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Wall Street moves to European Headquarters
Mon May 22, 2006 07:56


The Great Money Game: Castling is a special move in the chess game, consisting of moving the king two squares towards a rook, then moving the rook onto the square over which the king crossed. The King in this case being Wall Street, doing the Euro-next rocade.
FPF- The Netherlands - May 22nd - 2006 - Tomorrow, at the annual meeting of the pan-European exchange's Board in Amsterdam, a 'merger' will be announced, concerning the move of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to the pan-European Euronext exchange. The fact that global transactions concerning oil etc. more and more are planned and done in Euro currency is 'very underreported' in comments on the NYSE Euro-move.

The BBC and other European commercial TV stations like RTL - owned by the London Group - announced early Monday morning the move by Wall Street to Europe, after announcements of a $20bn Euronext merger(?) with their own pan-European Euronext exchange. The proposed move will create a European based but transatlantic stock market giant. ''Worth 16bn euros ($20bn, 11bn), the US exchange said'', according to the BBC.*

Economists all over the world have been debating and are deeply worried by the US bankruptcy with it's astronomical $trillions debts* which never can be repaid in real value. Not even with their 'Fed' - day and night printing trillions of make-believe money in the by foreign banks owned Federal Reserve* - to give the impression that they are trying to keep the sinking 'U.S. Titanic' afloat, and the Fort Knox myth alive. Thus the general advice is: Follow the real money!

The departure of the main US players and magicians in the 'Great money=power Game' - going back to their Group in London, and leaving the war torn and by $billion tax cuts for the rich plagued US economy in the worst shambles ever - even this malignant 'Mene Tekel' can be positively explained. As is done by the PNAC's PR-organ Forbes*: ''Commentators argue that WITH THE NEW YORK BOURSE OUT OF THE WAY, the passage would be clear for US rival Nasdaq to pursue London's exchange as part of an ongoing consolidation of global trading markets.'' 'Consolidation' is the London Group's euphemism for 'profitability'.

This in their propaganda press portrayed 'all-share merger' by 'Euro-next' and the New York Stock Exchange ''will create the world's first transatlantic bourse,'' according to an article in the Sunday Times paper. The deal is - pro forma - to be put before the 'Board' in London* today, Monday, ahead of the banks bourse company's annual meeting in Amsterdam tomorrow, the newspaper said without naming its sources.


As quoted in a Reuters* story: "In the last couple of weeks the dollar has gone into free fall and our market doesn't like it," said Ted Ake, executive director and head of bond trading with Mizuho Securities USA in New York. Strong economic numbers, high commodities prices, rising inflation and dollar weakness "could all be huge negatives" for the Treasury market, especially longer maturities, Ake said. "We do have some inflation forces building and some imbalances that are going to have to be dealt with...It will be painful," he added.

A double whammy of investors' worries that surging energy and other commodities prices will filter into core inflation gauges and that a weaker dollar, via more expensive imports, will also contribute to inflation, are rippling through the U.S. government bond* market. While the 10-year note yield climbed to four-year peaks above 5.15 percent this week, the 30-year bond's yield has reached 5.25 percent, its highest since July 2004.''

THIS LAST PART OF COURSE IS A SICK JOKE: those so called Bonds, Certificates or whatever, are like all US $ 'fiat money': just made out of nothing with green ink and paper, by the same banks in their print shop the Federal Reserve.

That's why international economists which are not bought, bribed or bullied by the Group, keep warning that the disaster can be bigger than ever. Also billionaires like Bill Gates and Soros have been warning that this 'tsunami for the economy' will be bigger and worse for many human beings in the US, and - compared to Montague Norman's 'Great Depression'*: that decade of inhuman disaster was like a picnic for the starving United States...

'Transatlantic bourse' is just saying 'Good-bye' to what you in the US thought was your 'money'!




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* THE 'WHY' OF GLOBAL RESISTANCE - HOW IT IS DONE BY THE PNAC'S CIA JACKALS & THE WORLD BANK's SERIAL KILLER WOLFOWITZ - 'Confessions of an economic 'hit man'. World Bank insider Perkins explains: "Jackals' are C.I.A. - sanctioned people that come in and try to foment a coup or revolution. If it doesn't work, they perform assassinations, or try to." - They steal billions for the World Bank, IMF, USAID, UNDP, AID etc. - Perkins web site - Url.: -

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