J. Croft
Message to the Latino-legal or otherwise
Tue Apr 4, 2006 19:38


Message to the Latino-legal or otherwise

J. Croft

Welcome to the United States of America.

Someone had to say it; to be honest, the average uninformed American citizen is afraid of you. They're afraid you're driving down wages-to the point where they-we-can't support ourselves. Let's face facts: you are, but I realize it's because your homeland's traitorous leaders and rich have looted your industries, your economies and made you desperate enough to trek across desert and make deals with criminals to come to the United States. Where you're treated as a modern day slave class by my country's traitorous leaders and rich.

They're afraid you're smuggling everything over the border from diseases previously conquered to drugs to military firepower for your fellow countrymen in the 18th Street Gang and MS-13. Your "leaders" export you to stave off revolution in your country and make you come to the U.S. to eventually help forment a civil war.

They're afraid you're attempting to flood the USA with your people so some of your misguided countrymen can whip up a revolution and carve out of Northern Mexico and the Southwest USA some half-assed Aztlan state that sounds like a pipe dream doomed to failure. A lot of you would go along with such a stupid plan.

I know you Mexicans, Nicarauguans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Columbians, Venezuelans, Bolivians, Hondurans and Cubans are desperate enough to come to a land that uses you like whores, but think. Do you really think that the political whores who would wind up in charge of this "aztlan" would turn that stretch of brush land and desert into the garden of brown skinned eden? Do you really think the utter, in your face corruption of your homelands wouldn't turn "aztlan" into yet another banana republic? Do you really think you'll get away with taking Texas from Texans, or any other part of America without making Latinos forever hated?

I know you don't want that. I know you want to be respected as courageous, hard working, dilligent people and be able take care of your families, even if you have to come to the United States to do it. I know a lot of you came to America to be Free, to have the prosperity denied in your homelands.

Your homelands; all the real crooks are either drug lords, cops, judges or elected officials who loot your economy at every level, prostitute your resources and industry to my country's money whores or ship it to China-home of the slave laborer. No wonder freedom, civil rights and respect for property are alien to your "leaders". Your homelands are nothing but whores to them!

And you? You are used and abused like a common streetcorner whore. Used by the rich money whores in the United States who sell out their countrymen by getting you to work for slave wages, driving down our wages while costs go up, denying us too a equitable economy. You're in the United States-therefore you're not only contributing to the economy of your homeland. You as a strong, justifiably angry Latino are away at the same time, keeping the fires of much needed revolution at a manageable level for the whores, who can maintain their traitorous policies of economically disemboweling your country's economy so it can be integrated into a "new world order". This is a plot that needs you here in the United States to help the whores finish economically disemboweling America by being willing to work much longer for much less. This further attacks the average American's economy which weakens their potential to revolt and liberate themselves from the whores-as they make billions of dollars off your way underpriced labors. You're used by the whores who run your nation who have squeezed you dry since Simon Bolivar died. How his revolution has been betrayed-freed from the Spanish, you're enslaved by the descendants of their colonial overseers!

You are being used; by the same whores in three piece suits you vote for in rigged elections. These whores, in exchange for some money and some power over your lives, pimp all of Latin America out. Their government agents enforce too many regulations over you-when they're not stealing it in the form of taxes or bribes. The whores in your legislatures and presidential mansions take your very means of survival in your homelands by letting in slave labor factories, and then letting them get exported to China or Bangladesh.

So, looking for a way to keep your families fed you leave everything you hold dear and travel to the United States, looking for a way to make a living. You put your lives in the hands of professional criminals who traverse hostile desert… all so that you can be worked as slave labor.

If the average American-those white, black and brown people you see rolling in SUV's, getting fatter off food bioengineered to do so, and flocking to the mall like lemmings when a "sale" is advertised-if they remain asleep and yet made just aware enough to falsely think of you as a threat, then we will not be free of the whores or their masters until it's too late. And no; most are still ignorant enough to not listen to you.

What the hell to do about the whores?

You can't stop trying to help your people in your homeland. What you can do is the following:

Get educated about the United States Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights. You must learn about Freedom so you can teach your countrymen about Freedom, both here and back in your homeland. You will only defeat those who plot against us all if you reclaim control over your own countries.

A quick breakdown:

First and foremost, we are all God's Children, endowed by our Creator with rights no one has a right to deny as long as we respect each other's rights. Those rights are as follows:

Right to have a government who is transparent in it's functions and as accountable to the People it serves as can be engineered. This government's primary, ideally, only function is the preservation and enhancement of the Individual's Freedoms from threats both within and without. Mainly from men lacking respect for your rights but also from natural threats like disease or natural disaster.

Right to Free Speech, including inventing and using media. This means if you want to stand in public square and expose your corrupt city councilman's corrupt dealings or his lust for school age boys, you can't be stopped or even required to get a "permit".

