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The planned replacement of the aforementioned USA
Wed Jun 27, 2007 22:46

Illegal Immigration: Senate’s Desires Trump American People
Family Security Matters, NJ - 19 hours ago
Answer: The planned replacement of the aforementioned USA by the ‘North American Union Security and Prosperity Partnership’. This is yet another issue that ...

Congress seems to be ignoring the will of the American people as it rushes headlong into granting amnesty to millions of intruders. FSM Contributing Editor Sher Zieve wonders if our voices and our votes have become irrelevant. Is there a deeper, more sinister plan afoot?

Illegal Immigration: Senate’s Desires Trump American People




Muckraker Report: Finally, “republicanism” as a political philosophy and a form of government stretches all the way back to ancient Rome. Is there a particular tradition of republicanism that you identify with?

Congressman Ron Paul: Naturally, the tradition I aspire to is the tradition of the Founders, who in the eighteenth century established a Constitutional Republic that has today degenerated into a bureaucratic welfare state. More recently, however, I’ve stated in the debates that I uphold the old “Mr. Republican” tradition of Robert A. Taft, both in Congress and in the presidential race. This involves limited government, the rule of law, and a foreign policy of non-intervention, traditional Republican positions for the last 100 years.
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The main agenda here for the United States is to move towards a North American Union, and it is well on its way. The economies of the three countries will ...

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