"Strange Bedfellows" ... Al CIA-da
Bob Scheidt
"Strange Bedfellows" ... Al CIA-da
Mon Jun 28, 2004 06:41

Ruppert's and Madsen's (From the Wilderness) explanation of the potential Grand Jury Indictments against Bush Administration Officials, and the resignations of George Tenet and James Pavitt over the Valerie Plame exposure, strains at a gnat while it swallows the camel.

While outing a CIA Agent may be a felony, and even a serious one, it is not the real crime that needs to be investigated, proven and prosecuted. That charge is HIGH TREASON, for which the penalty is death, not a minimal prison sentence or a paltry fine.

The "CRIME OF THE CENTURY" was commited on September 11th, 2001 by a well organized, well funded, criminal syndicate with a motive and the ability to complete it. On many issues connected to this debacle I would agree with Madsen and Ruppert, however their connections to insiders and previous employments cause me to be hesitant in buying into their explanation, even though things may play out just as they predict.

The parties to the 9-11 event consider themselves "Magi"
or magicians. Magicians use slight of hand to deliver the inexplicable "trick". The trick is only spoiled when the viewer refuses to take his eye off of the item meant to disappear, which in this case is the criminal responsibility for 9-11.

There is absolutely no way that Osama "yo mamma" and 19 Arabs executed with military precision the 9-11 hijackings and subsequent crashes that caused the perfect demolition of the WTC, including building 7 which housed CIA Offices, and was never struck by an aircraft, without insider CIA/MOSSAD/Bush Administration complicity. "WHO STOOD TO GAIN" ... "WAS THERE PROPHECY" ???

P.N.A.C. prophesied a "Pearl Harbor Type Event" preceeding an attack upon Iraq for the purpose of restructuring the Middle-East, after consolidating the support of the American public. [I recall viewing the most sickening sugary sweet phoney patriotism at the SUPERBOWL in Jan. 2002, complete with tattered flags and flying eagles put on by the powers that be to insure American fealty to the war].

P.N.A.C. was founded by a group of Trotskyites that we now call "neo-cons" consisting of spin doctor Wm. Kristol, Richard (Prince of Darkness) Perle, Douglas Feith, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Dov Zakheim, Paul Wolfowitz, David Wurmser, Jeb Bush, Dan (NWO) Quayle, Elliot Abrams, R. James (CIA) Woolsey, Peter (NSA) Rodman, Steve Forbes, Lewis Libby, Richard Armitage (Colin Powell's emissary), Caspar (the felon) Weinberger, Wm. Bennett, and Norman Podhoretz to name the most noteworthy Bolsheviks concerned, not to mention the fact that most of these criminals have infested the U.S. Govt. at the highest levels under BUSH.

Sure enough, we had a Pearl Harbor Type of Event on 9-11, now who stood to gain ?

Well the Bush Administration immediately began it's work to destroy the Constitution and move the power of the Legislative and Judicial Branch over to the Executive Branch of Govt. through the Patriot ACTS, and other nefarious laws to destroy freedom and liberty among the peoples. Awarding powers to the various alphabet agencies that if implemented in my neighborhood will get some fed killed on the spot. All the while BUSH is screaming that we won't entertain any "WILD CONSPIRACY THEORIES" ...


Defense Contractors such as Dick Cheney's Halliburton and Bush's Carlysle Group get fat on no bid government contracts.

But let me stay on point here. The Arab World stood nothing to gain other than the satisfaction of flipping the bird at the U.S. by conducting the 9-11 attacks. Are these people that ignorant ? Even though the mainstream media would portray them as ignorant camel jockeys, beasts without reasoning ability, I seriously doubt it. Having lived in San Diego for many years I have witnessed the large number of arab students attending the colleges there and have witnessed their worldliness and intelligence first hand. The ignorant camel jockey is a misnomer.

So, we can see that the Arabs stood only to gain the wrath of the mightiest military forces on earth, while the Bush Administration, (PNAC) and the Israelis stood to gain monumental power and wealth. The only problem is that they are getting caught with their greedy, murderous hands in the cookie jar (OIL WELL).

I have to admit that the events surrounding 9-11 has made a lot of strange bedfellows. I see so-called conservative talk show hosts calling anyone that disagrees with Bush a liberal, yet many "true" conservatives are against the war and find themselves aligned with Michael Moore a "TRUE" liberal.

I have to admit that for the most part I DISLIKE ARAB PEOPLE, yet I must support truth, and in this instance the Arabs are innocent and are being butchered by the thousands by the U.S. and Israeli Governments, and some others that are trying to get out.

The Bush Cabal and the Israelis had the means and the motive to commit 9-11. Now they have been caught and their thugs, CIA and MOSSAD, are attempting to distance themselves or at least create "PLAUSIBLE DENIAL". However, there is one last piece of this puzzle that needs to be examined.

THE CIA/MOSSAD have been a seemless intelligence community since they killed Kennedy. George H. W. Bush was intimately involved in that murder and his power increased along with that of the CIA/MOSSAD to a point where the two have held hands and murdered thousands since November 22, 1963. not to mention the fact that they have been running America without restraint since that time.

Whatever is transpiring at this moment is a limited hang-out. Ruppert and Madsen may or may not have good intentions, but I cannot be convinced that the CIA is our savior or that they are suddenly going to be truthful when in fact they have been orchestrating the tyranny in the U.S. for 50 or more years and are more responsible for the conditions in Amerika today than any one Administration.

The CIA/MOSSAD remains intact election cycle after election cycle and have built up tremendous power that they will not forfeit regardless of the price Amerika will pay. Whether by coup, assasination or perjured testimony, the CIA/MOSSAD have assumed the throne over international power and do not ever intend to give it up.

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