White House Subpoenas Officially issued
Wed Jun 13, 2007 18:28

White House Subpoenas Officially issued for Harriet Miers and top assistant to Karl Rove

Victory!!!!!!!!!! The next steps have taken place. Subpoenas have been officially issued on the White House, to compel and force Karl Rove to testify.

"This article has been updated to reflect official releases from the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.

Two former White House officials will face subpoenas for their involvement in the firing of 8 US Attorneys earlier this year. RAW STORY has confirmed with House Judiciary Committee staff that House investigators will issue a subpoena for Harriet Miers, former White House Counsel, and the Senate will issue a subpoena for Sara Taylor, a former top aide to Karl Rove. Both committees also sought a variety of documents from the White House.

"Let me be clear: this subpoena is not a request, it is a demand on behalf of the American people for the White House...to help us answer the questions that remain," said Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). "The breadcrumbs in this investigation have always led to 1600 Pennsylvania. This investigation will not end until the White House complies with the demands of this subpoena in a timely and reasonable manner so that we may get to the bottom of this."

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) also accused the White House of seeking confrontation.

"By refusing to cooperate with congressional committees, the White House continues its pattern of confrontation over cooperation, and those who suffer most in this case are the public and the hard-working people at the Department of Justice," said Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. " The White House cannot have it both ways -- it cannot stonewall congressional investigations by refusing to provide documents and witnesses, while claiming nothing improper occurred....Some at the White House may hope to thwart our constitutional oversight efforts by locking the doors and closing the curtains, but we will keep asking until we get to the truth."
White House responds to subpoenas

In response, spokesman Tony Snow said the White House is "aware of the judiciary committee plans to issue subpoenas and will respond appropriately."

"The committees can easily obtain the facts they want without confrontation by simply accepting our offer for documents and interviews but it's clear that Senator Leahy and Representative Conyers are more interested in drama than facts," Snow added.

In a letter sent to the House Judiciary Committee on June 7, White House Counsel Fred Fielding made it clear that he would not make any White House staff available for on the record, sworn testimony on a voluntary basis.

"We think the Committees' suggested next steps in this matter must be fairly assessed against the backdrop of the extraordinary access acquired to date and the absence of any evidence of wrongdoing by White House officials," President Bush's counsel wrote. "The President has proposed an accommodation that would provide the Committees with still more information on the US Attorneys matter...It is difficult to see how this proposal will not provide your Committees with all the information necessary to evaluate the White House's connection to the Department's request for US Attorney resignations."

He also expressed his "strong hope that the Committees will not feel compelled to elevate the stakes by pursuing the path of subpoenas and compulsory process referred to in your recent letters."

Senator Leahy slammed Fielding for his reasoning in a response today.

"In response to our efforts to narrow our dispute by gaining access to documents you agreed to produce as part of your offer for off-the-record interviews or to information that forms the basis of the President's conclusion that no wrongdoing has occurred, you have merely restated your initial, unacceptable offer," the Senate Chairman wrote. "The White House cannot have it both ways -- it cannot withhold documents and witnesses and thereby stonewall the investigation and, at the same time, claim that the facts about the White House's improper influence over federal law enforcement have not been revealed in detail."

He continued, "The White House's continued stonewalling leads to the obvious conclusion that the White House is hiding the truth because there is something to hide. Because the White House has continued its refusal to provide the requested information to the Senate Judiciary Committee on a voluntary basis, I am issuing subpoenas."

Rep. Conyers also stated that he did not believe the White House's earlier offer for cooperation was reasonable.

"In view of the compelling need for relevant information, your 'all or nothing' proposal remains completely unacceptable, as we have previously stated," he wrote. "Conducting interviews without a transcript in a matter of this complexity and scope is likely to lead to unnecessary confusion and factual disputes down the road. It is even more problematic to try to limit the scope of document production and interviews to communications between the White House and outside parties."
Taylor set to testify before Senate Committee July 11

Sara Taylor, the former Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Political Affairs, reported to Karl Rove in the White House. She has been subpoenaed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and is scheduled to testify before it on July 11.

Taylor reportedly 'cleared out her office' at the end of May. E-mails released yesterday depicted her extensive involvement in the firing of at least one US Attorney, Bud Cummins from the Eastern District of Arkansas.

