Senator Gravel's position on Iraq remains clear
Wed May 9, 2007 12:29

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5/8/08 - "The Charles Goyette Show"
INTERVIEW: Sen. Mike Gravel

Senator Gravel's position on Iraq remains clear

The Issues

Senator Gravel's position on Iraq remains clear and consistent: to commence an immediate and orderly withdrawal of all U.S. troops that will have them home within 60 days. The sooner U.S. troops are withdrawn, the sooner we can pursue aggressive diplomacy to bring an end to the civil war that currently consumes Iraq. Senator Gravel seeks to work with neighboring Arab countries to lead a collective effort to bring peace to Iraq.

One of the leading opponents of the Vietnam War, Senator Gravel was one of the first current or former elected officials to publicly oppose the planned invasion of Iraq in 2002. He appeared on MSNBC prior to the invasion insisting that intelligence showed that there were indeed no weapons of mass destruction, that Iraq posed no threat to the United States and that invading Iraq was against America’s national interests and would result in a disaster of epic proportions for both the United States and the Iraqi people.

Today, more than four years into the invasion, the death toll of U.S. troops has climbed over 3,300 with over 50,000 more permanently maimed, some having lost limbs, others their sight. Tens of thousands more are afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and urgently need psychological care. The Iraqi civilian death toll nears three-quarters of a million, and still there remains no end in sight to the bloodshed.

As President, Senator Gravel will call for a U.S. corporate withdrawal from Iraq and hand over reconstruction contacts to Iraqi businesses which will empower Iraqi nationals to reconstruct their own country.

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What people are saying about Mike
Dear Senator Mike Gravel:

My family and I would like to thank you for the excellent work you have done and continue to do. We are proud of your dedication and we support you. Thank you for making our lives much better. Please continue to do excellent work. We support you as President of United States. We have many relatives in your state and they all are proud of your excellent work.
James F. Sinn, Sr., Morrisville, PA

Senator Gravel,

I must say I’m impressed. You will definitely get my vote. Hopefully you’ll still be in the running when the New York primaries are held. I also hope you won’t be excluded from the primary debates (as I know Ralph Nader and at least one other candidate had been in the past).

- Regards,
Carl Gendvil
Carl Gendvil
Sen. Gravel,

Welcome back to national politics.
As a young man growing up in Kenai in the late 60's, I remember you well. My first real introduction to politics was through my friendship with Patrick Malone, brother of Hugh Malone(sadly, now deceased).
I especially remember the criticism you received in the Alaska Press as you took your stand against the Nixon White House. My belated thanks to you for your courage while serving as my US Senator. I've voted "yes" for the National Initiative, and to the critics of this initiative, I would simply say that I remain unconvinced that the enactment of a national referendum law could possibly result in anything WORSE than our current system.

Good luck in the early caucuses and primaries, I've sent along a small contribution and I'll be watching the progress of your campaign.

Gary Fisher
Albuquerque, NM
Gary Fisher, Albuquerque, NM

Don't miss this one... we have a suggested soulation!!!!
5/8/08 - "The Charles Goyette Show"
INTERVIEW: Sen. Mike Gravel

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