435 Patriots to Take Back America
How We Can Save America: Summary
Tue Jun 6, 2006 02:29

435 Patriots to Take Back America

How We Can Save America: Summary

The Concept:
435 Patriots to Take Back America

The Premise:
1. Politicians of Both Parties have failed We the People.
2. Most of America knows this.

VIA the unConstitutional Spying on political enemies, Bush is assuming dictatorial powers, and Congress is allowing him to proceed. We the People that see this, must act. Too many Americans have been waiting for the DC Democrats to actually do something - now it's almost too late.

It's not up to the Bush Believers, or the lazy Democrats, it's up to US, those of us that KNOW the depth of their Lies- to act. To realize that the People Have the Power, and that united, 435 of us can run for Congress on a simple, common sense platform (exit iraq, rescind tax cuts, impeach bush-cheney, etc) This CAN win in every state because everyone is fed up with the Lies & Corruption.

What kind of person sits back and allows fake opposition leaders like Nancy Pelosi to "have no plan" on Iraq- allowing our teenagers to be recruited, shot up with Anthrax, given Lariam, breathe Depleted Uranium... to kill and die for the corporations.

How can we allow this to continue, only to write another article, to sell another book.

Screw capitalism- do it for the love of humanity- dammit!

Why should True (under-funded) Patriots run in 435 isolated races? If a few beat the Big $$ odds, big deal, we get a few out of 435, but if We ran united, taking the bold truth to the American people, we could wake the 50% non-voters. With intelligent, logical plans, like ending the "drug war" (who benefits), ending prisons for profit, hell I'd even suggest we end war for profit.

If we made a law that said corporations would pay a 120% war tax, and Halliburton and The Carlyle Group were going to lose money in the next war... I think that would stop the war- literally. Why should these corporations make a profit when we attack another country? Logically, it's just a bad equation- like prisons for profit.

The American people would understand this common sense, if presented with the choice.

There is still time to get on the ballot as Rep or Dem in 47 states, the other three we'd have to run independents.

To be clear, what I'm suggesting is a network of 435 regular Americans run for Congress, to pool our resources. Each candidate should not need to re-invent the wheel in their district, but via the web, we could harness the power of volunteers nationwide, to make and distrtibute videos, flyers, cds, email news, etc. With $8,000 we could buy a week of blogads and get nationwide exposure on all the "progressive blogs". Remember Cindy Sheehan in Crawford... people are ready to explode- they just don't know what to do.

This plan is what we can do.

So far, nobody has contacted me with interest in this plan to reclaim our government. All the official Dem blogs won't touch it. They'll run adds for trinkets and cash, but they won't talk about actually doing anything to stop the killing and looting.

To Stop the War, we must stop reading the phlogs and the Flood of diversion news, it's time to Act Now.

A more elaborate description of the plan.



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