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The War On Iraq
Is the war against Iraq legal?




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1. APFN Messageboard 2005-08-12 Archive
13 01:28 Cindy Sheehan, holding a cross with her son's name ... 13 00:14 Cindy Sheehan Steps Into the Leadership Void Arianna ... Accountability Moment Cindy Sheehan:, Fri Aug 12 13:16

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4. Dear George and Dick by Cindy Sheehan
and Dick by Cindy Sheehan Mon Apr 11, 2005 22:25 24. ... and Dick by Cindy Sheehan Dear George and Dick,I apologize (not ... ago my son, Casey Sheehan, was one of the consequences of your

5. APFN Messageboard 2005-08-24 Archive
07 ODE TO CINDY SHEEHAN Brightnewwings, Wed Aug 24 05:33 As ... from his vacation. Cindy Sheehan, Wed Aug 24 04:29 US made ... Rove's War Against Cindy Sheehan Stewart Nusbaumer, Wed Aug 24

6. APFN Messageboard 2005-09-26 Archive
26 21:05 Letter from Cindy Sheehan to Members of Congress Cindy Sheehan, Mon Sep 26 13:03 Police Arrest Cindy Sheehan During Anti-War Protest AP, Mon Sep 26 17:25

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Have Stood With Cindy Sheehan Thom Hartmann, Tue Aug 16 00:06 ... HUSBAND AND I. Cindy Sheehan, Mon Aug 15 12:17 Protesters outside ... a difference, Cindy Sheehan, Sun Aug 14 12:21

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pages archived Cindy Sheehan & Camp Casey at Crawford, TX ... David Ray Griffin, Theologian ... NEGROPONTE GONZALES CINDY SHEEHAN CRAWFORD, TEXAS HURRICANE KATRINA

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20 00:01 CINDY SHEEHAN HASSLED BY NYPD - CALL THEM ON IT ... 23:54 BREAKING: Cindy Sheehan arrested in Manhattan. Five of Diamonds, ... 13:21 CINDY SHEEHAN HASSLED BY NYPD - CALL THEM

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Aug 21 03:22 Hypocrites and Liars Cindy Sheehan, Sat Aug 20 22:20 The Answer to Cindy Sheehan s Question Jacob G. Hornberger, Sun Aug 21 00:15 Subscribe to apfn-

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Thu Oct 27 15:51 Cheryl CINDY SHEEHAN ARRESTED AT WHITE HOUSE, Thu Oct 27 11:07 Re: Cheryl TD ... white house GOOGLE: UPDATES for Cindy Sheehan, Wed Oct 26 00:28 Are 2,000 U.S. Deaths

12. Jay Wolfson: Secretary sues over scholars' fracas at USF
that Dr. Wolfson did nothing inappropriate that day," said Tracy Sheehan, one of the lawyers representing him.Santos' story is nothing but "a fabrication" designed to fuel a bitter

hold on, eh, it's 6102049998-45-54610 Operator: Thank you Mr. Sheehan. I see you live at 1742 Meadowland Drive, and the phone number is 494-2366. Your office number over at

14. APFN Messageboard 2005-09-29 Archive
Are Coming! Capitol Hill Blue, Fri Sep 30 02:25 Cindy Sheehan, Our Imploding President Tom Engelhardt, Fri Sep 30 02:16 ***GROUPS ALERT***SOS***sent to a list of Patriots & FYI

15. What have you done to support our troops today?
provides rehabilitation services and support for troops injured in battle, Cindy Sheehan s Gold Star Families for Peace, , a group of families that have lost a

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Mon Jun 6 20:12 A Lie of Historic Proportions Cindy Sheehan, Mon Jun 6 18:27 Galloway blows away the "mother of all smokescreens" George Galloway, Mon Jun 6 18:33 congressman says

17. APFN Messageboard 2005-10-06 Archive
Republicans & Anti-War Dems: What's the Difference FPF-fwd.: Cindy Sheehan, Thu Oct 6 04:08 Weather Modification a Long-Established, Mary-Sue Haliburton, Thu Oct 6 02:21 Weather

18. Military Wife drops HUSGH SEX-BOMB
enemies in the Middle East." John Sheehan, S.J. ******************************************************************** This is (Possibly) copyrighted material, We believe this

