A Re-examination of the "Assassination" Attempt on Reagan

Lt. Col. "Bo" Gritz
A Re-examination of the "Assassination" Attempt on Reagan
Sun Jun 13, 2004 15:19


The facts point to something other than the "official story"--as usual!

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Subject: Have you seen how Reagan was forced to accept GW Bush as his running
mate in 1980?

Excerpts from a talk given by Lt. Col. "Bo" Gritz in Mesa, Arizona
on April 4, 1992.

In Mesa, I met with him [Cleon Skousen
www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sourceid=deskbar&q=Cleon+Skousen  ,
and I said, "Why in the world did Ronald Reagan sell us down the tube by
taking George Bush as his running mate?" And I really didn't know that
Cleon knew Ronald Reagan rather well. But he told me: He said, "Bo, George
Bush was Ronald Reagan's greatest opponent," (if you'll remember, back in
the 1980 elections), "and Ronald Reagan said he would never have him. Then,
Ronald Reagan was invited to New York to go see Rockefeller. When he saw
Rockefeller, he was told, 'If you do not take my head of the Trilateral
Commission'" (remember, the Council on Foreign Relations, George Bush) "'as
your running mate, the only way you'll see the inside of the White House is
as a tourist.'"

Two months after he was inaugurated, two months is all that Ronald Reagan
lasted. March 30th, 1981, two months after his inauguration in January of
1981, he was shot -- was he not? And the news said that he was shot by John
Hinckley, Jr., and that John Hinckley, Jr., was some kind of a Jodie Foster
freak. And that he came out of nowhere, and that he shot Brady in the head,
and he shot a policeman in the neck, and he shot a Secret Service man and
blew him back over the vehicle, and he shot Ronald Reagan. Right?

Well, remember the hardware. That's why I gave you a little introduction...
I did. [Gritz had talked earlier about some sophisticated "tools of the
trade."] Soon as I see this stuff I begin to wonder, because I've been a
part of these kinds of operations. Let's just go back and review. It's all
in the book [*Called to Serve*(?)], and so, very quickly I'll run down
through you.

When Brady was shot, no question. Here we've got John Hinckley, Jr., Oh, by
the way, is John Hinckley, Jr., just some kind of a "weirdo?" Isn't it
strange that John Hinckley, Sr., is the owner of Vanderbilt Oil? And, of
course, George Bush is the owner of Zapata Oil. Was it a coincidence, then,
that John Hinckley, Sr., and George Bush are neighbors *for years* in
Houston, Texas, working together? Is it any coincidence that John Hinckley,
Sr., when you go back through the FEC, the Federal Election Commission, his
own record of giving maximum donations every year to Mr. Bush even when he
started running for Congress. Well now, does that make his son, John
Hinckley, Jr., seem a little bit less of a coincidence? I think it does.
Here's why:

When the President was shot, if you'll remember, he was pushed into the car
by a man named Jerry Parr(sp?) that was his Secret Service guard. Jerry
Parr fell on top of him and, I just saw in the *Reader's Digest* where
Jerry Parr was telling his "valiant story." And the limousine tore off,
didn't it? Now it was *five minutes later* that the ambulance arrived and
they put the Secret Service man, the Washington, D.C. policeman, and Brady
in the ambulance and *it* roared off. Using normal time-rate/distance, who
should have arrived at George Washington University Hospital first? The
President should have. Well, who did? You know it's a trick question. The
ambulance arrived 15 minutes before the President. When asked, "What
happened?" the Secret Service simply responded, "We got lost."

The Secret Service does not get lost in Washington, D.C. They don't get
lost in most places of the world. And so, now the investigation starts to
get a little interesting. When they take Ronald Reagan in, they can see
that he... matter of fact, his heart almost stopped. And he is convulsing;
there's blood on his lips. They know he's hurt... seriously. But they can
find no wounds. They X-ray him *3 times* and can find nothing.

Finally, a nurse notices a tiny entrance wound right at the seventh rib,
underneath the armpit. And a doctor takes a probe, and by... very
carefully, because they couldn't see it on X-ray, the doctor is able to
extract what he said was a planchet, thinner than a dime, that was
one-quarter inch from Ronald Reagan's aorta.

Now, Ronald Reagan says... as a matter of fact, let me just see if I can
just read it to you... best what Ronnie says. I've got all this in the
book... This came right out of a newspaper:

"I knew I had been hurt, but I thought that I'd been hurt by
the Secret Service man landing on me in the car. As it was, I
must say it was the most paralyzing pain. I've described it as if
someone hit you with a hammer. But the sensation, it seemed to me, came
after I was in the car and so I thought that maybe his gun or something
had broken a rib. I set up on the seat, and the pain wouldn't go away --
and suddenly, I found I was coughing up blood".

Now you see, to almost anyone else you might say, "Well, just some kind of
a fluke." But I'm a skeptic. Because I know how these things have happened
ever since they "took out" John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I think maybe JFK was
the last honest President that we had...

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