Fielda Michelle Looney
US Attorneys, Death, Death & More Death
Sun May 13, 2007 08:54

How can Americans expect honesty in courts when prosecuting and investigating attorneys are being murdered?

Where is the mainstream media when Americans seek the truth? Busy crucifying Imus, appeasing advertisers, or babbling spin for selected candidates? The stories below are recent. Mainstream media fails to report it and murder continues with plenty of "blood-on-the-hands" to share with competitors. Americans should thank Heaven everyday for the internet, and for internet journalists willing to risk lives and assets in delivering truth.
DiBiagio had already witnessed the brutal murder of his Assistant US Attorney Jonathan Luna in December 2003. A husband and father of two, Luna had departed in his vehicle, strangely leaving his cell phone on his desk at his office, and drove a circuitous route through Delaware, New Jersey, and then Pennsylvania before he was found in a creek near the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Denver, PA stabbed to death 36 times, supposedly with his own pen knife. Federal authorities leaned toward a suicide but local investigators treated the death as a homicide. In 2004, DiBiagio claimed he was being pressured to stop his investigation of Ehrlich's staff for links to gambling (particularly the gambling interests of jailed Maryland/DC GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff), prostitution, and other corruption and filed a threat report with the FBI. The Washington Post and Washington Times then reported that Luna was fearful that DiBiagio was going to fire him, which led to Luna's "suicide."
Dead, fired attorneys’ Medicare fraud probe linked to White House

According to Medical Supply Chain CEO Samuel Lipari who is suing hospital supply company Novation LLC, Missouri Democratic Senator Claire C. McCaskill knew that seven U.S. attorneys—two assistants who turned up dead, three assistants who resigned or were fired and two U.S. attorneys who were also forced out—had something in common: all seven were investigating Medicare and Medicaid fraud...
Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats failed to question Attorney General Alberto Gonzales about five Texas assistant U.S. attorneys—two of whom were found dead and three fired within a space of 90 days during 2004— while they were prosecuting the same Medicare fraud and money laundering case with Kansas City U.S. attorney Todd P. Graves who announced his resignation on March 10, 2006 under pressure from the Justice Department.
Samuel Lipari, president of Missouri's Medical Supply Chain, who is suing Novation LLC for anticompetitive practices in the market for hospital supplies, told, "I don't think it's a coincidence that Criminal Chief of the Dallas U.S. Attorney's office Shannon K. Ross who signed the subpoenas for my case was found dead September 11, 2004 in her home the day before Senate hearings on healthcare anti-trust just after her associate Thelma Colbert was also found dead."......

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