I invite you to read my "Cancun Comments"
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I invite you to read my "Cancun Comments", located at
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3 April 2006
Cancun Comments
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The recent Fox-Bush-Harper summit in Cancun showcased the typical Bush/Fox flimflam we’ve grown quite accustomed to.

The president of the United States, on foreign soil, with Fox at his side, calls on the U.S. Senate to pass immigration legislation. That reminds me of the time Bush, with Fox at his side, slandered the minutemen.

As for Fox, he’s all for security on the border, but says that can only be accomplished “under the framework of a legislation that will guarantee legal, orderly, safe and respectful migration.”

Sounds like a threat.

Fox also made it clear, as if that were necessary anyway, that Mexico would not attempt to prevent Mexicans from illegally crossing into the U.S.A.

“We can’t infringe upon the right of people to move freely within our territory.”

Neither Fox nor any other Mexican president is about to stop Mexicans from crossing illegally into the U.S. Which proves that this talk of “legal, orderly, safe and respectful migration” is a lot of baloney.

It doesn’t matter how many illegal Mexicans the U.S. legalizes, there will always be more who want to get in.

Amnesty, or whatever you choose to call it, is not the answer. Amnesty will only worsen the situation.

And frankly, depending on the Mexican government to help us secure the border – pardon the expression – is like “letting the fox guard the henhouse”.

The U.S. border with Mexico can only be secured when American leaders have the will to secure it.

Our problem is - George Bush doesn’t want to secure it.

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