation. On the contrary, it will strengthen the resolve of our militants in the combat arenas to intensify the fight and ardently continue to encircle the Occupation until its utter defeat.

5. Iraq's history and our militant Party's line of march have proved that growing persecution and corporal liquidation never weaken the spirit of our people, but serve to grow the mass support for the Party and the Resistance. Hence this new judgment against our three knights will hasten the failure of the Occupation.

6. Iran has a fundamental responsibility in the Al Anfal masquerade tribunal, as well as responsibility in the invasion of Iraq. Iran has cooked up and transmitted the falsified documentation used via Barzani and Talabani in the puppet courts. Iran seeks to cover up its criminal responsibility for occupying parts of Iraq with the help of some Kurdish gangs during the Iraq-Iran war, when Iran bombed Halabja with chemical weapons. This has been confirmed by a variety of international experts, including some connected with the US military. Iran wants to take revenge against the patriotic Army commanders who defeated it after an eight-year war, thereby wrecking Iran's plans to invade Iraq and the Arab homeland under the slogan of "exporting the Islamic revolution."

Our Party salutes Ali Hassan Al Majid, Sultan Hashem Ahmad and Hussein Rashid Muhammad for their heroic stand at the court and for their refusal to bend to the enemy. When hearing the judgment, they renewed and deepened their honorable personal resolve and perseverance, holding on to Iraq's honor and to its great patriotic Army. They welcomed the judgment with the Baathists' characteristic fortitude in the face of death. They welcomed their prospective martyrdom while shouting "Long live Iraq! Long live the Arab Nation, the Iraqi Army and Palestine!" They thanked Allah for according them this honorable end. They took a stand which any human being could be proud of.

Our Party re-asserts its resolve to hold on to the Resistance gun as the supreme hope for liberation, rejecting any deal with the Occupation, and ready to pay whatever high price is required. We confirm that victory is approaching, Allah willing, and that our martyrs' sacrifices, including in particular the Supreme Martyr and pride of the Arabs and Humanity Saddam Hussein, will not be a wind-blown chaff but a flaming fire burning the enemies and the ones who collaborated in the crimes against Iraq.

Last but not least, our Party is not only the Party of Arab Unity, the Socialism Party and the People's Party, it is also the Party of martyrs. The Baath has given the greatest number of martyrs, and our Party is noted for its wide-ranging and generous sacrifices on the Arab National level.

A salute to our Resisting Comrades in the Occupation jails!

A salute to the Heroic Comrades who chose martyrdom in the name of Allah and the Homeland and refused to bend to the Occupation!

Shame and dishonor to the US-Iranian genocidal and bloodthirsty Occupation of Iraq!

Shame and dishonor to Barzani and Talabani, falsifiers of truth and history!

Glory in Eternity for the Supreme Martyr Saddam Hussein!

Long live the Baath and its martyrs!

Long live the Iraqi Resistance with all its factions!

Long live our Secretary-general Mujahid Izzat Ibrahim
Al Douri!
Iraq Leadership
Iraq Culture and Information Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party Baghdad,
On the 24th June 2007
Iraq Baghdad, Martyr Saddam Hussein's Capital City
* Translated by Abu Assur.


Palestine is Arab from the river to the sea
One Arab Nation United and Free


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