Don Stacey
911 LIES: Important Website about the alleged B757 crash!
Fri Apr 7, 2006 03:28

Subject: 911 LIES: Important Website about the alleged B757 crash!

I received this from a friend who has researched the events of 911. This is important. Please review carefully.

Don Stacey


Chris' message to me:

Here's a link to a site a friend of mine has worked on for the past two years. It keeps improving each week.

My friend flew on C130's for for the USAF, worked as a firefighter with the Seattle F.D. for nine years and now resides in Wyoming as a professional photographer and 911 researcher.

Everything on his website has been corroborated and sourced three, (3) times over.

Most of photos and graphics are from Boeing Corporation's and the U.S. DOD's own website in addition to confidential sources working for the five major fire/SR services that were called upon the Pentagon within minutes of the alleged plane crash.

I've verified this information with one retired Continental and two American airlines pilots. All have flown on the flight deck of a B-757 for 55 combined years.

All of them said something OTHER THAN a commercial B-757 hit the Pentagon the morning of 9/11.

Please pass along to as many people as you can.


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