Senator Leahy excoriated Taylor for failing to provide answers to inquiries sent to her in April.

"I received no response from you to my April 11 letter seeking your voluntary cooperation with the Senate Judiciary Committee's ongoing investigation of the firings and replacements of a number of United States Attorneys," he wrote. "It is now clear from the evidence gathered by the investigating Committees of the Senate and House that, at the time you were White House Director of Political Affairs, you and other White House officials played a significant role in originating, developing, coordinating and implementing the plan and the Justice Department's response to congressional inquiries about it."
Miers set to testify before House Committee July 12

Harriet Miers has been subpoenaed by House investigators. She has been asked to testify on July 12 at the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Commercial and Administrative Law.

Miers, a one-time pick for the Supreme Court by President George W. Bush, served as White House Counsel until January when she stepped down and was replaced by Fred Fielding. Miers is known to have been extensively involved in the firing of the US Attorneys, with Kyle Sampson, the former chief of staff to the Attorney General, telling the Senate Judiciary Committee that he often discussed the firing of Attorneys with her informally after weekly Judicial Selection Committee meetings at the White House.

RAW STORY's coverage of the Justice Department's release of documents Tuesday night, which show Taylor and Mier's involvement in the firings of the US Attorneys, can be read at this link."


So Dick Cheney, what are you going to do next about it? Let me just already point the facts out that we are well aware of the truth behind the US Attorney firings, and that it was you Cheney, who wanted them all fired to begin with. Its been made very clear since day one. Every US Attorney was working on serious Grand Jury investigation cases that actually showed breaches of national security and TREASON, by Congress members affiliated with you and your extremely secretive meetings with the Turkish Council.

Let it also be said Cheney, that we are very well aware that you personally ordered the arrest and prosecution of millions of children and adults who apparently "must have a Voter ID" or not even be out there voting. These are tactics not affiliated with a law abiding society, but with Communist China. http://www.tpmmuckraker.com

And you actually honestly believe, that Jesuit-elect KARL ROVE will fall on his sword to protect you? Karl Rove has never faced accountability like he is now. But Karl Rove has never been anything other than a thief and dirty trickster, until he met YOU. Apparently now Karl Rove has turned into a physical traitor to the United States, and has helped YOU, a Jesuit-leader and mad individual sell out the United States for personal gain.
So Cheney, will you take this to the Supreme Court as expected and try to get them to rule in your favor? To dismiss all the subpoenas and cases pending by the Attornies, under the grounds of "Executive Priveledge" to the Executive Branch? Because I'm afraid Chief Justice John Roberts will not be interested.

We have the smoking gun now of your Chiefs of Staff, and Karl Rove discussing giving the "Green Light". The Justices will soon learn that you, Cheney sold out the United States. That you and some of your most maniacal Catholic friends sold out the USA to the American Turkish Council and that's why you fired ALL the attornies in one sweep. You can explain it to Judge Walton and Judge Ellis, Cheney. They're the ones who are going to be interested in the fact Karl Rove obstructed the AIPAC investigation and you tried to have all the investigators of AIPAC, especially who were after the ATC, fired in one shot.

Then John Roberts and others will make a decision of Conscience, based on your deplorable behavior and being more loyal to your bank account than you are to the people. He will also have to see for himself that you are obssessed with World War 3. This makes it evident, your "Executive Priveledge" argument is going to be squashed flat. Your days are numbered.

You are going to be impeached Cheney. Not because you are a shrewd politician, or a republican, or a democrat, or a likeable/dislikeable person. But because you have committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors and have an endless obssession to start a World War to end all wars. One that your colleague Robert Kagan, and your mentor Reinhard Gehlen share. The Vatican's insane ambitions of pure greed and craving of absolute power. The desire to totally level the Middle East in the pursuit of absolute power and a new Euro Asia. The desire to "rebuild" a Temple Construct, just for the completion of an agenda based on Greed and War Mongering that has never left. You are going to be impeached because you are an actual traitor to the United States, and everyone in it.
""I believe this is another milestone," Kucinich said. "With the support of the leaders of the Progressive Caucus and the leader of the Out of Iraq Caucus we will see more and more Members of Congress signing on in this effort to save our Constitution and protect the very values that bind us as a nation."" 9-10 and climbing.

