Where Is Justice for the 3 John Does?

Bob Scheidt
Where Is Justice for the 3 John Does ?
Sun Jun 13, 2004 05:52

Alex Jones [ www.infowars.com   and www.prisonplanet.com ] was reporting that the U.S. Government flew a number of Arabs out of the country immediately after 9-11, including some Bin Ladens, at least a couple of years ago ... Now Michael Moores award winning movie [Farenheit 9-11] attests to the same facts. No Americans were even able to fly at all during this period yet a bunch of Saudis are airlifted out by the U.S. Government. (Stinks to high heaven doesn't it)

Doesn't this sweet arrangement cause you to question the cancellation of the APB's (All Points Bulletins) issued for the arrests of John Doe I John Doe II and John Doe III at the time of the OKC Bombing ? The F.B.I. hierarchy canceled the APB's contending that no John Does even existed. What nonsense, to believe that Terry Nichols and Tim McOSS-wald had pulled this bombing feat off alone and unassisted. (The descriptions of the John Does were that of Arabs.)

The testimony in trial transcripts from the first WTC Bombing (Remember the blind sheik) admit that the bomb maker was a U.S. Government Informant that didn't want to use the real chemicals but was overruled and instructed to build an actual bomb by his superiors, U.S. Govt. Officials.

Doesn't it strike anyone else as odd that we never had these bombings until old man Bush invited a bunch of Iraqi Red Guard to live in the U.S. after Persian Gulf War I ? About 4000 Iraqi Red Guard were relocated to the U.S. after Gulf War I ... Why ?

Let's not forget the freeing of the Hostages the very day the Reagan/BUSH Administration took official power. How had they brokered this deal in advance of the taking of official power ? I guess we're all pretty lucky that the Bush Family has always had such close ties to the arab oil magnates, another FACT pointed out first by Alex Jones and now by Michael Moore's new film. [Causes me to rethink Iran/Contra and the October Surprise].

How is it that Donald Rumsfeld felt so comfortable making deals to pay off the upper level Military of Saddam Hussein ? Having had voluminous shady dealings with the Arab world, as a chemical weapons distributor has its obvious advantages.

Why is Bush's cabinet and other advisory positions filled with Jews like Perle, Wolfowicz, Wurmser, Dov Zakheim and Feith ? Is the Bush Administration a mere subsidiary of the LIKKUD PARTY ? (Not to overlook the disproportionate number of Jews in the Klinton Administration)Madeleine Korbel Albright, Samuel (Sandy) Berger, Wm. Cohen, and others).

And exactly what did Condoleeza Rice do for Chevron that qualified her for the post as National Security Advisor ? We have recently discovered that Valerie Plame worked for ARAMCO while operating as a covert CIA Agent ... was Rice doing the same ? And wasn't it the same Condi Rice that stated "We had no idea that terrorists would use commercial aircraft as missiles" immediately after the 9-11 Attack, while Pentagon Officials stated that they were operating a defense drill on 9-11 in anticipation of an attack by aircraft in an attempt to offset the fact that no defense fighter jets were launched to protect NYC and Washington D.C. ... the two highest priority airspaces on the planet earth. What bullshit !

One of the primary investors in Dubya's "ARBUSTO" Oil was none other than Solomon Bin Laden, who happened to die a few years later in a light plane accident in TEXAS.

To think that George H.W. Bush had NO EXPERIENCE before becoming the DIRECTOR OF THE CIA is naieve. Old man Bush is the most accomplished assassin in America if not the entire universe, but Jr. is a chip off the old block and trying to live up to his progenitor's accomplishments.

Someday, and I hope while the old man and kid are still alive, it will become obvious that George H.W. Bush was intimately involved in murdering JFK, and by so doing, "preserving" the CIA as stated by now departed George Tenet, at the dedication of the new CIA Headquarters at Langley, named the George Herbert Walker Bush Building.
[Let's not forget that Old Man Bush took control after the assasination attempt on Ronnie Reagan [R.I.P.].

It is my humble opinion that some of these Arabs that were relocated to the U.S. are being utilized as contract agents by the CIA and MOSSAD to further the goals of those expecting to usher in a one world government, ie., Old Man Bush and his boss, Satan.

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