(Cont'd....We're not really even started good, yet.
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We're not really even started good, yet.

This will be adequate for a starting place. If this has piqued the interest of those who are part of this discussion thread, then we can continue from here. Where this group is not quite ready for the rest of the story, we'll wait until that day arrives.

What matters from the very beginning is that we realize that what we see has nothing to do with the Constitution, but is, at that same time, and in the same breath, perfectly "lawful." The "law" that defines what we see is not "the Law of the Land," but rather the law of a place that is, itself, a creation of "law." Where we understand that what we see is "lawful," then our focus is on understanding the legal mechanisms by which those activities ARE, in fact, "lawful." Once we see THAT problem for what it is, then we also see, at the exact same time, the reality of both the problem and of the solution.

Seeing the problem, then, and seeing the solution, is easy. This is to say that the solution is considerably easier to discuss intellectually than to implement. However, to see the problem for what it is, is to see that, at the end of the day, the problem is commercial. Therefore, the solution is commercial. To be very clear, then, where the problem and solution are commercial, there are no substantive political solutions. There is a political component, to be sure, but that component is 100% within the discretion of the individual, and over that component there is no authority on the face of the planet that can compel that political alignment decision or that can prevent political (religious) dissociation. No legislative act can compel political alignment with the system created under the "law" of "this state," and no legislative act can compel political dissociation, either. Further, there is no real judicial solution, either, for a perfectly enforceable agreement will be subject to enforcement. No judge can call a perfectly enforceable agreement unenforceable, just because the party had no clue what s/he was getting into, and no legislative act can interfere with the obligations of private agreements.

So, the ultimate solution is to realize that we're up under the "law" of the place called "this state" one individual at a time, and it will be by that exact same mechanism, i.e., one individual at a time, that we come out from under that oppressive thumb.

As a nation, we've "been had." We've "been had" for so long and at such a foundational level, that it's difficult to accept. But, until we can accept that fact and reality, we're spinning our wheels in the mud, creating a huge mess, getting nowhere in a big hurry, using up the limited resources that are available to us.

The legal reality is a wicked paradigm shift. Once we survive that paradigm shift, we find that there are all kinds of things to do and to be done. Until we go through it though, we're still on the wrong side of the economics study, consuming limited resources with the expectation that doing the same thing the same way will somehow produce a different result.

I look forward to further discussion on NSPD 51, and everything behind it, systemically, that makes NSPD 51 even something that could ever exist.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas


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