19. mexican border state turns to British police for training
I see these people as economic refugees, not as criminals." Greg Sheehan, 43, of Altoona, Pa., said the idea that employers can't find Americans to do certain jobs is bogus. As the

20. Can You help restore the Free American Magazzine....
Mad Cow Productions (9/11 and Vote Fraud) Daniel Sheehan - Christic Inst. / Silkwood / Iran-Contra (The Hidden History of America) "Where other conferences end... CONSPIRACY CON

21. APFN Messageboard 2005-11-22 Archive
Mon Nov 21 08:23 "Not One More Mother's Child" by Cindy Sheehan, Mon Nov 21 01:21 Cheney defends statements on war critics A/K/A CHENEY'S RESIGNATION SPEECH, Mon Nov 21 13:32

22. APFN Messageboard 2005-08-28 Archive
People OrlandoMary, Thu Aug 25 10:32 "GOD BLESS YOU CINDY SHEEHAN" - Song + Video Foreign Press Foundation - fwd., Thu Aug 25 04:28 Bush's loss of faith The New York Times, Thu

by the purveyors of dubious remedies. Resource Documents * Sheehan D. "Healer from the sea," Alive, (undated). * Ecomer product information (undated). * Letter, dated February 22

24. APFN Messageboard 2005-08-31 Archive
Angeles Times, Mon Aug 29 02:13 Rove's Role - 'Operation Cindy Sheehan' The Boston Globe, Sun Aug 28 22:16 The True Face of FEMA / Is FEMA Ready for Katrina? Free American

25. Statement by U.S. Border Patrol on their website:
I see these people as economic refugees, not as criminals." Greg Sheehan, 43, of Altoona, Pa., said the idea that employers can't find Americans to do certain jobs is bogus. As the

26. How to be an illegal - Mexico government
I see these people as economic refugees, not as criminals."Greg Sheehan, 43, of Altoona, Pa., said the idea that employers can't find Americans to do certain jobs is bogus. As the

27. APFN Messageboard 2005-10-31 Archive
Oct 28 23:16 If You Believe in What You Are Doing, Cindy Sheehan, Sat Oct 29 00:25 CNN PRESENTS: "Dead Wrong" CNN, Fri Oct 28 23:54 U.S. Army Regulation 210-35 A.C.E. Network

28. APFN Messageboard 2005-08-06 Archive
15:17 Skin in the Game - Read and weep... FPF-fwd.: Cindy Sheehan, Thu Aug 4 12:50 Oil rich Mauritania: Coup against the US and Israel? FPF - Henk Ruyssenaars, Thu Aug 4 09:35

torture under international and U.S. laws," said Charles Sheehan Miles, executive director of Veterans for Common Sense. "Under the arguments put forth by Alberto Gonzales, our

30. APFN Messaageboard 2005-04-12 Archive
OrlandoMary, Mon Apr 11 22:29 Dear George and Dick by Cindy Sheehan OrlandoMary, Mon Apr 11 22:25 No more blood money for no oil, Tue Apr 12 00:26 Is America

Everything you want to know about the 9/11, Pentagon and more.....299 Links

Everything you want to know about the Iraq war and more.....601 Links

Waco Images, Documents & Info

There is NO Statutes of Limitations on the Crimes of Genocide!

David Koresh and the Untold Story Of the Branch Davidians
2002 by Mark Swett


The elites had to have the Branch Davidian Village eliminated because:

Hillary-Rappoport-Hubble Report

Waco cover-up: "The FLIR Project"
Film Resurrects Waco


Waco: 'A Curious String of Coincidences'

FBI Special Agent (SA) R. Wayne Smith Waco Report

The Waco Massacre
Hillary Directed Waco

Bring The Waco Murders To Justice!CLASS ACTION SUIT

FROM RUTH MOSHER: Free Davidian prisoners: Personal comments precede!

An Unofficial Account of the Waco Incident


End-Time Prophecy: Daniel 8:25 KJV ...And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many:

Title The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies that Led to War and Betrayed My Wife's CIA Identity: A Diplomat's Memoir
by Joseph Wilson (Author)

"The American Dream"
Fire 'em all!

The 545 People Responsible For All of America's Woes


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