By Mike Cutler
So Much for the 9/11 Commission Report’s Recommendations
Mon May 21, 2007 21:36

So Much for the 9/11 Commission Report’s Recommendations

By Mike Cutler

In listening to the politicians go on about the illegal immigration crisis, I wonder if these "leaders" have taken the time to consider the findings and recommendations of the Presidential Commission on the Attacks of September 11, 2001 or the companion report, "The 9/11 Commission Staff Report on Terrorist Travel."

Those politicians who favor providing millions of illegal aliens (undocumented workers in the parlance of Senator Kennedy and others), appear to be ignoring a basic issue that has not been addressed in all of the discussions about the implementation of a Guest Worker Amnesty Program: how will the adjudicators at USCIS know what name and other identifiers should be imprinted on the "tamper-proof" identity documents that will be issued to many millions of illegals? As my kids would say, hello?

Let’s consider the facts. When Kennedy and others refer to these millions of illegal aliens as being "undocumented", a political agenda is in play and manipulative language is being used: they want to distract us from the fact that these people are defined, according to the American law, as illegal aliens and that they are present in the United States in violation of the law. That violation is what makes them "illegal aliens."

Kennedy, in fact, has on occasion referred to these lawbreakers as simply, "The Undocumented." This term is particularly devious because it neatly ignores the facts that these aliens are violating our laws. But let’s consider what documents the illegals are lacking. They lack any form of reliable identification that properly identifies them. Without reliable identity documents, how can the adjudicators know the names, dates of birth or even the nationalities of these millions of illegal aliens? How would they determine when, where or how they entered the United States? These would be important questions under normal circumstances, but under the current situation where our nation is, on a daily basis, focused on averting the next terrorist attack, these questions become absolutely critical.

Put yourself in the position of the adjudicators at USCIS, the agency that has been excoriated in one oversight report after another issued by the GAO (General Accountability Office) and the OIG (Office of the Inspector General). Fraud permeates the bureaucracy at this agency that adjudicates the full spectrum of applications for immigration benefits including the conferring of resident alien status upon aliens, and even the naturalization of aliens, in which case they are granted the highest honor and most valued of all immigration benefits: United States citizenship. This is the very same agency that will be tasked with the implementation and administration of any Guest Worker Amnesty Program. These adjudicators are under extreme pressure to crank out completed applications for the various benefits that they adjudicate; the “amnesty” bill has as a provision to mandate the adjudication of 100,000 applications for the proposed Guest Worker Amnesty Program, each and every day! The best analogy I can make with this daunting situation is this: it’s tantamount to our tasking a team of technicians to make certain the spokes on wheels of the racing bicycles at the famed Tour de France are in good condition as the bike is charging down the road at full speed!

Once again we see politicians make artful use of language to create an illusion that the program they are desperate to implement would have real integrity. An example of this is former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Senator John McCain making a point to refer to the fact that the identity documents issued by USCIS to these millions of undocumented aliens, whose true identities are unknown and unknowable, would be "Tamper-Proof." Incredibly they link this to the attacks of September 11, 2001 and claim that this would meet the requirements of the 9/11 Commissions findings and recommendations. All I can say is that I was born on a Wednesday, but not last Wednesday!

First of all, there is no such thing as a tamper-proof document any more than a ballistic vest is "Bullet-Proof." Such protective vests are "bullet-resistant" and even the most sophisticated of identity documents will only be tamper-resistant. The bigger issue, however, is not whether the documents issued could be altered, but rather that there would be no reliable way to know what information to put on those cards in the first place! Simply conducting a "Security Check" on the names that the aliens write on their applications is nearly worthless. Running a fictitious name through a computer database would yield no benefit for national security inasmuch as terrorists and criminals who were careful enough to avoid having any scrapes with law enforcement authorities in our country would not have their fingerprints in our databases. If they then provided a false name on their applications, they would be given a "clean bill of health" and issued one of these "tamper-proof" identity documents that they could then use as breeder documents to obtain an entire suite of official identity documents in a false name. This would include driver's licenses, Social Security Cards, library cards, credit cards and bank accounts. And off we go to another 9/11!

If you think I am wrong, consider that when we make purchases at a department store, even if we are using our own credit cards, we are often required to show the store clerk a driver's license to assure that clerk that we are who we claim to be. This is an even more important issue when we pay by personal check. Yet, USCIS would, under the provisions of a Guest Worker Amnesty Program, provide millions of illegal aliens, who have violated our nation's borders and laws from the first day that they set foot on our nation's soil, with official identity documents that would enable terrorists to embed themselves in communities around our country as they await instructions to launch the next terrorist attack against our nation.

You would have thought that the arrest, just last week of 6 foreign-born terrorists who were thwarted from carrying out a bloody attack on a major military base in New Jersey (Fort Dix) would have served as a reminder as to just how tenuous our situation is, but apparently these politicians just cannot bring themselves to do what is in the best interests of our country. Instead, they operate fully for what is in the best interests of the various special interest groups and deep-pocketed campaign contributors who have an over-riding desire to flood the labor market with cheap, compliant and exploitable labor.

Proponents of this insane Guest Worker Amnesty Program want to rush it through the process as fast as possible. I frankly cannot blame them for this. If I were attempting to deceive the American people and those decent politicians who truly want to represent their constituents and all citizens of our nation, the faster I could push this bill through the process the better. Legislation that smells this bad needs to be moved very quickly so that no one realizes how bad the stench is until it is too late and it is a done deal.

John McCain said, "We all know this issue can be caught up in extracurricular politics unless we move forward as quickly as possible." This is how con artists operate. I find it reprehensible that there are members of both houses of Congress and candidates for the highest elected office of the United States who would act as mere charlatans! Any politician who could conduct himself in that fashion has made it clear that he is not worthy of our trust and should have his political head handed to him.

I commend Congressman Pence's (R-IN) leadership evidenced in his statement:

"The president's willingness to accept the granting of amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants has sent a harmful message to Republican voters around the country. But I also believe that'll sort itself out in the primaries of 2008. At the end of the day, this is an issue where I find myself focusing less on politics than what policy I think is in the best interests of the American people. There are many reasons why I oppose this ill-conceived and extremely dangerous bill. First and foremost is the continuing threat of terrorism and the way that terrorists would benefit by this piece of trash masquerading as legislation. The title of this bill should be the "Terrorist Assistance and Facilitation Act of 2007."

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

# # Contributing Editor Michael Cutler is a Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies and a well-respected authority on immigration and border security issues.

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