Eric Jon Phelps
Tue Jun 28, 2005 15:33

From: "Eric Jon Phelps"
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 12:42:58 -0400

Dear Friends and Brethren,

Three cheers for our brave lawyer and obedient Messianic Jew, Jon Levy! Now here is a righteous lawyer!

Now, all we need is a suit in federal court proving that the Vatican brought down the WTC on 911. That would be easy. First we prove the demolition was an inside job. Easily done via several credible sources.

Secondly we prove the CFR connection to the organizations and individuals involved in the demolition, including CIA Director Knight of Malta, the Georgetown Jesuit-trained George J. Tenet---who is now a prof. at Georgetown University. Further, the president of Jesuit Georgetown is another Knight of Malta (SMOM) and CFR member Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor John J. DeGioia.

Thirdly, you then prove the connection between the SMOM and its true leader, Edward Cardinal Egan, the Archbishop of New York City residing at the palace called St. Patrick's Cathedral---"the powerhouse." The headquarters for the SMOM is the Cathedral. A further Jesuit connection to Egan and the Knights of Malta is the Jesuit Avery Cardinal Dulles of Fordham University, Fordham Jesuits being the advisors of the Archbishop.

We have now proved that the terrorist act was carried out by American Intelligence ultimately controlled by the CIA. We have proved that the CIA, with its surrogate, the Mossad, is controlled by the Knights of Malta. We have proved that the American Tongue of the SMOM is controlled by the Archbishop of New York City from St. Patrick's Cathedral---situated across the street from the CFR's Rockefeller Center in total control of the Press. We could further prove Roman Catholic Guliani's involvement as the Mayor of New York City and Roman Catholic Papal Knight Patacki's involvement as the Governor of New York.

We now must ask WHY the attack? just what was the Vatican's MOTIVE for such an attack? We then would make reverence to a statement made by Knight of Malta and Chief of the CIA Counterintelligence who manned both the Vatican and Israeli intelligence desks, James Jesus Angleton. Angleton said way back in 1970 what he wanted was a "CRUSADE AGAINST THE MOSLEMS!" Angleton was the puppet of New York Archbishop Terrence Cardinal Cooke.

Thus the Vatican controlled by the Jesuits used its American Branch of the SMOM in control of American Intelligence to ignite a Crusade against the Moslem peoples---not their Moslem leaders who also secretly serve the Pope. (This is why Bin Laden was given Promis Software, so that he would never be caught.) That war would be waged against those Moslem peoples using the Masonic Bush/Bin Laden network evidenced by both families having a business relationship in the CFR Carlyle Group, headed by another Knight of Malta, CFR member and former Deputy Director of the CIA, Roman Catholic Frank C. Carlucci.

We then show the political instruments involved in bringing on the Crusade against Islam, they being Skull and Bonesman George W. Bush whose father is another former CIA Director and Knight of Malta, George H. W. Bush, whose father, CFR member and Knight of Malta Prescott Bush, Sr., made millions in partnership with another German Knight of Malta, the billionaire Nazi financier, Fritz Thyssen---who bought the Brown House for Hitler and was acquitted at Nuremberg via CFR member and 33rd Degree Freemason, Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson.

We show the pictures of Bush, CFR Rice, former CFR and Jesuit-trained Clinton, 33rd Degree Freemason and CFR member at the feet of that Antichrist JPII at the funeral. We show RIIA member and SMOM Tony Blair at the feet of JPII also.

Now we have proven Vatican control of the terrorist act; proven Vatican control of the CFR and thus its puppets CFR Cheney, Bush, Rice, and Wolfowitz; Vatican control of the CIA and Mossad; and Vatican control of the major military industrial contractors via their membership in the Archbishop's CFR.

We need a few brilliant, non-CFR Jewish lawyers to rain on the Pope's parade of American criminals. I would use Mark Lane as he proved in a civil suit back in 1985 that the CIA killed President Kennedy. (That was the jury verdict!) I would use Jon Levy, as he is doing a great job against the Vatican bank. And I could find a few fearless Calvinists to provide paralegal services and I guarantee you we would NEVER burn our notes!

We must not forget however that the Justice Department is full of Jesuits, and if an indictment is to come down, those men must be exposed and forbidden to participate. Further, the head of the Justice Department, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is in the pocket of President Bush, a key criminal to be prosecuted.

With all this, maybe, just maybe the risen Son of God would intervene and use his yet publicly unknown men to further blow the whistle, men like the late, great, two-time Medal of Honor winner, USMC General Smedley Butler who exposed the SMOM's plot to make FDR a fascist dictator back in 1933. Archbishop Patrick Cardinal Hayes of New York should have been prosecuted, even as his successor, Francis Cardinal Spellman, should have been prosecuted for the assassination of JFK!

May the Lord do what seemeth good to Him as we all do our parts without fear of death or reprisal. May the military men involved in the military homosexual network repent of their sins and believe the gospel of Christ, for the Lord will abundantly pardon. Then they too, men like Griggs, can tell all for the benefit of us all.

And may the Lord turn away from His great wrath which He has purposed against us, in giving us over the coming camps, torture and murder at the hand of the Black Pope and his Roman Hierarchy!

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

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