Mrs. Ron Paul
Through the Eyes of Mrs. Ron Paul
Sun Jul 8, 2007 13:11

Through the Eyes of Mrs. Ron Paul


TODAY: Ron Paul guest on
ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulis,

So the American Dream came true for a boy who delivered newspapers, a teen-ager who mowed lawns, delivered milk, delivered furniture, delivered laundry and delivered mail, and for a man who then delivered babies. Now that dream continues with a man who is trying to deliver your hard-earned money back to you and to deliver the message that freedom works and that patriotism must not grow weak in the hearts of all Americans. And liberty reigns to help us hang on to our Republic for which the Founders gave their last measure of devotion.;article=20175;show_parent=1


Congress v. Presidency
Wall Street Journal - Jul 6, 2007
The Bush Administration and Congressional Democrats are heading for a showdown over subpoenas, and so much the better for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

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