Ron Paul is the greatest threat the NWO has
Tue May 15, 2007 19:26

Presidential candidate Ron Paul is the greatest threat the NWO has
experienced since Wellstone. We all know what the CIA did to his
plane and family. I doubt very seriously if we can keep Dr. Paul
alive in the coming months, even with private Patriot security 24/7.
Anyone that has bucked the Federal Reserve, and the IRS is the
military collection arm of the Fed. Res., has ended up dead. Lincoln,
Mc Fadden, JFK, Saddam and many others. All executed PUBLICLY. A
simple call to the CIA removes the problem.

So in order to have a man of our own choosing as president in this
day and age, without the 'bloodline', we will have to supply that
security ourselves, and literally push Dr. Ron Paul into office and
keep him there, even if we have to keep him at a secure undisclosed
place. More than likely the whitehouse will be set with bombs. It
will take a huge SURGE. As well as a lot of covert help. Are we ready
to leave the comfort zone to do this? The NWO cannot stand this man,
and I wonder how he has lasted this long in congress. There's no way
the Republicans can win this next election without Ron Paul. Hillory
will win by hook or by crook (mostly crook) because she has the
bloodline, and is a carrier of the Gomerite gene.

Paper ballots will not help as long as there are computerized
counters. And you will see them in every poll. It's the counter that
determines the vote. Even if Hillary only got 2 votes, one from her
husband and one from her daughter.......she would still win. Haven't
you noticed that each party does an 8 yr. term so the NWO can use
them to install their communist program? Note the new police and swat
teams in action. They are moving their NWO right along nicely. And
you thought you were living in a free country. The wool over the eyes
is getting thicker.

John Northstar

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Lou & I just sent another $200 contribution to Dr. Ron Paul. Perhaps you know some friends who care enough to contribute as well. Ron Paul is probably our last chance to regain our Constitutionally-limited republic without a bloody revolution. We've tracked Ron for over 30 years. He's real. He's honest. And he's voted pro-freedom and pro-government-reduction for all those years.

We have only a few more months before the primaries to help as many friends as possible understand that they now have an alternative to more-of-the-same. Even if your friends are not ready to contribute, at least introduce them to  so they know who & what Dr. Paul is about.

Many thanks!

--lou & dr. bob

Feingold-Reid - what do you think?
By Siun @ 4:33 pm

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