Bush Re-Authorizes Martial Law Provisions
Wed May 23, 2007 14:41

Bush Re-Authorizes Martial Law Provisions
Americans have officially been living under a dictatorship since at least 1933

Paul Joseph Watson, Steve Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

President George W. Bush has sparked much alarm by openly declaring himself to be a dictator in the event of a national emergency under new provisions that will effectively nullify the U.S. constitution, but such an infrastructure has been in place for over 70 years and this merely represents a re-authorization of the infrastructure of martial law.



Concerning "We The People United, The Movement"

For those group owners who don't see the connection & big picture to the content of my communications to all that ails "US" and want them to stop>>>Please request that at my netscape.com account>>>mofmars3@netscape.com

Please say which group you're from too, so I'll know

If you want taken off the key list of our network of many lists & over 500 political & patriot groups just say so...

We are the spiritual & secular with differing issues, all important to our people...We are the ones who can put differences aside enough to work together & try to help mankind survive...We are trying to organize & need your help

It's said not to be possible & that many have tried unsuccessfully to unite & can't be done...Many saying things like that may not be our friends...We can & will prove that wrong because we are doing it

If you want your group link or website to be added to ours...To stand with "US" & hundreds of other sister groups, please specify>>>Our website under construction>>>http://www.wethepeopleunited.com/

Here's the latest communication in >>>***SOS***The enemy is in our camp & on the move

A good guy wrote>>>

I know Albert...But I'm not the average woman & I assure you I can handle it...I was designed for just what I do...I've been in training for years...I'm well equipped for the task at hand as you'll soon be able to see

I detest organized religion & manmade doctrine...I expose that, too

But unlike many who remain nonbelievers, I've seen many miracles so I'm well connected and not alone here, if you know what I mean?

I do understand that saying that goes>>>"More blessed is he that believes without seeing"...I know just what that means, now...I have ran from my purpose and seen many miracles chasing me...It was hard...I was beat up over and over because I was sooooo stubborn

I think if I had stopped running sooner, I wouldn't have been so beat up
But everything happens for reason and I didn't know I was in training for this crucial time in our history...so all is well & as it should be

I don't want or like the tasks I do on this mission in all the activism I do...I just have to

I am blessed that I am disabled medically which allows me to give my all to activism

If I couldn't work to help save our children & future generations of this world>>>((((Which by the way was part of every single person's purpose, too))))...If I couldn't help, I would feel even worse than I do now & that's bad enough

I can't sleep with all the children crying, Mother's weeping & father's gnashing of teeth...We all were supposed to be the caretakers of this planet

I received that message & knowledge as a child

Didn't everyone?

We haven't even mastered this earth yet and off to space we tried to go to conquer & ruin that, too

Many are trying to fix everything & we all have our parts & places

This exposing the bad seeds & elements is just part of the sorting of the bad from the good

All part of a master plan we are all part of...Call it a game, whatever

It's time to play our cards...The deck was stacked but we have the aces now...I'm playing mine

Many patriots & heroes have stood up & are speaking out
Especially Rosie O'Donnel>>>rosie.com

Please go to her site & thank her...Encourage her

I know so well how Rosie hurts right now...She is brave and selfless in what she's doing for "US"...I hate the way people put her down when I know her reward is little to none, anyway
It's a very hard place to be, in the stance Rosie has taken on behalf of others...I can only imagine...And it's even harder for the wealthy to speak up as most of us know
But later, the children will thank her & she will go down in history as something else...Something genuine, good & loving

I say this with tears in my eyes...I am so grateful for her...I love her & I'm not even gay...lol...


--- In catapultthepropaganda@yahoogroups.com, A good guy wrote:
> We can see it, Marsha. Ignore the ad hominem attacks designed to damage your emotions; women are usually attacked with emotional weapons.
> Marsha MCClelland wrote:
> For the record I would like to finish john knight the racist, off...Please understand that this matter is not off topic...Not if you represent a group or issue important to our people and care about the well being of our nation and all good people of the world
> His spin and attack on me is very evident for anyone who would like to see...He is aligning with others trying to throw a wrench in the organizing of We The People United, The Movement
> What I wrote in reply to racial hate was not shown in it's entirety by john in his smear attempt against me
> I was being attacked for my 911 alerts and Rosie was being bashed terribly for being gay
> What I wrote that john twisted was only a bit of the bad guys own medicine back at them and on behalf of all good people
> What I really wrote & what it was in reference to is in it's entirety at David Icke's forum>>>http://tinyurl.com/2f4n6g, along with the whole thread of racial hate
> Here it is>>>
> I wrote the ros is dark part because she was trying to say I wasn't white...Like it mattered & someone else wrote the rest of the subject line
> 31643 (ros is DARK...lol)IT APPEARS CIA DISINFORMERS HAVE TAKEN OVERTHIS G >>>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DavidIcke/message/31643
> Here's the one john sent to Veterans for 911 Truth but only in part...The link so you can join them, especially if you're a Veteran>>>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/v911t/message/19687
> Here's what he sent>>>
> The following is how Marsha insulted others on another list:
> WoW this rosalyn hasn't got much of a mind to lose, IMO...I don't
> know her but I think she's the same one whose butt I kicked on
> another list recently...(added note...She was bashing Rosie and my 911 alerts then, too)
> I recognize the ros part and there was the
> word>>>"dark" in her stupid signature...I remember because the dark
> part matched her personality...She is a spin artist after bill the
> shill o'reilll'y's own heart
> Mean spirited this one and a liar, too
> Me?...Dark?...I wish...I've always been so pale I feel I've been
> cheated...(I am part Indian, though...Sometimes the Indian in me
> wants to kick my own ass for what the white ancestor blood in me did
> to the Indian ancestors) Brown eyes and hair to match but, hey, what
> if I was dark?...Big deal...At least I'm not a heartless idiot like
> this ros thingy

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