Every road leads to the assassination
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Every road leads to the assassination of President Kennedy. What should also give us pause is that these documents about Zapata Offshore, which had offices on several continents, but never did much business, as the CENTRO MONDIALE COMERCIALE in Rome, on whose board of director's Garrison suspect Clay Shaw served, did little trade, and George Bush's CIA partner, were released under the JFK Act as Kennedy assassination documents. So it is the Agency itself, not the dreaded “conspiracy theorists,” that links George H. W. Bush with the Kennedy assassination. Or: it's the government that is the ultimate “conspiracy theorist.”

This CIA document reveals that Thomas Devine had informed George Bush of a CIA project with the cryptonym WUBRINY/LPDICTUM. It involved CIA proprietary commercial operations in foreign countries. By 1963, Devine had become not a former CIA employee, but ‘a cleared and witting contact” in the investment banking firm which managed the proprietary corporation WUSALINE. WUBRINY involved Haitian operations, in which, the documents reveal, a participant was George de Mohrenschildt, the Dallas CIA hander of – Lee Oswald.

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George Jefferies' JFK film
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... released to coincide with the Presidents Day federal holiday.' Source: CNN. ...


Bill Maher exposed as corporate shill!!! how embarassing...

The Presidnet (JFK) and the Press:



The movie "JFK" was first shown in December, 1991, and will probably continue to be shown in theaters, on TV, and on videocassettes for years to come. "JFK" 's screen credits acknowledge the help of two books: Jim Garrison's "On the Trail of the Assassins" and Jim Marr's "Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy."

The Garrison book is the partial autobiography of this former New Orleans district attorney. It is mainly about his struggle to convict a man named Clay Shaw for involvement in the Kennedy slaying. The book also tells of Shaw's friendship with Oswald during the summer of '63 in New Orleans, AKA the Big Easy. Garrison argues that Shaw's connection with Oswald makes him part of the Kennedy slaying. Garrison's book ends with the not-guilty verdict that freed Clay Shaw. "On the Trail of the Assassins" is a true-to-life story, perhaps over-dramatized a bit when Garrison puts made-up words in his character's mouths. Marr's book is factual, without a story line as in the Garrison book. It gathers up the accounts of many investigators, but comes to no final conclusions.

The movie "JFK" is something else again. It follows the story line of the Garrison book---up to a point, that is. The stunning conclusion abandons the cautious approach of the Garrison and Marrs books. Instead, it puts a direct, sweeping accusation in the mouth of a fictitious character known only as "X."

X proclaims that the conspiracy to kill JFK extends right up the highest levels of the U.S. government---to the Pentagon, to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to the FBI and the CIA, and to the White House itself.

The movie's director, producer, and writer are all one man: Oliver Stone. He is responsible for all these statements, and more. He goes on to tie in the military with American industry in a military/industrial alliance.

It should be noted that Stone does not name names, He only says that certain high-ranking men in these organizations were responsible for the death of the president. They wanted JFK killed because he was a threat to their plans.

Stone further claims that American Industry wanted the Vietnam war to continue for reasons of greed: the more war, the higher industrial profits.

X's charge of conspiracy reaches up into the White House. Although X does not directly accuse by name the president who followed JFK into office, there can be no doubt that he meant President Lyndon B. Johnson, in office from 1963 to 1969. Johnson was Kennedy's vice president. Before that, he was the U.S. Senate's Majority Leader. He ran the Senate with an iron hand.

Kennedy had chosen Johnson as his running mate because Johnson could produce a winning number of votes. Johnson expected to take an active role in the Kennedy government. After entering office in 1961, however, he was largely ignored. His duties were mostly confined to cutting the ribbon when a new bridge or park was dedicated.

And Johnson was losing many of his once-loyal Texas followers. He sat silent, biding his time. That time came, his accusers say, when the president rode in the open limousine down a Dallas street, Johnson, his enemies claim, engineered the whole assassination program.

These are extremely serious charges, but they cannot be proven. Investigators have not been able to definitively link LBJ to the killing of JFK. There is no question that Johnson was an ambitious, powerful politician. Author Craig Zirbel, in his book "The Texas Connection," attempts to prove Johnson's guilt by eliminating all other suspects. Eventually, only Johnson is left. Therefore, he must be guilty, according to Zirbel.

As for Jack Ruby, Oswald's killer, new facts have come to life. Over the years it has been shown that he was a close associate of many criminals. They would have liked to see the president and his brother killed so that their illegal and unlawful activities could expand. But Ruby died, as we know, before he could tell his story. Back to Overview

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As a Veteran of One in Florida we just came into information which begs out for full investigation concerning shooting of President Kennedy. Is it possible to obtain a fax, phone or e-mail for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. so that we can communicate direct with him. Will forward an e-mail sent requesting reopening of the JFK Murder due to new evidence perhaps overlooked.

Primary thrust was the ZEPRUDER(?) film showing body movements clearly a shot from the FRONT rather than what the media put out that the attack was from the rear. Mr. Kennedy only has to look at the Autopsy Photos of former President Kennedy taken in the morgue to realize the shot came from FRONT as the face and head front had no damage. Any round from the rear would have blown off facial features. Another problem was film of the two secret service agents near the Kennedy's were recalled oddly back to the Secret Service vehicle directly behind the President. Even the agents were confused and indicated same in the film. Sorry we were not able to view the evidence earlier as we were caught up believing that the Secret Service, Military and FBI would not hold back any information from the public. Since reviewing 911 tapes we now had to look back to the killing of our President to open up our eyes. Who do you CALL, who can you talk with and get an investigation started? Federal Question or NOT?

Given the damage to the REAR of the head of President Kennedy, not unlike a marksman kill from front shot exploding rear of skull... something smells about this information and we have sent to NCIS requesting they look at the NEW evidence which seems obvious. A family member and politicians would have more clout calling for an investigation. Have FILM downloaded on CD ROM with proof.

Several professionals military and civilian can advise what the human skull does when shot and sadly someone forgot others would review the evidence later and question WHO AND WHY.

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042
Phone: 813-286-2333 Office
Phone: 813-241-7940 Cellular
061506 12:01PM Eastern

The Men Who Killed Kennedy


A flow chart to show how Oswald was set up as the fall guy in the JFK assassination

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