Bush's Best Bitch at it again

Bush's Best Bitch at it again
Sun Jun 13, 2004 21:21

Author: Sure Wood Perci-ball
Subject: Barbara Babbles Hartwell, Fraud, Liar, Fake, Goes Off the Deep End Again
Sun, Jun 13 2004 at 7:39 pm
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Somebody shut this 5150 bitch up for good, will they? She wonders why the cops won't help her? The bogus fraudster and her bogus "Legal Aid Foundation" (a total scam) is at it again. Don't send your money to this whining whore. She lives high and fine - off suckers who send her dough to fund her libelous rants. Help drive her off the Internet - post the truth about Barbara Wannabe Spook Hartwell, who's nothing more than a nutcase holed up in a house with a lot of computers and too much time on her curled hands.....


Just the Facts:
Refuting More Lies & Libel of Tim White

The following message (below) has been posted on the conspiracyswap yahoo group (and other message boards) by Tim White. Tim White, a predicate felon; transvestite and child porno freak, has been engaging in criminal harassment of me since 2001. He has made death threats against me by phone (I have witnesses and tape recordings of such); he has also made such death threats by phone to other witnesses; and in the presence of such witnesses. I have written a number of detailed reports about the criminal activities of Tim White, most of which are posted on my website.....

Mr. White has also been engaging in ongoing libel and character assassination against me since 2001. I have not had the time to refute each libelous message written and posted by Mr. White (that would be a full-time job) though I have collected them all as evidence. As for this particular post, I will simply state the facts, as they concern myself, to set the record straight and refute the lies being promoted by Mr. White. [My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH].

[Tim White wrote:]

In the addresses of this e-mail you will see the e-mail address of Jeff Swedenburg(watcher7@p...) long with that of Hartwell.
Their contact with each other is almost 2 years before Hartwell says her contact with Swedenburg
began-according to her lies-the true time of their mutual contact predates this by at least 1 1/2 to 2
years at least-most likely much before;Swedenburg first brought Hartwell to my attention about January of 1999.

[BH: This is a fabrication by White, a lie he has been promoting for years. He has no evidence to support this lie, because none exists. I did not have contact with Jeff Swedenburg until September 4, 2001, the first contact by e-mail. The e-mail address I used to contact Swedenburg was NOT the "watcher7" White gives here (and claims to be that of Swedenburg.) And I did not meet him in person until January of 2002 when I went to Denver to investigate the death threats against me. ]

[BH: I will not comment on Tim White's claims re his former association with Swedenburg. Knowing him to be a liar, I believe none of his claims. But here is the FACTUAL information as regards myself : The first I ever heard of the character named Tim White was in August 2001. The first bogus death threat (that Swedenburg had threatened to kill me) came from Kurt Billings who claimed he had been hired as a contract assassin by CIA. The second bogus death threat came to me through a conduit, a man using the alias "Tim Hall" ( whose real name I later learned was Daryl Sturgis, a Manchurian Candidate assassin used in Op Phoenix under the command of Gen, John K. Singlaub). "Hall" claimed this "warning" came from a Tim White in Denver, whom I had NEVER HEARD OF until the day I received the e-mail from Hall. I knew nothing of White's subsequent arrest which happened the following day) until after the fact. Another of the lies White has been promoting for years is that I had something to do with "setting him up" for this arrest. The fact is, I did not know of White's existence until the day I received the "warning" from "Hall".

As for "collecting info" on White in a previous time period ? Never happened, because I did not know he existed until August 2001. In any case (as I later learned as a result of my own investigations) White is nothing but a low-level dupe and provocateur being used by the Denver FBI and by ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson as part of a COINTELPRO operation designed to harass and discredit legitmate ex-CIA whistleblowers such as myself.]

On Aug 13,2001,I received a call from Stew Webb relating to me that he had been called by Kurt Billings and was told by Kurt that Jeff Swedenburg was loudly stating that he was "going to kill that ***ing CIA bitch if it's the last thing he ever does".I then tried to reach Hartwell to relate this - everyone by now knows what occured thereafter.

