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"We have terrorists coming through our borders. Al-Qaida is working with the MS-13 gang, smuggling al-Qaida terrorists into the country. Hezbollah is doing the same... We estimate thousands have already been smuggled into America... Hamas is here..."

Yeah...Al Qaeda
We know who and what Al Qaeda REALLY is!
And who and what the "Terrorists" REALLY ARE!
See:Fake Al Qaeda

The "War On Terror" is Bogus!
so, if MS-13 are working with Al Qaeda
then in actuality, they are CIA Operatives!
And, a False Flag is about to go down!

The High Cabals Agendas:Part5

See this response to


Posted By: Never_Surrender
Date: Friday, 11 May 2007, 12:28 a.m.


By Never Surrender
May 11th, 2007


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it is important that we see it but it is important to note that in my opinion it is also false.

There are VERY BIG reasons why this is being said about Chavez and why it is being said NOW.

Hugo Chavez has just recently committed an act of SANITY that has been seen in few other world leaders of our day.

He has committed a brave, bold and highly intelligent act, actually a few of them of late, that have gotten him placed squarely in the firing line of the ELITE CORPORATE BANKERS that run this world through lines of control, err, I mean credit.

Credit that the IMF and the WORLD BANK extend to almost every nation on this earth in order to enslave them and to be able to manipulate and control almost every human life on this planet in nearly every nation.

They do this by controlling and manipulating the economies of said countries and by dictating policy, laws and military doctrine and many other areas because after all, they are the one holding all the "I OWE YOU'S" and if you argue with the guy putting food on your table well you just might find yourself homeless, hungry and unemployed.

Anyway, long story short, Mr Chavez just recently PAID OFF ALL HIS COUNTRIES DEBT to these leeches and bloodsuckers and told them to kindly "piss off" and get out of his country and out of his business.

See details in this article.....

Chavez pulls out of IMF, World Bank
VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez has announced Venezuela will quit the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The practical impact of the move is unclear. But withdrawing from the world's two premier financial institutions, which have been associated since World War II with US economic policies, would send a powerful political statement.

It also might embolden activists throughout the world who are opposed to privatisation and fiscal austerity, two courses that the institutions often require of economically troubled nations.

It was unclear how much money the World Bank and the IMF would have to hand over to Caracas.

Venezuela's share of the IMF is worth $US3.9 billion, though it wasn't known whether the IMF would be expected to pay Venezuela that much when its membership is terminated.

In a defiant speech yesterday, Mr Chavez demanded that the World Bank pay oil-rich Venezuela its contributions. "Now it is they that owe us," he said.

There was no reaction from either organisation today, but the US State Department said Mr Chavez was only digging a deeper hole for his people.

"Look, you can't take the shovel out of the man's hand," said spokesman Sean McCormack. "He just keeps on digging. So, and sadly, it's the Venezuelan people who are victimized by this."

The World Bank and the IMF were established near the end of World War II to help rebuild war damage.

The World Bank helps countries finance development projects, while the IMF tries to ensure orderly world trade by regulating exchange rates and providing assistance to countries unable to pay their debts.

Traditionally, the World Bank is led by an American, and the IMF head is a European.

In recent years, both organisations have refrained from criticising Mr Chavez's economic policies, including re-nationalisations of the oil and telecommunications industry, in hopes of quietly persuading his government to stick with more market-friendly policies.

The latest World Economic Outlook, the IMF's assessment of the world economy, barely mentioned Venezuela when it was issued a month ago.

No IMF mission has visited Venezuela since 2004, though Anoop Singh, the IMF's top Latin American official, told reporters last month that the IMF hoped to send a mission to Caracas to discuss inflation control later this year.

Nations rarely walk away from the IMF or the World Bank. One of the last to do so was Cuba, in 1964.

more at link... worth the read....,20867,21658247-2703,00.html

and here is another one where it is said very well....

Mon, 16 Apr 2007 13:11 EDT

Venezuela said Saturday it has paid off its debts to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and is cutting ties to the two institutions, which the government of President Hugo Chavez accuses of perpetuating poverty and economic ills.

"My dear sirs at the World Bank, sirs at the International Monetary Fund -- goodbye to you. Venezuela is free ... and sovereign," Finance Minister Rodrigo Cabezas told state TV.

Now, that action alone would have been enough to get Mr Chavez on their list of people they make up outrageous propaganda lies about such as the article above... but there is even more to this story.

Hugo Chavez has also gone after big oil companies and he has a national policy, which, "-- if even moderately successful -- would constitute a concrete alternative to capitalist market democracy. Chavez appears to be serious and resistant to being bought off, which is why Washington perceives him as a special threat.

Here is a very informative article on this, if you really want to understand what is truly going on in Venezuela then read this article......