Right to worship or otherwise love your God(s) as you see fit, without sanction from the state or any religion.

Right to petition for redress of grievances against government wrongdoing, and to have those grievances addressed in a timely and public manner.

Right to ownership of personal property, including your home, transportation and money.

Right to honest, stable money that won't be inflated by bankers or corrupt government officials into toilet paper.

Right to keep and bear arms in defense of yourself, your family, your community and your nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Right to a jury trial of one's peers, in a timely manner, under law both just and easily understood.

Right to have a jury nullify a law if it interferes with government's mission of perserving Freedom.

Right to have a economy and society where one can pursue his or her talents and abilities and enjoy the rewards of one's hard work without being unfairly squeezed by the rich or the state. A right to a economic future.

Right to free and aboveboard elections that have a voting system that can be verified and as impossible to steal as possible.

These among other Rights are what God wants for us because God wants us to be all we can be. Now, you are reading this and you're saying "this J. Croft, he is a gringo and a childish dreamer, he needs to grow up and face facts." I am, and I'm saying your current situation-OUR current situation is intolerable. It's not only intolerable, it won't even allow for survival for anyone if things keep going the way they are. So I say YOU have to face down your fears and do what YOU can to change things.

So, when you go back you must become teachers of Freedom and leaders of your own Revolution.

I can't say just go home because you need to be here to feed your families. Organize into small groups; these groups will be autonomous yet cooperate with others of like mind. From there, organize a strike of that Gringo's business exploiting you for less than minimum wage. You must set precedent that your labors are as good as any American's and therefore you should get paid the same. And you must do it together-as you know, one worker demanding a living wage will get fired. A crew demanding a living wage will get fired. A whole community demanding a living wage from all the gringo farmers and factory owners-that will not only give those whores no choice but to raise your wages, it will help gain support from the average American.

Learn English. If you're not trying to earn American citizenship at least have the respect to learn our language and a few basic customs. This way when you describe just how shitty your homelands are when you find a American that does care, they'll listen.

Stop trying to take advantage of so many U.S. government programs and loopholes. This enrages us and does nothing to gain sympathy and support for your cause. I personally would rather look at a Latino as someone being victimized by the same system as I, and not as someone who's short-sighted actions are helping the system crush me. You likewise would like to walk American streets and not feel the constant vibe that behind your backs you're being called wetbacks or spics.

If you're in a gang, it's time to use your strength against the whores who wrecked your countries, not average Americans. You're soldiers brave enough to shoot it out with each other and the police; smuggle yourselves back home and go after the criminals who's economic policies make fathers leave their wives and children and travel thousands of miles to a land which uses them as practically slave labor.

When you go home, convert the rebels of your homeland to stop being communists and join the Cause. They usually have military weapons, as do street gangs here in the U.S. Aim those weapons at those elites who made you smuggle yourself North, made you degrade yourself to support your families because they stole your livelihoods and freedoms away.

Most of all, be willing to fight for your Freedom, even unto death-because death will be the only freedom you'll get if you keep letting the whores sell your beloved homeland like… a whore.

Keep these thoughts in mind:

Your expectations are what's given to you by your leaders whether in your government or who run your cultural institutions. I say, you can set your own expectations. Expect the best of yourself and others, expect freedom and demand nothing less.

Freedom is a gift from God, as is life and a chance for happiness. Does God want your people to live in never ending poverty? Never ending exploitation by the rich in your nation as well as in the United States? No, a loving God would never want that. God wants you to be able to do your best, for yourself and your people. It is only by the unfettered pursuit of excellence in what we want to do, in what we are destined to do that the Human Race will find it's salvation, and purpose.

To get that freedom though, you first must free yourself. Rediscover God in you. Seek Him out for yourself-that small, still voice of conscience. Don't rely on other's opinions on God, nor some cheesy televangelist, nor even some (probably) corrupt church official. The TV, the church, your cultural icons all shape you and herd you to playing roles, to believe in certain things that keep that corrupt system going. Dispense with everything that takes Freedom from you and your fellow man. Get right with God, and find what you're really here on Earth for. All of us have purpose, talents and resources we can give wholeheartedly to gain our Freedom.

Your leaders are your problem, not having a million more square miles of desert and urban sprawl to be exploited in under the Mexican flag. Your true fight is against Vicente Fox and his drug lord lackeys, not the Minutemen. They, like you are sick of the corruption and treason by their "public servants" and have the will and vision to take action. Perhaps a few of them might be interested in helping you resist the scum that make you smuggle yourselves to the U.S.?

You'll have to fight for Freedom. Building from the grassroots, take over your villages, your towns, then unite. Join in common cause with other groups in other towns like yours to take over provinces. You'll have to fight for Freedom-probably literally; I've never heard of a ruling group who simply handed power back to the People because they said so. They held onto it until the very last.

You must make it their last because they're pushing us all to war and the destruction of all our cultures. Our children and our future are at stake.

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