The issue of Habeas Corpus laws being removed
Fri Jun 29, 2007 10:52

The issue of Habeas Corpus laws being removed

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From: D'Anne Burley
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Hi all I am in the hospital after going to Washington with the ACLU
regarding the issue of Habeas Corpus laws being removed from the rules
we use in the United States to uphold justice, but what justice and

Sorry for any misspelled words etc because I can hardly see the screen
from which I am typing this but again this is very important. For all
you reflect on because we are currently on the heels of self
destruction because we are not being watchful of how history repeats

In rome on the last days of Nero he was killed by the very rich
because after he had taken all from the poor, middle class, and those
within towns outside of rome to rebuild his city after the fire he had
no where else to get money so he attacked the very elite who placed
him n government - please remember this as I go on here.

While in Whitehouse I saw thatwe have people who were attempted to get
Habeas Corpus returned but we needed to fight for the constitution
itself because they are destroying the very thing that make America a
country different from all other nations of the world not jusst by the
word fredom but we had thru are many misstakes had laws which
protected the underclasses, middle and rich all the saem. And if there
was a time that the laws were not upheld then you could go to the
supreme court for appeal because their jpb was to upheld the laws
withiin the constiution. My grandfather was a black slave who became a
Baptist Minister in Texas James Burlley, he was murdered on the pulit,
my father Dan burley a crusader for justice using his flare in writing
and his ability to entertain strived to connect the races in order to
remove racism from the 1930's until 1962 in order to allow people to
see themselves and reflect on the fact that no matter what the color
we are sstill all people whether we are black white, brown and
whatever else we need to label are selfs as being.

then there werethe countless numbers of Black slaves who loss their
lives in this counttry helping to built it, mistreated who are still
here while on their own design via their childrens children who are
still poor and without who are now facing a worse furture because the
greed factor and imortal group as seeded itself within our Government
misusing their position to take away the civil rights and hamper to
development of America within conlifct of interest of other acts in
order to captialized and remove this country from being a nation and
helping to create the new world government, something which was tried
many times before and failed which it will agaiin but this time around
we have much more to loss in this but those with greedy and hungry
hands care nothing about because they have been promise great rewards
which will end up as nothing. This same promise when to Hassan of
Iraqi and others within other foreign governments and all lost power
and then there lives because those who are involed have no loyality
and offer no trus or truth there goal is merity theere agenda not you.

So in washington I saw, the ACLU and others like the student for
freedom of speach within campuses across the US students are not allow
freedom of speak because of new laws introduced and passed, NOW was
there, and others I had not seen for ages all protesting rights being
removed including the libarues pretty soon no reading material other
than wht is offer up my the government. We are being controlled and
the constitution is being totally removed, The word of impeachment
rouse within the rally coming out of the mouth of only one
congressmen, once away from the group and then asing another senator
who job is the represent the people he told me "Well they do that
every time we are before the house and it's killed!" it will never
pass! Again this is the words of the man someone elected and who has
no concern of what is going on within this nation and or what many
within America are unhappy about how this country had refused
investigation of New Orleans, Ok cityadn then WTC whereby evidendence
was allowed to be removed and shipped out overseas, and whereby the
courts have removed court files and placed then in India for storage
in order to hide case material evidence of wrong doing which took
place years ago. If there is nothing here how can they be
investigated. This is while we sit and watch like voyeours.

The evil is so great that it may only take and act from god himself to
stop this, then went to the Senate building after contacting Alfred
Webre and telling him that I was going to place a copy of the Treason
Act in the hands of Senator Obama's Press Secretary which I did, and I
remained them that all they had to do with this document was to pass
it on to Senator and that someone needed to assgned it a number for
the process to begain. And in order for this to real happen we the
people need to call non-stop to get this done to get a full
investigation open because the acts we have here are treason. The
issue of Iraqi, the issue of Valerie Plame, and all other conflicts of
interest need to be open and investogated now not tommorrow or years
from now after we are all in the new Nazi Prison camps but now.

No rights for the young of America to speak in College campuses, no
rights for us not to spied on, no rights equal rights nor civil rights
and all whistleblowers are left to attack without any rule of law to
protect them it's outrageouse. We treat murdereerd better.

I went to Senators office whereby the office had no clue of what bills
were before the house and care little about it, I saw what looked like
business men and women coming in and out of there office whereby they
took time to meet with them but no onw accept for congreemen Danny
Davis was there and need see one of are group its outrageous to say
the least. He was concerned why were not the others involved in this
issue huh? Are tax dollar goes to this and this is misuse because they
are not available nor give a damn of wht the people want.

In New York city the disease issue from the debrie from all the stuff
which fell out of the WWTC has cause many to die today with no one
looking into this matter, Then Iheard that Vice President cheney has
created anothe government office within the three we already have up
making hiself the supreme ruler of it. We are paying for it! IN
ADDITION TO THIS 4TH OFFICE the senate attempted to have a bill to
remove funding for this office which was denied by the house and now
Vice President Cheney is now the Presient of Another Branch of
government no one voted to have. And for what purpose has this office
been created is it the new "SS" again there is no power of the people
just the power of the controllers that you tax dollars are going to to
abuse us.

I heard that Senator Boxer is seeking to rid the nation of Indepent
Radio because again too much is told there and they are afraid that
someone will listen and know that there is conflict of interest and
very much illegal actions within our government, we need to look into
who is paying for theit support to run in these offices and look into
the other conflicts we need to cut off are taxes being used for things
that are not related to protecting the interst of our nation.

So please call me today at 630-930-9782 I am in the hospital but I an
concerned and will work on these issues from anywhere thanks.



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