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Talmudic Protocols Fulfilled.

Historically, JEWS always stab their host-nation in the back while the host is experiencing internal difficulties. JEW TREASON was rife in ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome. In the Modern Era JEW TREASON was obvious before and during the French and Russian Revolutions; the American Civil War; World Wars-1&2, etc. The betrayed and defeated Nations never recovered from the loss of their Culture, blood and resources.

1) The Federal Reserve System controls America’s money. The FED is a JEW controlled, PRIVATE corporation.
America is $ 9-trillion in debt to the FED, and to foreign creditors. You and your children are the debtors. Collateral securing that debt is USA real-estate and YOU!

One (1%) per-cent of America’s population owns 35% of America’s wealth.
REMEMBER: JEWS create wars to divide and conquer. JEWS reap enormous profits by financing all sides of the warring nations, and by financing reconstruction of the devastated homelands.

2) AMERICA'S MASS MEDIA is in JEW hands; thus abrogating the 1st Amendment. You are swilled with misinformation, and disinformation. JEWS control your mind.

Remember: Patton, The HOLOHOAX,JFK, Tonkin Gulf,the USS LIBERTY,9-11,et al.
3) CONGRESS is controlled by the Media. How? Polls promulgate the results of voters’ opinions. Voter’s opinions are shaped by the JEW media. Those Congressmen who are not bought represent the brainwashed voters (more or less).

4) DEMOCRACY is a MARXIST form of government. The word “Democracy” does not appear in the Declaration of Independence, nor in the U.S. Constitution. The Founders despised Democracy. In all populations the WEAK outnumber the strong; the STUPID outnumber the bright; the INCOMPETENT outnumber the competent. Therefore, when all men EQUALLY are given the vote, the WEAK, STUPID and INCOMPETENT majority will elect weak, stupid, incompetent representatives to Congress.
That is why the Founders gave us a REPUBLIC – NOT a DEMOCRACY.

During the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, JEWS, professing the EQUALITY OF MAN, established a Dictate of the Proletariat. JEWS were the Dictate, the Proletariet were the WEAK, STUPID, and INCOMPETENT – who are easily controlled. In a MARXIST society there is no place for one man being more skilled,more productive, or brighter than another, therefore JEWS SLAUGHTERED the Bourgeoisie - teachers,professionals,businessman,entrepreneurs, proprietors,priests, etc.- by the MILLIONS.

Remember, the United States of America sided with USSR BOLSHEVIKS/JEWS (now known as NEOCONS)against EUROPEAN FASCISTS ("One for all - all for one.")

5)CRUSHING ARYAN CULTURE, following WW-2, prevented EUROPEAN AMERICANS from broadening their Cultural Heritage, various JEW programs were introduced. All of these programs stemmed from BOLSHEVIK concepts of EQUALITY (The Protocols of Zion). They denied genetics and eugenics. Thus psychotic ghetto occupants Marx, Freud, Boas, Einstein, Wiesel emerged to become American youth’s role models. Before the psychopaths finally were exposed the damage they inflicted upon the American gene-pool was immense and irreparable.

The CATHOLIC CHURCH (founded by Hebes PETER & PAUL),today has joined JEW/NEOCON/ZIONIST RANKS. CATHOLIC means "UNIVERSAL." Since its inception the CHURCH, an offspring of JUDAISM,has promoted a borderless, UNIVERSAL STATE ruled by the VATICAN (now owned by JEWS). Today, from the Pope on down to local priests, CATHOLICS SUPPORT NON-WHITE IMMIGRATION into WESTERN CIVILIZATION, and presumably would accept ALL illegal immigration from whatever source: India, Brazil, Haiti,Zimbabwe, et al. Thus, “AMERICAN” JUDEO/CATHOLIC allegiance is NOT to the U.S. CONSTITUTION but toward establishment of ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. This is TREASON!

The above does not imply that Catholics have not contributed positively to Western Culture. They have. Albeit, CHRIST'S ancient TEACHINGS, PRACTICED TODAY, have become LETHAL to the WHITE RACE One cannot "love your neighbor" while racially segregating him. Thus, CHRISTIAN territory,home, and bedroom MUST embrace multi-culturalism. CATHOLICS/JEWS spearhead this concept ( excepting Israel ).

It is for reasons stated above that JEW MEDIA MOGULS hire so many CATHOLIC "talking-heads," e.g.,Chris Matthews, O'Reilly, Wm. Buckley,Sean Hannity,Peg Noonan,Olie North,Cal Thomas, McLaughlin,Cokie Roberts,et al.They are the Judas goats.


JEWS have AMERICA in their grip. They own and control us. They have one FEAR – the possibility of REPRISAL. There are too many ARYANS, JEWS reason. ARYANS must be eliminated. They are a threat. The elimination process is now taking place:

ARYANS are dying in JEW INSPIRED wars around the Globe. Additional U.S. troops are being poured into IRAQ; NOT to end the Iraq conflict, but to prepare for obliterating IRAN and occupying the ruins. The mid-East is an abattoir. American troops bleed. They also die from Uranium poisoning. Surviving GIs infected with Uranium are producing
genetically defective offspring.

"American" JEWS are not fighting in the mid-East - they are attending Ivy League colleges.

JEW promoted MULTI-CULTURALISM of America is not benign. SPICS are heavily armed and hate Whites. MUSLIMS with good reason, seek revenge against America/Israel for its murderous collaboration against Palestine,etc. LOW I.Q. NEGROES seek vengeance against WHITEY who is held responsible for Negro Non-achievement.

America is infused with non-whites seeking total destruction of their host.

JEWS target ARYAN girls with drugs, rape and White Slavery while MEDIA/CHURCH/EDUCATORS promote miscegenation. Today, marrying within ones racial family is viewed as "rascist." Laws soon will be enacted making similar-race marriages bigoted and discriminatory, therefore illegal.

7)RIGHT-WING-TALKERS PROPOSE that ARYANS migrate to IDAHO or some isolated REGION where they can cluster together and survive the oncoming conflagration, i.e., “run to fight another day.” They think with their legs! What nonsense. The ILLUMINATI will NOT allow pockets of resistance or pockets of Aryan Culture to persist. When JEWS have completed their strategy WHITE AMERICANS will be one-fourth (1/4) of the total population – the slave-class; three-quarters will be dead.

James von Brunn


Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:

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