Hayden and the NSA- the most ignored "9/11 connection"?
Thu Jun 28, 2007 23:13


Hayden and the NSA- the most ignored "9/11 connection"?

A 'rant' based on research, compiled between 2001 and 2006,
by ewing2001

Gen. Michael V. Hayden, currently Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence
has also served as Commander of the Air Intelligence Agency
and as Director of the Joint Command and Control Warfare Center.

But more important, he was also former head of the NSA (March 1999 - April 2005).

The role of the NSA regarding 9/11, and ironically also the 9/11 truth 'community',
is consequently dismissed and ignored by many '9/11 truthseekers'.

Apparently because some particular '9/11 authors'
and self appointed '9/11 activist leaders'
distracted too much with 'CIA, Cheney and the Pentagon'.

It was always clear, why.
To also delay or distract from all physical evidence, based on military operations,
scripted by the NSA and their private contractors.

The NSA, but also the NASA had their eyes not only on the 9/11 "plotline"
but also on the "military operation" of 9/11.
More closely than any other U.S. Government Agency.

The National Security Agency (NSA) has traditionally influenced
and been a very early and sophisticated user of the highest performance
of commercial computer, storage, and networking systems.

That includes also the Internet and the internet "daisy committees" of the NSA.

These are unidentified online trolls, which nicknames share different I.P. addresses,
though only impostering 'one and the same user'.

However this "user", represented with a nickname
is also able to post 24/7 on particular discussion boards, apparently without any sleep.

The NSA can also basically login and monitor all important databases of the U.S.,
especially aviation databases.

Among them the National Flight Database (NFD).

Current data elements included are:
Airports and Heliports,
Standard Terminal Arrival Procedures (STARs),
GPS and RNAV (GPS) or Runways for airports that have a SIAP coded in the NFD.

Would the NSA 'log in' on the morning on Sep11th?

Sure they would.

That's why they also know, that the BTS database of the FAA already proves,
that "AA77" and "AA11" did not exist on the morning of 9/11.

The NSA knew all alleged passengers on the morning of Sep11th.
They know this faster than the FBI or CIA.
They know which plane does exist and which doesn't.

They also know in real time, what really happened in NYC, Shanksville and
at the Pentagon, because of less stress of 'competence'.

In other words, the NSA are important part of the perpetrators who 'did 9/11'.

"The CIA did 9/11" is instead distraction language of many "9/11 truthlings",
based on a dried out old school meme of the 80s.

This meme often also includes other inane 'NWO'-drivel like endless distractions
of esoterical traps like "MK-ULTRA" or "drug business", to water down the issue.

The 'CIA-talk' often distracts on alleged on-topic 'discussion forums' with other off-topics,
which immediately deceive their online members with secondary 'research'
or even pseudo-religious agenda, new age cults and other historical sideshows.

Often "CIA researchers" find themselves quickly among associates of "TWA800 researchers"
or worse: "JFK researchers" or "moonflight hoax debunkers".

The strategy is obvious.
To distract from Sep11th with either paranoia or "80s conspiracy theories".

"The Mossad did it"-meme has a similar strategy, though it clearly distracts
with other obvious agendas, often even conflicting each other,
which has the same purpose: Divide and Conquer.

Right after 9/11, self appointed "Mossad researchers", often end up
in debates on historical research from over 2000-3000 years ago,
which is even more effective.

The 'CIA distraction' also helps to stir a fight between
the supporters of the 'mossad distraction'
and the 'CIA-NWO' sensationalists,
often also accused as "zionists", especially if you deny ANY complicity of the Mossad.

But what has 'complicity' to do with the actual performance of the inside operation?

Basically the same complicity of the so called '9/11 cover-up'
can also be easily constructed with the dutch-, german-, saudi- or pakistani intelligence.

The result is an endless debate on whether the one or other agency had more or
less participation into 9/11.

What almost noone realizes, all these 'complicities' refer in the majority to the plotline,
not the military operation.

Therefore it doesn't matter if either CIA, BND, MOSSAD, Dutch Intelligence or "Able Danger" "observed" or "impostered" the alleged hijackers.

It all represents just the 'plotline' and distracts from
the controlled demolition or the so called "controversial" TV fakery research.
( )

The "CIA connection" was also designed to distract from the private military-
and intelligence contractors (PMCs), which already replaced and dominated
U.S. Intelligence anyway.

Another "distraction", not less effective, is the "Bush did it" meme,
which helps to distract with post 9/11' -"scandals" of the White House or Pentagon,
to keep false hope campaigners or the complete 'anti-war movement' busy.

The same "bush did it" meme also automatically triggers other inane 'activist drivel' on prior knowledge red herrings like Jeb or Marvin Bush.

That's why also so called leftgatekeepers are still clueless about the real players
of many other new 'setups' against their own citizens:

Among them In-Q-Tel, Titan Corp., BoozAllen Hamilton, CSC/DynCorp, SAIC and many others.


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