The CONSTITUTION!...of all things...imagine that!
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The government is USFUL? What an original idea.

My comment is that far...there isn't a thing that Ron Paul has said that I've not agreed with. He is against the war...he is against the IRS...he is against the Federal Reserve...he against BIG Government...etc. etc...etc...!

So what is he FOR?

The CONSTITUTION!...of all things...imagine that!

Ron Paul is being ignored in the news and the debates.


From Huffington Post comments:

<< Once again we see the media blackout about the public enthusiasm for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has dominated all public polls during the Republican debates, but nearly all we here from the mainstream media is that he has radical ideas too off-the-wall to implement.

Look at the blog on CNN's website and see what people are saying about who won the Republican debate.

While, I may not agree with everything Dr. Ron Paul says, doesn't America and the world at least deserve the chance to hear this person out? Don't we at least have the right to find out what it is that he's saying that has caused him to be completely dominant in the polls? >>

I thought he did a good job on Jon Stewart's show. He comes off pretty well. I disagree with him about the usefulness of government, but he makes more sense than the other so-called "candidates."


Ron Paul Nailing Thesis to Church Door One GOP Debate at a Time?
Wednesday, June 06, 2007 -


Republican presidential candidate and free market thinker Ron Paul (R-Tex) has written hundreds of articles on how and why free-markets work and governments fail.

Now, during the presidential debates, in a series of explosive comments, Ron Paul is making profound points on US national television about the nature of freedom, the US constitutional republic and how the current government has drifted away from its support of such.

The Internet represents a profound revolution – a brand-new communication technology. The previous communication revolution involved the Gutenberg Press, some 500 years ago. Once people could actually read the Bible, many became disenchanted with the corruption of the Catholic Church. The result was the Reformation, which in turn damaged the Church’s ability to bestow, upon Kings, a divine right to rule.

An operative mechanism in the Reformation was a monk named Martin Luther who nailed a thesis to a church door in Germany, containing complaints about the Catholic Church and its corruption.

It is true that Martin Luther was a religious "zealot" (in modern terms) who made statements, especially about the Jews, that are today seen as extraordinarily offensive. But seen in the context of the widest sweep of history, Luther was a "change-maker" who consolidated and gave voice to widespread dissatisfactions. Ron Paul, no "racist," might be seen as doing the same thing via the GOP debates.

When modern free-market historians look back on the GOP presidential debates of 2007, will they conclude that Ron Paul metaphorically nailed his free-market thesis to the "church door" one debate at a time?


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