ICE needs to show up in full force
April 10 Day Without an Immigrant!
Sun Apr 9, 2006 17:06

Here is a website that describes what is going to happen on Monday, April 10.

ICE needs to show up in full force at each one of the demonstrations and arrest & deport all of the illegals.
If ICE doesn't have enough manpower, they can deputize military personnel to assist them.

April 10 Day Without an Immigrant!
Lists of Events by State 

The closest the Carlyle Group has previously come to public attention was last May, when a Seoul-based employee called Peter Chung was forced to resign from his 100,000-a-year job after sending an email to friends - subsequently forwarded to thousands of others - boasting of his plans to "... every hot chick in Korea over the next two years". The more business-oriented activities of Carlyle's staff have been conducted much more quietly: since it was founded in 1987 by David Rubenstein, a policy assistant in Jimmy Carter's administration, and two lawyer friends, the firm has been dispatching an array of former world leaders on a series of strategic networking trips.


Although it is encouraging for me to see people from both sides of the Bush issue participating in one of our most precious liberties as Americans (that would be FREE SPEECH, of course), I find it UNBELIEVABLE that so many of Bush's supporters would rather kick this freedom to the curb and ask all of those with differing opinions to leave the country, rather than APPRECIATE the fact that they live in a country where we CAN voice our opinions and not be shot for it (especially since it is these same people that actually believe our troops were sent to Iraq to protect this and other inalienable rights guaranteed to all Americans).
I have a hard time believing that there are truly intelligent people who still believe we are accomplishing ANYTHING in Iraq other than- 1)ALIENATING ourselves from the rest of the world at a time when globalizaton is becoming a MUST for any country that wants to survive (let alone succeed) in the near future, and; 2)DIVIDING the citizens of this great nation to the point that our previous position as THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD is quickly slipping into oblivion.
This country is in for a RUDE awakening when we realize that no one else in the world really cares WHAT we think anymore and that our no-longer superior noses don't belong in other countries' business. I am hoping that the few years we have left with the Bush-Puppet in the White House will give enough people a chance to come to their senses and REALIZE that- snooping in on private citizens' phone calls and emails IS a threat to DEMOCRACY; that appointing cronies of G-Dub's and his father's to the Supreme Court will ENDANGER many of the choices we have a right to make (abortion, religion, etc.); that electing a President who is so obviously controlled by the wealthy has almost IRREPARABLY damaged our nation. Let's try to get it right and elect a (qualified) woman next time.
Oh, and I loved the video.
- R.S., LasVegas, NV


Web definitions for NEW WORLD ORDER
The collapse of the Communism bloc and end of the cold war brought about a call for a "New World Order". Most vocal was US president George Bush. Opponents saw it as a one-world govt headed by US or transnationals, oppressing the public through military means and a restriction on individual freedoms like movement or speech. Advocates an harmonous global village without restrictions to hinder trade, development and the policing of drug-trafficking, terrorism and arms controls. ...

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