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What Does Patriots' Day mean to you? Me?
Wed Apr 18, 2007 14:03

What Does Patriots' Day mean to you? Me? "Stop the War!"

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Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans' Day are four distinctly American tributes to liberties, freedom and democracy, commemorated by a holiday in the United States.

Then there is Patriots' Day. For New Englanders, Patriots' Day remains the quintessential observance: the anniversary of the beginning of the American Revolutionary War with skirmishes between British troops and the Minute Men of Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts, and preceded by Paul Revere's famous Midnight Ride. For runners, Patriots' Day has become synonymous with the Boston Marathon or, as locals often refer to the day, Marathon Monday.

The events of more than two centuries ago in April 1775, now commemorated as the Patriots' Day holiday in Massachusetts and Maine, marked a turning point in the long struggle between England and her American colonies. In a march of protest and petition, which turned into revolution and independence, the fighting on April 19, 1775 foreshadowed the rebellious action of the American colonies in ultimately creating a new nation, the United States of America. Originally celebrated on April 19, Patriots' Day was moved to the third Monday of April in 1969.

While "the shot heard 'round the world" continues to reverberate in re-enactments of the historic events, the sound of gunfire also will ring clearly in Hopkinton this Patriots' Day to signal the start of the 108th Boston Marathon and to recall the ideals of the American Revolution.

The Boston area is a uniquely and profoundly American locale; there's no better venue and no better occasion than the Boston Marathon and Patriots' Day to showcase the spirit.

You'll notice increased attention to all things patriotic at the marathon, especially along the route's eight cities and towns of Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline and Boston.

The B.A.A. encourages businesses, schools and residents along the 26.2 mile course to contribute to the display of patriotism.

Other marathon-related activities include a warm-up run on the Sunday prior to Patriots' Day, re-named the "B.A.A. FREEDOM RUN" and in keeping with the patriotic theme. The 2.8-mile run will take in many of Boston's inspiring and educational tourist attractions, including part of the Freedom Trail.

The Boston-metro area is filled with inspiring, educational and historical American sites, as well as reminders of courageous acts by America's early Patriots.

While here for the marathon - whether it is beforehand, during or afterwards - discover for yourself what Patriots' Day means to you.

We have a DU Member running in this Patriot's Day Marathon!!!

Good Luck Jimbo!!!

I hope to be holding a "STOP THE WAR! BRING THEM HOME...NOW!!" sign, along the marathon route!

Anti-War Protest at the Boston Marathon

Monday, April 16th 2007 9am
Boston, MA USA


Beacon St. & Commonwealth Ave. Boston MA

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