Don Barness
Letter to The Editor - Changing The Government
Tue Jun 6, 2006 02:06

Letter to The Editor - Changing The Government

You sent this message twice to apfn-1; perhaps you should have kicked my butt in private by sending it only to ?

I can't imagine what has ticked you off so much; I was just telling it the way it is, without larding my letter with endless Bible::book::chapter::verse citations. Our daily newspaper readership would find all those citations a pompous monstrosity; it is a worldly newspaper not a Bible-based newsletter publication.

I have learned, over quite a few years, that the more you know the easier it is to go with the flow. Tell me what you mean by disempowering and I will tell a bit more about flow for you.
Do you ever bother to study Bible prophecy?

Anyhow, do yourself a favor, study your Bible for what it says to you, and avoid paying so much attention to what others say it says to you. Once you know what it says to you, then you might profit by reading what others say without getting all disempowered. My online hyperdictionary doesn't even have the word disempowered or disempowering; it does have the word disempower. How am I, how is anyone reading apfn-1 messages, able to understand what you are telling me (except it is evident you didn't like what I wrote---grrr).

Judith, write your own letter to the editor and copy it to apfn-1 (so long as it has a patriotic flow to it). When you've had a couple hundred letters to the editors published you'll probably come to an understanding of your local newspaper readership too, eh?

Oh, oh. I see what the problem is! You speak of your HUMAN spirit. I took it to mean you were speaking of your HOLY spirit. It's too late now; I'm not going to rewrite this entire message just to reply to your HUMAN spirit. Live and learn.

----- Original Message -----
From: Judith
Letter to The Editor - Changing The Government

Thanks for the most disempowering message of the human
spirit that I've ever heard.

What about when Jesus said, "These things ye shall do
and more."

The point of power is in the present not when there is
nothing to allow the power of God to work through you

Cop outs are what you are.

--- Don Barness wrote:

 BlankI read lots of articles, opinion pieces if you
 will, both in this newspaper and online via email
 (to or by links to Internet pages,
 that plead for a change in our federal government,
 the pushy Bush administration and Congress; I wish
 it would happen, but I doubt it will.

 It has been many years, many decades, since our
 federal government has done right by we, the people.
 Instead we've been lied into war after war all my
 life since I was just a youngster on that day of
 infamy we call Pearl Harbor. I remember it well.
 What I didn't know was that it was based on lies
 perpetrated on us by leaders of influence in our
 federal government. And I certainly didn't know, and
 never was taught in schools, that the Great War,
 World War I, and all wars from the days of the
 American Revolution were also based on lies
 perpetrated on we, the people, by leaders
 influencing our federal government.

 I also read other articles, science pieces if you
 will, about past and future destruction to planet
 Earth by heavenly bodies passing by, or sometimes
 hitting, dear old Earth. Ancient writers tell about
 Venus taking the water from Mars and finally coming
 to its present place in our Solar System. And today
 writers tell of the coming destruction in yet
 another pass-by of planet Nibiru, which is signaling
 its coming by what we call global warming, and we
 being lied to again by saying that warming is caused
 by we, the people.

 There is an antidote to all these human lies; it is
 found in the Bible. The Children of Israel had 42
 kings from Saul, David, Solomon, and then the split
 into two nations. George W. Bush is the 42nd man to
 hold the office of president, the 43rd
 administration because Cleveland served split terms.
 So no amount of politicking will overturn Bush, our
 now and last president.

 The Bible tells of four rule-by-terror Babylonian
 kingdoms, worldwide merchandising systems enforced
 by greedy governments. These are the government of
 King Nebuchadnezzer, the Roman Empire, the British
 Empire, and the daughter of mother England, American
 hegemony enforced by dollar diplomacy; and the end
 of the Babylonian merchandising system happening so
 fast as to amaze the people still alive then. And
 the Bible also tells of great physical change to
 come upon the Earth, telling of The Destroyer,
 thought to tag along with Nibiru. The coming
 physical change will provide a clean-up of the
 pollution caused by man upon man, man being the one
 who lusts to kill man for power and money, for
 greed, pollution being the end result.

 So all you Democrats and Republicans and solvers of
 all our political problems, like immigration and
 loss of constitutional freedoms to ever more
 oppressive laws and federal regulations and just
 plain scofflaws, relax. It will be in your future,
 maybe, to live under the soon coming, for a very
 short time, elitist One World Government. Until
 then, we just bought a new car; life goes on for
 now, but not in fear.

 Don Barness
 Bella Vista, AR 72714-2633

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