[BH: I investigated this so-called "death threat". There is no evidence whatsoever that this ever happened. More than one person has to be lying here, but the one person I know is not a liar is Jeff Swedenburg. He had no reason to want to kill me. He did not even KNOW me; had never met me; had never had any contact with me, until AFTER this bogus "death threat" was fabricated. And I would not choose a man as my bodyguard (as I did in August 2002 for a trip to North Carolina to help my sister, being criminally persecuted by CIA agents Ron and Mary Ann Cerra) whom I did not trust to protect me; certainly not one who had threatened to kill me. Jeff Swedenburg has never done one thing to harm me as long as I have known him. I consider him a friend. Give it up, White. You don't know anything which is real or true about this situation. You were used, you were a dupe and you still are.]


[BH: I am EX-CIA. EX.... NOT current CIA. I left in 1994. That was over ten years ago. I don't give a damn what White and his moronic pals have been led to believe by my enemies. Tim White, you and your cohorts are laboring under some serious psychopathology. You don't KNOW anything about me. What you THINK you know consists only of the lies you have been fed by my criminal adversaries in the FBI/CIA]

You will be the one going down,soon,just as soon as I fully expose your nice little networking with your
FELON "bodyguard",Jeff Swedenburg.I was looking at court files last week,ROOM 38 in the Denver City and County Building to read all about Jeffys' court case; #2002CR000824 in the Denver District Court-CONVICTED of a CLASS 4 FELONY THEFT and a CLASS 1 MISDEMEANOR-ORGERY,OFFERING A FALSE DOCUMENT for ripping off the Colorado Dept of Labor for unemployment benefits while working full time as a computer programmer.He is currently being sought by the Denver Adult Probation Dept and facing his suspended sentence of 4 years-seems like they haven't heard from him in a LONG time and he has paid virtually nothing of the $11,346.50 restitution to the Dept of Labor;oh,yea,the BATF is also looking for Jeffy Boy because they KNOW he is always carrying that .357 as a CONVICTED FELON.Yup,Swedenburg is a real hero and Patriot,isn't he?NEVER in the military let alone ANY Special Forces.Hartwell also must think that I don't know that Jeffy Boy is in FACT "John,retired Federal Agent in Denver".Notice how fast that Hartwell received her second letter from "John" after I posted the first Swedenburg info on conspiracyswap@y... on this shortly.

[BH: I am not involved in any "networking" with Jeff Swedenburg (or anyone else) of a criminal nature. I have NO criminal record. I have NEVER been convicted of ANY crime, not even a misdemeanor. I am a law-abiding citizen. As for any court records you claim to have on Swedenburg, I know nothing about that and in any case such alleged records have nothing to do with me personally.

YOU, on the other hand, Mr. White, are a convicted felon. I also have the court records in my possession, given to me by Doreen Bishop, one of the many people you were stalking; and engaging in criminal harassment of. A RESTRAINING ORDER was issued by the court in Denver against you. Doreen Bishop was also a witness to some of the DEATH THREATS you made against me and others. I have the documents to prove all of this, including the official court records and will soon publish them.

As for "John" the retired Federal agent, the two (2) e-mails I received from this person came from addresses I had never seen and could not respond to. As I said in my report, I can't be sure who this man is; nor can I prove who he is. I can only say that I believe him to be legit because he obviously has your number; because the info he provided about you was accurate, to the best of my knowledge, based on my own investigations. And I have no evidence whatsoever to suggest that this "John" is Swedenburg, as you claim.

You are directly responsible for some very serious damages to me and to my family. Serious pain and suffering; extreme stress and trauma; physical injury and irreparable damage to my health; to my personal and professional reputation; and extensive financial damages as well. You will be named in a civil lawsuit as a perpetrator of the abuses resulting in such damages, in collusion with all others who participated in any way in these violations (many of a criminal nature) against me.

I am warning you Mr. White: Get the hell off my case and stop your criminal harassment and your libelous writings about me. STOP NOW. I have enough hard evidence on you; enough witnesses against you; to send you back to prison for a long, long time. You want to shoot off your mouth ? You want to harass someone ? Pick another target, because if I ever get you into a court of law (that is, if I can find even ONE honest FBI agent or police officer to protect my rights as a citizen, which so far, they have all refused to do) I can guarantee you: You will wish you had never heard my name.]

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