Fielda Michelle Looney
The Making of a 'Conspiracy Theorist'
Thu May 10, 2007 15:09

It was spring, 1999. I'd rented a small house in Warner Robins, Georgia, the home of a huge United States Air Force Base. The town was proud of the base, which provided jobs, important for national security and it was very large. The rental house, at 622 Miller Drive, was in an area referred to as "old base housing."

During that same '99 period I remember watching the Pope on TV say, "we are entering a dark period," and an anthrax letter was dropped in Atlanta at a TV station. The station had been evacuated. Then the US Military was forced to take anthrax shots and some in the Navy refused. As I recall, one or more died from the vaccinations. It was the year Stormin' Norman had tears running down his face at Memorial Day "celebrations."

While in the back yard one day, looking above the nearby pine trees, I noticed a helicopter which appeared to take a dive, quickly disappearing behind the pines. Thinking to myself surely there had been a crash, I waited for explosive noises and perhaps smoke. Nothing happened.

It was during this period of time paranoia was seeded from the media and in all directions regarding the year 2000, "Y2K' and failures in systems, computer systems, infrastructure systems. It was a time to keep one's ears and eyes open - and be very suspicious and afraid.

Warner Robins hadn't been a welcoming area to live, as I'd experienced many negative things there in a very short period of time. I personally witnessed inefficiencies at local US Post Offices which would have warranted investigation (had it been reported by the Governor,) and IF: the FEDS actually investigate themselves.

In personally witnessing and getting stories of so much corruption in a USAF Base town, I had to wonder if it was widespread, contained to one area, and how it could exist in an area so important for National Security. Law Enforcement, again, was a joke and illegal drugs were rampant.

Anyway, I wondered about the helicopter until finally the newspaper came with an article explaining there had been a "safety drill" to test emergency systems.

The interesting part of it was the accident had been staged, "actors" were on a bus and the helicopter was to have crashed into the bus. The "wounded" bus passengers had been painted with fake blood, and then Emergency Rescue was performed, all of it being a training drill.

I remember thinking to myself. "This is pretty incredible planning and expense for a training drill." A helicopter crashing into a bus? How often does that happen?

"This is more like a movie set." And I thought at the time, maybe Hollywood was secretly using the area for a movie scene.

So from then and in exiting the corrupted area and going to Kentucky only to find more of the same, eyes and ears remained open. Everywhere there were drugs, drugs and more drugs. By that time I was afraid of police after the false arrests and corruption I'd witnessed in Georgia, figuring they were dealing or being directed by American drug lords or Organized Crime. Kentucky was having an epidemic of addiction, from pills passed by some physicians and illegal pills. Many died, families devastated.

And I'd had some brushes with Muslims the FBI in Louisville would brush off, even though I documented it to the FBI with pictures two months after 911. Qasim Cheema of Pakistan had shown my dog and according to his father-in-law, my friend, said Qasim had broken the law and outrun police in Georgia. It was covered up and he was never charged or arrested. The FBI didn't care, nor did they want to know about how a Muslim from Pakistan had shown my dog and traveled to New York City prior to 911. According to my friend, Qasim had money coming into this country the US Government knew nothing about. Why didn't they want to know?

My Georgia arrests were all thrown out of court or disappeared, and I hadn't broken their laws or outrun cops, but got the records to later prove my story. And my family was so old Americans, my ancestors fought EVERY WAR for this country. I apparently knew too much and my life would have been easier had I been cooperatively silent or dead.

I chose, instead, to be as loud as possible and live one day at a time, and stay alive one day at a time.

My country was now Communistic, and I couldn't figure out when it had changed from 1970 "democracy" and Government Civics Classes or whether all of it was lies, our entire lives, even the Civics Classes.

After my Georgia experiences, I was invited to "fly to Chicago" in the year, 2000. For all I knew from personal experiences about several Muslims, corruption, drugs, illegal aliens, and addicted families and children.... along with untrustworthy and brutal police, and filthy corrupt jails, I remember saying, "I wouldn't get on an airplane in this country if you gave me a million dollars."

Not so long before JFK, Jr's. plane had crashed mysteriously and the U.S. Navy had spent lots of time scraping the bottom of the ocean; and the stock brokers in Atlanta had been gunned down. I'll never believe JFK's crash was an accident and thought back to my own Military Pilot, Lt. Commander Dad, his shocking death the last day of the Cuban Missile Crisis, while on-call with the US NAVY to fly, age 39, "heart attack." Maybe we couldn't trust the Navy, either. And maybe my Dad thought he could.

Back to the original story, shortly after "911" there was a bus hi-jacking accident in Tennessee, attributed to terrorism. And I thought back to the Warner Robins "helicopter crash," watching the news closely to see if any helicopter was involved in the Tennessee crash. I'd had some experiences in Knoxville, Victor Ashe's territory. Was the bus hi-jacking near there?

Much of my story in bits and pieces is at my blog site and pictures are there of Qasim, showing my dog, pics of arrest records, my Dad and more. I've stored my documents of arrests and the horrors I've endured in many places, and online. If the documents are destroyed and I can't prove my story, then the verdict is, 'she's crazy," or "she has a vivid imagination," or "she should take her meds."

It's the Communist way to say someone is insane when they're telling the truth or threatening to expose power or high-level corruption.

But in thinking "insanity" is to wonder how leadership can spend billions of dollars putting carcinogens in the air, and making bombs and war, while millions have no health insurance and social security is going broke. How can leadership not require contaminating industries to bear the expenses of "clean-up" but place it instead, on the over-taxed working-poor? Why can't Congress police itself and demand honesty among its membership? Why can one powerful person be seated on 10 Boards of Directors? How can a healthcare executive make millions of dollars and continue to provide less or lower quality services? Why does one percent of the population control 95% of the wealth?

When we see Mr. Tenet writing his book, utilizing his former position and power on boards of "intelligence industries" to make even more money and surely hope to exonerate himself from any blame, we wonder why he is allowed to write the book for money and other CIA members apparently aren't.

How long will Americans allow these things?

"There's not a lawyer in Georgia that will take your case."

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