Novak Confirms:
Republicans Abandon Bush - Time to Impeach! Hotlist
Thu May 17, 2007 23:02

Novak Confirms: Republicans Abandon Bush - Time to Impeach! Hotlist
by kidneystones [Subscribe]
Thu May 17, 2007 at 05:14:28 PM PDT

Tbogg links to a stunning piece by Robert Novak confirming that House Republicans are now so scared fed-up and disgusted that they're willing to throw George Bush and the criminals in the White House under the bus

Did Rove's favorite media mouthpiece inadvertently just reveal that Bush is now seen as a greater danger to the electoral chances of Republicans than any Dem candidate?

Let's find out!

Robert Novak's columns are packs of lies. But packs of lies informed by a few useful grains of truth. Novak is a willing dupe of the White House, but like all the clowns working there, that usually means he ends up shooting somebody in the face. Just ask Scooter Libby.

What are we to make of Novak's stunning claim that most House Republicans want Rove to quit before Waxman nails his chubby ass?

And what do should we make of the explosive admission by "one conservative Republican" that House Republicans aren't hostile to the administration, "they'd just like to see the administration gone."

WH Press Office, The wapo

"Many of these congressmen believe that Rove should have quit when he was ahead as manager of the two Bush elections and left in January 2005. However, they do not want to see him limp out of Washington with his scalp hanging on Henry Waxman's belt. "We're not hostile to the administration," one prominent conservative House member who did not want his name used told me. "We just want it to be over."

What Republicans want doesn't really matter, they and the beltway pundits who support them learned that the hard way. Burn that into your brain-pans, Broderites! So let's concede from the outset that the Republicans would very much like to see the peace-monkey's fly out of John Bolton's behind, the deficits to disappear and the memory of the last six years of every single voter wiped out. Not going to happen.

Republicans are sweating bullets. Poll numbers keep sinking. And if Bush is at 28% a year before the 2008 elections, what are the chances that this totally discredited Presidency is going to hanging like a great dark stain over the electoral chances of every single member of the same party?

How bad is it? Republicans probably wish just as sincerely as many Dems that they'd never even heard of aluminum tubes and "curveball".

Which means something has to give. Republicans know that every day Bush sits in office with US troops dying in Iraq, their electoral chances get dimmer and dimmer.

Can Republicans turn on Bush publicly? No. Can Republicans be persuaded to "stand up" for Republican values and end the incompetency of big, intrusive government and return the GOP to the principles of Lincoln and Reagan? (Yes, I know the two Presidents should never be mentioned in the same sentence, but the comparison makes Republicans feel giddy.)

Republicans are begging for the chance to turn on Bush.

"We're not hostile to the administration," one prominent conservative House member who did not want his name used told me. "We just want it to be over."

Republicans are begging for the chance to re-brand as the "party of reform", burnishing their severely tarnished credentials by using impeachment hearings to boast of their opposition to Bush.

Recommend Impeachment as the Right and Honorable Way to End the Criminal Behavior of the White House. Impeach Gonzales, Cheney and Bush. Now necessary. Necessary now, not six months down the road.

Republicans will not stand in front of the cameras denouncing their President. But the knives we see furiously flashing will have all have elephants on their handles.

Republicans will turn on the man who destroyed their party with a savagery that will astonish us all.

May 17, 2007
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