USS Indianapolis, WWII
Mon May 14, 2007 09:23

"He who knows not from whence he came, knows not where he goes."

"...the Navy knew there were submarines in the area but never told McVay and sent the ship to sea unescorted ... Worse, the Navy failed to notice that the cruiser had never arrived at port, while hundreds died at sea."

The year, 2000, a group of school children were able to clear the name of Captain McVay, Captain of the USS Indianapolis. He'd taken the rap for the drowning of his men, and suffered abuse from survivors. The rap wasn't his, and in 1968, he committed suicide.

It's good to know even 1/2 century later the government will sometimes tell the truth.

The "Hero" who emerged from the USS Indianapolis event was named W. Graham Claytor, captain of the rescue ship. Later he and his brother Robert would be railroad tycoons and instrumental in the merger of two huge railroads, Norfolk and Western and Southern, forming Norfolk Southern Corporation. Norfolk Southern's new logo would be "Thoroughbred," possibly for the well-known breed of Kentucky race horses.

Claytor was also involved in the US Navy Record questions regarding John Kerry, and he was also an attorney for the Baseball League in NYC for Commissioner, Happy Chandler, former governor of Kentucky.

American dynasty family stories.

The Claytor brothers were from an affluent family near my hometown of Roanoke, a lake named "Claytor" surely was named for their successful father.

Since my late Dad was also US NAVY, I've been trying to put pieces together which might unravel reasons I've suffered so exceedingly, lost a son, found myself in several jails, and the railroad has been involved.

Was my Dad murdered and is someone hoping I'll discontinue my search for truth?

I feel if I could get the truth, since his death occured the last day of the Cuban missile Crisis and he was actively serving as a pilot and reservist, it could open a case which could reexamine many deaths which occurred during that era, including USN, Kennedy's - several of my USN Uncles and Dad's best fiend.

Mr. Greg Szymanski interviewed last December, in two hours I told the story in a short period, two sessions. Some of us know what's going on, and those of us who realize it, are suffering incredibly, living in fear, while trying to fight the good fight.

We have to piece the history puzzle but first get the truth, which in many instances, for the sake of greed and power, lies, investments and coverup, has yet to be told. That's where the battle begins.

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