Illegal immigration issue
Sun Apr 9, 2006 15:15

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Subject: Illegal immigration issue
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 22:55:44 -0700
From: Andy

I would like to voice my opinion on this subject because my blood is boiling. I’m talking about the illegal immigrants. First I have to mention that I am an immigrant, a legal one that came to this country 20 years ago as a political refugee. I am proud to be an American citizen. What I am angry about is how the illegal aliens have the nerve to march and protest on American streets with Mexican flags and call us Americans racists just because we don’t agree to have them cross our borders illegally. Their explanations that they deserve a better life and that they are humans too are pathetic. Are they and their supporters brain washed or what? Nobody disputes that they are humans and as such they deserve better life. But not here illegally! Crossing a border illegally into a sovereign country is a criminal act anywhere in the world! Why is this so difficult to understand?

If they are eager to voice their opinions in the USA why not do the same in their own homeland, Mexico? Why aren’t they going to Mexico City to demand better living conditions from their own government in their own country?

I’m angry at my government that for so many years they didn’t do anything about this issue.

I’m angry at all the supporters of the illegals that promote and support the illegal crossing of our border. Nowhere in civilized countries is such behavior tolerated (illegal entry).

Somebody might say: America was built on immigration and many of them came illegally here. Yes, I agree but it was long, long time ago and the American continent had to be populated. This is not the case anymore. Now we have enough legal citizens in this country, we don’t need millions more that come here illegally. Another issue is giving automatically US citizenship to a child born here to illegal aliens. Why? It is absurd.

I will not suggest what we should do with this issue, it’s in hands of our government, all I know (and many others too) is that I am fed up with this and something has to be done. We are an independent country, we have borders, we have the right to secure them and keep unwanted people out. If somebody wants to come here and work please, by all means but legally. Why is this so difficult to understand? Do we have to spell it out in Spanish?

Sincerely, Andy Krupa


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Illegal immigration issue

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