An anonymous email on Michael Moore

Kurt Nimmo
An anonymous email on Michael Moore
Mon Jun 14, 2004 01:07

Conspiracy Brutha Vince"
Date: Sun Jun 13, 2004 4:56 pm
Subject: An anonymous email on Michael Moore - Kurt Nimmo


Sunday, June 13, 2004
An anonymous email on Michael Moore

Dear Mr. Nimmo:

I am a great admirer of your work and wanted to comment on
an article you posted today,
Sunday, June 13, 2004, entitled "Republicans are behind the effort to censor
Fahrenheit 9/11." I myself was a journalist years ago; I worked for a paper
that's read worldwide, and then I worked overseas.

I now work in the entertainment industry and thus had the opportunity to see
Fahrenheit 9/11 at its US premiere, at the Academy theater in Beverly Hills
on June 8th. Michael Moore was there and gave a relatively short and
ego-free (for him) speech afterwards. He did give an endorsement to the

I have had discussions with Mike Rivero at What Really Happened about the
film's content, and will reiterate my concerns here. Two caveats: as a
former journalist myself I have always had huge problems with Moore's sloppy
research, and as someone who has spent 13 years in the entertainment
industry I have worked with many of the *players* involved in this film, the
most prominent being the Weinsteins, and I do not trust their motives,
especially given what I saw firsthand in this film:

* Moore does a great job exposing the venality, ineptitude, hypocrisy and
silliness of the Bush cabal. Excellent and funny.

* Moore goes into the slimy recruiting techniques used in poorer
neighborhoods, which was an eye-opener.

* Moore shows some footage of Iraqi and American casualties -- given the
virtual media blackout of the war this will shock most Americans, and I
firmly believe make them realize for the first time just what damage our
country has wrought. There is not too much footage, though. I think there
should have been more.

* Moore does an expose on the Patriot Act -- very good.

* Moore gets into the Caspian Sea pipeline and Halliburton, etc. -- well
done for him.

* GIs are interviewed juxtaposed with terrified and or grief-stricken Iraqi
families. Very effective.

* A mother from Flint, who lost her son, has her story followed, again very

* At the end an elderly lady, an *average* American, is interviewed and she
pretty much sums up all the fears that most thinking Americans have about
the cabal.

There was more good stuff and, for the most part, I think Moore did a great
job and I think this film will swing the election, should we indeed be
allowed to hold an honest one.

But here is my very grave concern and the one that Mike Rivero (who has not
seen the film) and I are in contention about: in the film Moore just falls
short of pinning the blame of Sept. 11 on the Saudis. I consulted with
others who had seen the film and we estimate Moore spent between 20-30
minutes on Bush/Saudi/Bin Laden/9/11 ties.

My big problem with that is threefold:

* Moore plays directly into the neo-cons' hands because Saudi Arabia is the
jewel in the neo-con crowd -- it sets Americans up for the war that he
implies SHOULD have been fought -- against SAUDI ARABIA. As far as I could
tell (and I did take two potty breaks) no mention was made of PNAC,
neoconservatives or the pro-Israel lobbies' driving of the invasion of Iraq.

* In the meantime, since the time Moore most probably shot those segments,
the House of Saud is on the brink, and no matter how bad they are, they keep
some kind of stability in the Kingdom -- given that the Saudis (as Moore
points out, though I don't believe he used this exact figure, if I remember
correctly he said that the Saudis own 6% of the US) have at least $2
trillion invested in the US, the collapse of the House of Saud could lead to
a global recession, as well as true global terrorism. And maybe even Israel
setting off some nukes.

* Moore will exacerbate tension directed towards Arab Americans because most
of the yahoos in this country cannot tell one A-Rab from another, and if the
troops over in Iraq do get a chance to view it, I think that Moore's film
might make lead to greater violence directed towards Iraqi civilians by
knuckleheads (though to his infinite credit, Moore hammers home the point
that Iraq had nothing to do with Sept.11)

Anyway, I would appreciate if you would pass my comments to your readers,
but PLEASE REMOVE MY NAME, as any criticism of our *ally*, you know which
one, attributed to me would lead to a stunningly rapid decrease in my job

Actually, I'm not even going to give my name if you don't mind. There were
only about 600 people at the first screening and I'm not sure how many at
the second, so it would be pretty easy to identify me if anyone really

Thanks, and if you have any questions about the film, I (or the two other
people I know who also saw it) might well be able to answer them so feel
free to ask!

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