Throughout the first three months of 2005, the chronic verbal jousting between Washington and Venezuela's "populist" regime led by President Hugo Chavez ratcheted up in intensity, with Chavez threatening to cut off oil exports to the United States if Washington moved to destabilize his rule, and Washington declaring that it was pursuing a policy to "contain" him.
The latest round of rhetorical conflict began in January, when recently appointed U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that the Chavez regime was a "negative influence" in the Western Hemisphere. With power passing to the State Department, Washington has woken up to threats to its perceived interests around the world, threats that had been festering since the Iraq intervention diverted attention from them. Despite the fact that Iraq continues to be an obstacle to fresh initiatives, Washington has decided to move to restore its global influence, including in South America, where left and center-left governments have taken control in the southern cone and where a cycle of political instability has taken hold in the Andes.

Washington sees Chavez to be its greatest problem in South America, because he is the most radically leftist regional leader and the only one offering a clearly alternative and opposed model to Washington's scenario of a Free Trade Area of the Americas (F.T.A.A.) composed of market democracies led by the United States.

At the same time that Washington has become more assertive, Chavez has sensed an opportunity to implement his vision of a united South America that acts in accordance with its own interests, independent of Washington, and a "new socialist society" based on cooperatives that would eliminate poverty and subordinate private business to broader social aims. Although the "Bolivarian" vision is utopian -- and Chavez knows it -- it provides a framework for more practicable policies that put him on a collision course with Washington.

The tensions between Washington and Caracas reflect Chavez's judgment that the hemispheric balance of power has shifted against the United States and that Washington is not in a position to stop him from acting against its wishes. Since it is not clear that Chavez is correct, the conflict between Caracas and Washington has become a test of their relative influence in South America.

Chavez is a visionary attempting to consummate a social revolution in his country that will put into place a "new socialism" based on cooperativism and participation of all sectors of society in managing local affairs, and will transform Venezuela into as self-sufficient and developed a state as possible -- a "small major power," as he calls it.

More at link, again... worth the read....

This national policy that they speak of is what Chavez calls his "BOLIVIAN REVOLUTION".

Here is what is being said about it and here is WHY it is such a "threat" to the United States".... (actually it is NOT a threat to the US citizens it is a "threat" to BIG BUSINESS, BIG OIL AND ALL POWERFUL BANKERS and their global financial op's, which only benefit them and hurt everyone else, including US citizens)

But this sums it up very well....

"The tenets of neoliberalism -- open markets, privatization, deregulation -- taken as gospel by economists, governments and industry for the past 30 years, are facing a direct challenge from the model proffered by Hugo Chavez and his fellow Latin American leaders.
Seeking to bypass the United States and instead tap into the thriving Asian market, the Bolivarian Revolution stands to undermine the existing economic order.

found at link below, another very informative link full of info..

So there you have it, I hope it makes perfect sense now why they are going after Hugo Chavez with full guns, it makes perfect sense that they would.

He is challenging the establishment! He is forging out a new way, he is standing up and saying NO to the vultures and criminals who are ruining and controlling 90% of the planet if not more.

I have absolutely NO way to know if Hugo Chavez is a good guy or a bad guy, if he has a heart and is doing these things to help his people or if he is a greedy bastard too, but I do know this..... OUR SYSTEM, the IMF and the WORLD BANK and CAPITALISM is NOT working and are all EVIL to the core and RUINING THE WORLD.

All I know is that he is finding another way! His way may be good, or it may be for evil as well but he is doing things that SEEM to make a LOT of sense and in the process, he is making enemies in HIGH PLACES.

and THAT is what the above article is all about, I think that you could "take that to the bank" and find that it has more worth than all those fake fiat notes that we deal in every day and call money.

and a personal note to Mr Chavez,

Most world leaders do NOT deal in truth, they do not speak truth, but I invite you, if you are capable of speaking truth, to feel free to respond to this essay.

I would be more than honored to have a response from you but I urge you, please do not respond if it is propaganda, or lies or political statements that you wish to share as those only serve to further the confusion and the anger and to widen the gap between the people of the world and the worlds leaders who refuse to think that we are worthy of the truth.

We want truth Sir, no matter how raw it is, we want it, and we are hungry for it and many of us will search for it till we take our dying breath.

Over half million readers from around the world read this website monthly, and if you have something honest and important to share with us, we would love to hear from you.

Never Surrender

PS - One last thing, Mr Cheney, DID say that he thinks we will be nuked on American soil, and he said that because he knows FULL WELL who will be doing the nuking! AND IF you could get HIM to tell the truth, he would admit that it is NOT Hugo Chavez and has NOTHING to do with Venezuela!

I mean if we are all speaking truthfully. :)
Read Between the lines and see the Real Plot Script:
They are going to use MS-13 and claim they are Al Qaeda Operatives and a false flag black op will go down.
And yet-Al Aqaeda = Al CIA/MOSSAD Duh

Staged Terror-Another Operation Northwoods
to Declare Martial Law-Operation GardenPlot


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