Re: Supreme Court Preserves "One Nation, Under God"
Bob Scheidt
Re: Supreme Court Preserves "One Nation, Under God"
Mon Jun 14, 2004 21:11

First, I have to admit that I was listening to "Scam" Hannity today and witnessed the little fat boy Hannity and a hebe named Mark Levin gang bang Mr. Newdow; Making complete asses of themselves by not allowing the "gentleman" to even respond to their uncontrollable screaming and ranting. And I just wanted to point out the rude behavior expressed by Hannity and Levin after having invited Mr. Newdow to participate in a debate. And by the way Levin, the under God portion of the Pledge hasn't been a part of our tradition for 200 years ... it has only been around since WW II ... our forefathers would never pledge a liege to any club of scoundrel(s)(like lawyers and politicians)period. They did pledge their lives, their fortunes and their SACRED HONOR ... which is a commodity in very short supply around D.C. [District of Cock-Roaches]

I have a few thoughts to express on this issue of "Under God" and the Pledge itself. It should be noted here that Levin is a lawyer and Hannity is a butt boy for the Republican party and George Dubya ... I am independent. I am a Christian, that believes Jesus Christ redeemed my soul, but now about the pledge.

The word Allegiance : allegiance

\Al*le"giance\, n. [OE. alegeaunce; pref. a- + OF. lige, liege. The meaning was influenced by L. ligare to bind, and even by lex, legis, law. See Liege, Ligeance.] 1. The tie or obligation, implied or expressed, which a subject owes to his sovereign or government; the duty of fidelity to one's king, government, or state. (The "legal" obligation a "subject OWES" to his SOVEREIGN) Ha hahahahahaha ! Where's the freedom in that ???

Usage: Allegiance, Loyalty. These words agree in expressing the general idea of fidelity and attachment to the ``powers that be.'' Allegiance is an obligation to a ruling power. Loyalty is a feeling or sentiment towards such power. Allegiance may exist under any form of government, and, in a republic, we generally speak of allegiance to the government, to the state, etc. In well conducted monarchies, loyalty is a warm-hearted feeling of fidelity and obedience to the sovereign. It is personal in its nature; and hence we speak of the loyalty of a wife to her husband, not of her allegiance. In cases where we personify, loyalty is more commonly the word used; as, loyalty to the constitution; loyalty to the cause of virtue; loyalty to truth and religion, etc.

Please note that this word is directly related to feudalism and was used by the nobles to "OBLIGATE" their serfs and the serf's kids to lifelong servitude. And I submit that is exactly what is happening today in our schools ... little kids 8 years old being BRAINWASHED to FORFEIT FREEDOM and further these organizations that are attempting to pass an Amendment to the Constitution to "FOREVER ENGRAVE THIS LIEGE" upon us are intending to enslave us under the Supreme Law of the Land.

So if you want to pledge your kids to the criminal federal government ... sign up today. (You have already done it when you gave them a "SOCIALIST SECURITY INSURANCE ACCOUNT NUMBER") ... they're already "obligated" and "enslaved".

Now to the God part. What God ? Some monarchs and others believe they have a "DIVINE" right to rule the world ... are they the god being discussed ? satan thinks he's god ... and this country acts more like it worships satan than the Creator. The "Pledge" is a CURSE and God shouldn't even be considered a participant since He made us free.

inally, Paul the Apostle said "STAND FAST IN THAT LIBERTY YOU HAVE IN CHRIST" !!! That's my pledge !

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