A future where freedom has vanished
Fri May 18, 2007 15:11

1999: A future where freedom has vanished, even from the minds of human beings, has been turned into an equally riveting film version. Its ... all tale of a government that seeks to utterly crush the human spirit through propaganda, language, and fear, turning human beings into programmed machines, has never been more frightening than today. It is a book and movie for all times, as long as governments lie, tyrannies exist, and people surrender their freedoms in the name of fears, both real and imagined.

1 hr 50 min 29 sec - 3-Mar-2007

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Ps: The content on this site is not meant to create a sense of hopelessness or fear, but to educate and offer solutions so that we can prepare ourselves in successfully reversing the tide of a Totalitarian agenda from becoming a
reality for the entire planet.
Welcome to True Stories Video Blog ! The main objective of this site is to help promote the work of brave individuals who have found the courage to speak the truth, regardless of what other people think. As we are living in a time of global dysfunction on the earth, our natural human birth-rights are being stolen from us by the Global Elite via the use of Hegelian dialectic (thesis vs anti-thesis).
Now is the time to wake up from this manipulation and in doing so will help to create a more harmonious world for ourselves as well as ensure a positive direction for future generations to come.


Thanx for the plug and for fighting the good fight !!

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