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Federal Assault On Brown Home Was Aborted
Fri Jun 8, 2007 23:26

Federal Assault On Brown Home Was Aborted
Prison Planet
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Danny Riley, the man who was shot at and arrested after he discovered U.S. Marshals stalking Ed Brown's home, has revealed the amazing truth behind how he was threatened with 15 years in jail by the FBI unless he lied to the media to cover-up the fact that yesterday's events were a planned siege and not merely to serve a warrant as authorities had claimed.

Riley related in a video blog late yesterday how he had unwittingly stumbled across U.S. Marshals preparing to raid the Brown property as he left the house to take Ed Brown's dog for a walk. Riley was confronted by two men in camouflage who fired two shots at him as he attempted to run away, but was then tackled by 12 other armed Marshals who tasered and handcuffed him.

What happened after was carried in our article this morning, but the whole story exposes how the FBI had planned to orchestrate a violent raid on the Brown's property, before aborting the siege and attempting to use Riley, under intimidation that he would be jailed or even killed, as a go-between to sell the cover-story to the media that the authorities were merely serving a warrant.

Riley now fears for his life but has shown tremendous courage in coming forward to lift the lid and expose the lies that the New Hampshire police told the media in downplaying yesterday's events and hiding the fact that they were planning a raid.

Riley was then dropped off back at the Brown's home after the media had been allowed to approach the house. In an act of astounding courage, Riley ignored the media as they yelled questions at him and headed straight into the house to tell Ed Brown that the FBI had ordered him to lie.

Riley then emerged from the house and told the authorities what they wanted to hear - that he had relayed the cover story to the media. Riley was then dropped off at a bus station and told by authorities that if he returned to the scene he would either be imprisoned or killed.

Despite the fact that Riley bravely ignored the threats and did not relay the cover-story, the local media still bought the police's explanation that they had never planned to raid the house and that, after erecting roadblocks a mile around, evacuating neighbors, cutting the Brown's phone and power lines and deploying 6 helicopters along with a SWAT team and APC's, they were merely serving a warrant for an empty property 10 miles away.

Danny Riley is risking his life by telling the truth - that New Hampshire police, led by the FBI, had conducted prior surveillance of the property and were in place about to launch a violent siege against Ed and Elaine Brown before Riley's chance encounter with U.S. Marshals led officials to abort the raid and manufacture a cover-story which they then tried to intimidate Riley into selling to the local media.

This represents open fraud, deceit and extortion on behalf of New Hampshire police as well as the FBI and Danny Riley's testimony demands immediate attention from national as well as local media in the New Hampshire area.


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