Tuesday, 06/20/06


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9/11 & Vice President Richard Cheney ExposedPBS FRONTLINE: The Dark Side, Wed Jun 21 02:53




VIDEO: Secrets of the Matrix - Part 1 -David Icke, Tue Jun 20 20:18


Bob Chapman/Iraq & Afghanistan ending soon Tom Green, Tue Jun 20 16:24


CIA Agent Ray McGovern RE: FRONTLINE "THE DARK SIDE" 6/20/06 - "The Charles Goyette Show, Tue Jun 20 13:38


Anonymous Email From An Airline MechanicRBN RADIO, Tue Jun 20 13:10



Reclaim The Issues - "Occupation," Not "War"by Thom Hartmann, Mon Jun 19 20:11


NOW is the time to reopen Investigations Ralph C. Whitley, Sr. a Veteran of One, Mon Jun 19 11:50




Internet neutrality? Or Propaganda & profitability?Henk Ruyssenaars, Mon Jun 19 10:52


Wise Reformation of the USA - forward widely Deborah Reid, Mon Jun 19 10:38






Crafty And Duplicitous Jesuits Are Master Deceivers Arctic Beacon, Sun Jun 18 15:13



THE MINDLOCK - PART 5 John Kaminski, Sun Jun 18 09:24


UNDERSTANDING POLITICS Jacques Hardy, Sun Jun 18 07:36


Scholars for 9/11 Truth Petition to the US CongressStephen M. St. John, Sun Jun 18 03:08



FBI: “No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11”FPF-fwd.: Ed Haas, Sun Jun 18 03:03


VIDEO: 911 Eyewitness....WOW! What a video!Blue Star Media Group, Sat Jun 17 19:10


Pentagon's NSA sets sights on social-network websitesLIFE WITH BIG BROTHER, Sat Jun 17 16:58


President Kennedy was Shot from FRONT. Call for REOPENINGRalph C. Whitley, Sr. a Veteran, Sat Jun 17 00:50

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