Family Jewels?
Fri Jun 22, 2007 21:54


So this is why Bush said, "We are the children of Abraham?"

And why his glazed-eyed Nazi/family connected Daddy, head of the CIA said, "There's going to be a NEW WORLD ORDER?"


Is this why Georgia's Republican Ralph Reed, Jr. head of the Christian Coalition said he puts his enemies in body bags; and why Christianity's Pat Robertson wanted Hugo Chavez assassinated; and why Jerry Falwell was involved with terrorist pilot trainers in Florida?

Murderers? "Christians?"

(I'm feeling very sick.)

Who has any close family left in the USA other than the BUSH FAMILY PORTRAIT, and other interconnected political dynasties employed by government, employing family as lobbyists, and government connected corporations?

So the CIA, "Catholic Intelligence Agency," or "Cocaine Importing Agency" as some youngsters refer to the CIA..... actually going to tell a partial truth to the American People this coming week about the past fifty years of HELL? Will we finally know about Mena, Arkansas; Viet Nam, Operation Northwoods, Operation Paperclip, Operation Monarch, LSD EXPERIMENTS, ILLEGAL DRUGS, EUGENICS, Ollie's guns for drugs; and so many other "conspiracies" curious American-born folks are being called "mentally ill" for discussing?

Pretty frightening; in fact VERY FRIGHTENING.

(Please don't persecute me for my opinions, I'm indigenous.)

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