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April 17, 2007

A fast note to all concerned.

We are ticking towards something wicked and this latest
distractionary incident is what we can easily see as a Black Op
Event. And one can wonder little as to why.
Watchmen, take notice!

As everyone is focused on this new gun issue which was caused by
a gun ban to begin with, everyone is forgetting about how we
were shining the light on the cockroach bill o’rielly last week
and the 9/11 Truth Exposure by Rosie O‘ Donnell on her show.

Here is the crux and the real reason for the latest usage of a
mass weapon of distraction. Pass this link around as you send it
to every one and every single place you can and blame this guy
for what happened on that campus yesterday. This bastard must go

And this too is breaking the brow into the light of day:


Something that was brought to this warrior’s attention is the
fact that babylon may be waiting until all the taxes are paid to
the IRS/Global bank and then the window of opportunity for an
attack, or any other of a multitude of evil False Flag Events
could really open. Hummmm. It seems that the evil is gouging the
nation in it’s last days as much as possible and let us never
forget the oil barons who have helped do it to us for years now.
Can you say rockefeller?

Heads up all and watch where they are trying to get us to not
watch at. It is a time to be discerning every obtuse action
happening on the periphery and it all should be totally and
detailingly observed now for any and all possible indicators of
what is to come. How about those reports about russian and
chinese troop and equipment build ups along the southern and
northern borders? Has anyone Googled Earth in real time lately?

And most of all, what is the history and dates of these kind of
events to come?

Take a good look at all these calendars. April 20th is Hitler’s
Birthday or the 19th can be too. Was that the day of the tragic
OK City EVENT too, and what else now??? Gee, lets see what
happens next to distract the nation from a false flag illegal
war and the crime of the century, 9/11! Let’s just see what is
next to be used by the complicit and ever increasing in guilt
main stream media gaggle of liars and tail chasing cronies.

Another real fallout from this gun ban caused incident is that
gonzalez has slithered out from under the gun for his lies which
was also a leading reason the gangster bosh crime family pulled
off this latest Black Op. Every action today that is of evil or
causes harm for the criminals bush to gain is being revealed as
fast as it happens. The people are using their hearts to discern
truth as the spiritual awakening continues. The firewalls in the
mind are coming down! Sooner or later those who are responsible
for the exercise of real justice may actually get the cuffs on
the criminals before they pull off another crime of the century.,,-6562824,00.html

Soon, their day will come, and they will receive God’s Justice.
Let us the People be sure to document very extremely well where
these media dis-info criminals and killers of our country live,
work, and play at all times so when the day of reckoning comes,
these disinfo agents and cia liars like o’rielly, inshanity,
lumbaug, and the rest of them ALL will be the first to be
dragged out onto the lawns of America to receive God’s righteous
Justice. Let them be the first to be lined up to face real
Justice before the evil that infests the halls of what once was
a great country do. Let Truth Guide the world unification
against these world dominators who call themselves globalists.
Truth is eternal, evil is not! Maybe someone can begin to put
together a website list of these criminals in every field they
are in and the locations of said criminals. Keep it updated
daily. Maybe use tracker chips in them all, or after they take
them as they want so bad, we can hack the system to track them
down along with their cell phones, yeah those TRAC-phones. Yeah,
that’s the ticket! Hacking and Tracking the disinfo dogs with
their own technology. Hold the vision people!

May God bless the Truth that God is as it still comes forward,
overflowing and abundant. Let come forth ALL THOSE FENCE SITTERS
NOW and strike while the iron is hot. Follow your HEART! You
KNOW what is the best thing to do and now you KNOW the time is
right for action! Come forth now those who know the truth and
that have been blessed by God with LOUD VOICES that will NOT be
denied or dis-info’ed by the main stream snakes and bilge-slime
spewing their mad tales of deceit and dis/mis-information. In
these last days of freedom, it is VITAL that everyone must stand
together to support those who are spearheading, strong and
united as Americans against this 9/11 CRIME and we must do it
NOW!!! We can still peacefully decent and make a lot of verbal
noise. We can also get active in any number of creative ways.
Let your artistic side be guided by the spirit of your Heart.
Please, in the name of God’s Great Kingdom, please do what ever
YOU can NOW because there is a strong chance of success in
bringing justice back to this land! The funny thing these
cretins of hell cannot simply understand is the real fact that
Truth is eternal like we are, and the Creator that loves us ALL!



In the name of the Most High Truth and Love,


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