You call your slave the Zionist Lewis Libby a fine man, then its time you join him. He's not going to fall on his sword for you and neither will Karl Rove...as he knows you can give him nothing in return. One of these days you will see and stand there, at the end of your days, regretting what you did to the world. Regretting the anarchy you caused all over the Middle East and the illegal barbaric things you did Cheney.

And the eventual Wars that could not be prevented, thanks to your "idea" of reshaping Global Policy. You will regret and regret. Paul McNulty resigned from the Department of Justice because it no longer stands for Justice. Which is a sad, sad statement. Paul McNulty is an honorable man and public servant, a Republican. So is his friends, even Alice Fisher in turn. But you have turned the Department of Justice into an arm of your personal treason operation, an arm of the Hell Bent "Jesuit" agendas of corruption intent on enslaving us and wrecking the Middle East for a new stronger Turkey.

"Third, with WWII having ended a mere 60 years ago, US foreign policy is still very much in the hands of America's anti-Soviet/Chinese Cold-War Warriors . Hence, Russia-China encirclement remains part and parcel of US policy. US military outposts close to Russia and China's borders dot the landscape in the New EuroAsia. As Space Daily reported, US mobile missile defense batteries are likely to appear at these bases since CONUS based systems are doomed to failure . US military outposts will also allow quick jump off points for covert operations into Russia and China, interdiction of black market WMD and their components, and drug interdiction.

Fourth, to compete against the combined economic forces of the European Union (EU), it is necessary to have a leveraging position in the New EuroAsia . For example, the EU's Inogate Program (inogate.org/html/maps/mapsoil.htm) is a source of concern for the US as Europe has been busy for years laying the groundwork for new energy sources and transit points . The US was late to that game and is still playing catch-up.

Fifth, isolating and destabilization Iran remains paramount. Such has been the policy since the 1980's . As recently reported, US Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have been launched from bases in Iraq to spy on Iran's military infrastructure and nuclear reactor sites. In all likelihood such activity has been underway at least since the beginning of the 21st Century's US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. (1)

The Guiding Light

The ATC is joined in the creation of the New EuroAsia by the American Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (AACC) . AACC's Honorary Council of Advisors just happens to include Scowcroft and the following persons of significance: Henry Kissinger, Zibigniew Brezinski, Lloyd Benston, John Sununu and James Baker III. Former Council members include Dick Cheney and Richard Armitage, former Undersecretary of State. Board of Trustee members include media-overkill subject Richard Perle of AEI, Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas, and Frank Verrastro of CSIS.

The US Kazakhstan Business Association (UKBA) features, among others, benefactors and members Chevron-Texaco, Conoco-Phillips, Lockheed Martin, and [Dick Cheney's] Halliburton . Richard Armitage was honored last year by the UKBA, and indicated in his remarks that stable economies and representative government were essential for the future of Central Asia. No argument there. He opined that "many of the nations in the region still have a long way to go toward that destination [democracy], and Kazakhstan can and should, in my view, serve as a guiding light in that journey." Yet according to Human Rights Watch, the US State Department (Armitage's former employer) indicated in February 2004 that "The [Kazakh] Government's human rights record remained poor, and it continued to commit numerous abuses ." In its annual report on the Kazakh government's rights record, the State Department noted that the government of Kazakhstan "severely limited citizens' right to change their government and democratic institutions remained weak [and that it] restricted freedom of assembly and association and limited democratic expression by imposing restrictions on the registration of political parties ." It further stated that, "Corruption was evident at every stage and level of the judicial process."

Friends in Odd and High Places

"It is a place of total lawlessness, where men with guns rule and human life carries little value . There are no human rights. One resident told me: 'We don't know if we'll be alive tomorrow or even five minutes from now.' It is inconceivable that a fair election can take place in this climate of fear, where shooting and forced disappearances happen on a daily basis . Civilians continue to be the main victims of this conflict. It is possible that as many as 200,000 people have been killed in the two wars combined. Many I speak with say they see the election as little more than window dressing for the West . All the while, military operations continue. Not a single night goes by without som


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