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Thu May 17, 2007 13:49

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Subject: [FTC] Ron Paul - Educating Rudy...
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 14:32:27 -0500
From: Linda Muller lindamuller@buchanan.org
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Dear Brigade,

If you watched the last debate you must have seen Rudy and Tancredo
pandering to the Neocon War Lobby with their disrespect for Ron Paul.

Here is a link to a new video of Congressman Ron Paul speaking in New
Hampshire. The video is titled "Educating Rudy" as in Rudy Giuliani.


Brigade, let this email serve as our [Nate and Linda's] official
announcement that we are 100% in support of Ron Paul for President in 2008.

As far as I know, Pat Buchanan has not officially endorsed anyone. But,
when asked by Keith Oberman, "Of the serious contenders this evening
Pat, is there one who adheres closest to your conception of classic

Pat Buchanan said: "I think the closest is Ron Paul who is a pro-life
libertarian, who does not vote for big spending, who opposed the
Medicare expansion, who opposed “no child left behind,” who opposed the
war in Iraq..."

See video here: http://buchanan.org/blog/?p=736

If you read the blogs and search the net, you will see that across the
country, there is a Ron Paul Revolution going on right now!

It's amazing how individuals, small and large groups, even neighborhoods
are organizing and promoting Ron Paul. All of them are separate from the
official campaign -- just a true grassroots effort. Folks are making
their own yard signs and bumperstickers, setting up websites and blogs,
holding mini street rallies all in support of Ron Paul.

I am clearing off some of my other work to dedicate more of my time to
help educate Americans about Ron Paul and do whatever I can to mobilize
and activate supporters. My hope is that you will join me and fellow
Brigaders in working together -- and with other organizations to elect Ron.

I'm not sure what exactly I will do, or what we should do -- I just know
I have not been this excited about anything in politics since Pat Buchanan!

For now, I suggest all of you go to http://www.ronpaul2008.com

It is his official website. Join up... and send him a few bucks.

Here's an important tip: Only donate to Ron Paul through his official
website. You can use the online form for credit cards or send checks
directly to his campaign address [on his website]. But NEVER EVER use
any third party to send Ron a donation.

PLEASE forward this email everywhere --
Ask everyone to join the Ron Paul Revolution!

As always, for the Cause -- Linda

PS -- I do not work for Ron Paul, or have any official connection to the

PPS -- Here's our take on the last debate [also see video clip at the
bottom -- from the forthecause.us website:

Is the Republican Party Out of Step with Ron Paul?
by Nathan J. Muller

In the second Republican debate, Ron Paul again distinguished himself
from the field of 10 candidates by not going along with the party line
on Iraq, the war on terror, taxes, national security, deficit spending,
government growth and just about every other issue that came up. He did
it by providing clear examples of what traditional conservatism is all
about, drawing on the intention of the framers of the Constitution, and
lessons learned from previous administrations.

He favors dismantling the Departments of Education, Energy, and Homeland
Security. He even went so far as to suggest that the heavy hand of
American foreign policy in the Middle East was partly responsible for
the 9-11 attacks and continues to be the reason for terrorist threats
against Americans. During the debate, former New York City mayor Rudy
Giuliani expressed outrage and asked if Ron Paul would like to withdraw
his statement about 9-11. Ron Paul did not back down.

He refuted the widely held notion that Islamic Fundamentalists hate
America for its freedom and equal treatment of women. He said they hate
us because we are on their turf in the Middle East and for bombing Iraq
for last 10 years. He said we should treat other nations as we would
like to be treated ourselves.


For statements like these, Fox News' Sean Hannity and GOPAC chairman
Micheal Steele agreed that Ron Paul should be excluded from further
debates. They quickly dismissed the opinions of viewers who took the
trouble to vote by text messaging their choice for the winner of the
debate. Interestingly, Giuliani came in third in the poll, behind Ron
Paul's second place finish.

So who's voting in these polls? Largely young people under 30 years of
age, who have mastered the art of text messaging on cell phones and
other mobile devices, but who seem keenly interested in the future of
our country.

As for Ron Paul... we've never seen a candidate like this. His ideas
deserve further representation in the debates. Meanwhile, take a look at
what Ron Paul said in the debate that "conservatives" found so
offensive. This is followed by Sean Hannity's heated questioning of Ron
Paul. Notice how Ron Paul offers a factual basis for his beliefs,
whereas Hannity resorts to his typical appeal to emotion.

See video here:


*Linda Muller - For The Cause *

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