Friends of the Article V Convention
Wed Jun 20, 2007 06:10

Mr. Lambremont Webre,
You are doing an extremely valuable service for the country and the world with these war crimes tribunals. Interestingly, an organization entitled, "Friends of the Article V Convention" is seeking to hold the government accountable through article V of the U.S. Constitution. It might be possible to demand some kind of Constitutional amendment, by the people, with regard to the "necessity of citizen involvement in matters of "high treason by government officials" leading to wars through false flag operations and "cover-ups by government commissions", and unconstitutional restrictions of rights of citizens appertaining to false flag operations in the matter of undermining U.S. sovereignty in favor of New World Order/International Communism. Unification of organizations seeking 9/11 Truth and preservation of constitutional rights is a necessity. The "conspirators" are well organized; it is time the people recognize that they must also be well organized and extremely demanding of their rights under the Constitution. These are not "frivolous" demands, as they will try to say. It must also be emphasized that what is undermining our country is something that is entirely "alien" to our Constitution, and in no way can be considered a "legitimate part of our constitutional government". I don't consider Yevgeny Primakov (former KGB Chief) and Alexander Karpov as being appropriate people to write our so called "Patriot Act", much less have its 695 pages written before 9/11, and being "handed" to our Senators and Congressmen to "sign" without having the opportunity to read it or debate it on CSPAN, as to its Constitutionality, for the people to see and understand what is being done. This little trick was accomplished by convenient "anthrax attacks" on Capitol Hill (truthful investigation again suppressed), thereby circumventing normal Constitutional process. The people need to understand this, and that the power is "alien", "treasonous", "seditious", and something that the people "must never tolerate".

"Article V of the Constitution of the United States provides that "on the application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, [Congress] shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments..." The Founding Fathers of our nation recognized the importance of providing this means by which the citizens of our country could initiate amendments to the Constitution, the fundamental document which they intended to be not only the blueprint for our federal system but also "the supreme Law of the Land"."

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