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Media censorship on VT case (5)
Tue May 29, 2007 17:52

485. Media censorship on VT case (5) (5/18/07)

7. The issue media accepted and rejected.

(1) For a crime, media used to have a field report. It used to come with a map. Investigate reporter would track every step of the killer to detail the story in minute. VT shooting is the worst camp case in US history. There is no such report. What happened in the dorm when first two people were killed? how many classrooms in Norris Hall building? What did other students in same building react during shooting? There is not a word about that. Different media reported odds and bits from survivors but all silenced later about this case.

(2) The no response of the police and University after the first two killings was the main reason that caused the later mass killing. Media has the responsibility to supervise the government. The criminal negligence should be the big issue in first page. Yet, no media had an article about it. They distract this big topic by gun ban. Let the big criminal skip away.

(3) Instead of reporting the detail of the whole story which might reveal the flaws of the framed case, media concentrated to report Cho's private life, tried to prove he is the real killer. I went through all these materials, find nothing could prove Cho was a violent man. True, he was lonely, life time silent. It fits for a word: autism. But media avoid this word, attribute all these for the killing spree. To prove Cho was anger, they said he wrote violent and profane plays. They even gave a sample of his play. "I hate him." the boy says of the stepfather in a copy of the play on the Web site. "Must kill Dick. Must kill Dick. Dick must die."

It's ridiculous. With such standard to judge a person, Shakespeare would be a big suspect. So were many ancient Greek tragedy writers. Hitch Cock (spelling?) - a terror film producer, would be a suspect too, so was Spieldsburg (spelling? who produces film Indiana Jones, the Temple of Doom).

Cho's only relationship to violence was that he bought a gun (or two) on March 13 and practiced one hour in a shooting ranch of March 22. I think he was going for an operation. Before I talked about this, I'd like you to read a news:

8. Cho was under surveillance

Re: "Cho went to bed early by college standards, about 9p.m. He often rose early, but in recent weeks he had been rising even earlier, frequently before dawn, Aust said. Such was the case Monday.

Cho awoke before 5 a.m., then sat down to work on his computer and awakened his roommate in the process. Grewal, who shares a room in the same suite, saw Cho in the bathroom shortly after 5 a.m.

As usual, Cho did not say anything to Grewal. No good morning, no hello, Grewal said. Cho stood in the bathroom, brushing his teeth, wetting his contact lenses and applying a moisturizer.

He also took a prescription medicine, though neither Aust nor Grewal knew what the medication was for." (Mercury News "Shooter/ classmates feared he would kill", 4/18/07)

To get up early before dawn is not popular, especially for those who do not habituate to. Did Cho's suitemate follow up Cho's routine? The description was so detailed that it seems like Cho was under surveillance.

(to be continued)

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