"We The People" have had war declared on "US" by this corrup
Sun Apr 9, 2006 17:33

"We The People" have had war declared on "US" by this corrupt administration. This latest development concerning AT & T and the NSA should be the final act brought to light, needed to do the criminals in.

I have been targeted, too. I am suing on behalf of "We The People" everywhere.

We must "Save Our Selves" by contacting our elected officials every chance we get and speak our minds.

They work for us and better have our best interests at heart.

We are now the majority, mad as hell and bent on doing something about those who don't!

Thank "God" for everyone with morals and ethics who are finally speaking out with genuine "Truth."

We should especially thank those in media and the few handfuls of elected officials who are standing for and with "We The People."

Thank "God" and goodness many from differing backgrounds are standing for truth and revealing it continuously, as that will be the force that saves us all.

I just saw on CNN news that there's an insider who blew the whistle about AT & T having a secret room where they have our emails so the NSA knows who to target in their "so called war against terrorism."

Of course, we're not the terrorists and thankfully most people know who, exactly is, now.

Enclosed is an article on this matter concerning AT & T and the NSA.

Watch CNN and MSNBC news networks for updates on this and all matters when you want to hear real "Truth."

Especially Lou Dobbs, on CNN at 6pm Eastern time and Countdown with Keith Olberman, on MSNBC at 8 pm Eastern time.

And remember never to watch fox, giving them undeserved ratings but keep tabs on their lies and spin so they can be held accountable. You can do this by subscribing to>>> http://www.newshounds.us/ . They watch fox so you don't have to

This account I'm writing you under is one I've had for a couple years but never used. AT & T is my carrier, so after this communication, as it's going far and wide, I expect to have to call for a new password as I'll be what they call, "red flagged," for bulk email and what they call unsolicited email.

This is illegal on their part as all the rules are followed with revealing who I am and a way to opt out from receiving information from me.

I'll possibly be completely cut off from cyberspace, as has just happened to my original account on March 29th.

If they shut me down permanently in getting this account too, that's okay because there's a back up plan that will include much more then some may have bargained for. So if I disappear for a while from the net, please know that I'll be busy and back as soon as possible.

I was one targeted and shut down by AOL for human and civil rights activism. Lost the 500 + patriot, spiritual and political groups used for networking activism and so far have only been able to rejoin about 30.

Hopefully, the ACLU will agree to take part in my case against AOL and the perpetrators.

As well as two other attorneys, one of which is already retained. We will follow through with the legal ramifications the culprits will face for trying to silence my freedom of speech and activism work.

I have had to constantly call for a new password and reconnect to the internet, over and over again for the past few months. My computer was down more that it was up and running.

When they terminated the old wmconnect account (a branch of AOL) they got this SBC account all messed up, too.

My email functions stopped working along with all kinds of problems when I first attempted to use this SBC account.

I've spent many hours on the phone with tech help to get back on line and fix all the problems, this last time...They really worked overtime on me, crippling this account in more ways than one.

I leveled with one of the tech guys at SBC when I told him I'd been informed by an honest tech from AOL, that there was a hacker causing most my problems. This, of course, due to my activities in civil and human rights activism, I told him. He told me not to worry about the hacker because he had some tricks up his sleeves, too.

He fixed everything and for a couple days there were no problems. Nothing major has happened but they shut me down daily now, sometimes two or three times. They cut my internet connection and I have to disconnect the internet wires, reboot and reconnect daily, when need be.

I would not even know this is happening so much of late as I've been off line most of the time but because I need someone here to help me all the time, there's usually someone on the net, mostly playing games and they alert me after they get knocked off line.

Been too ill to be on the computer much at all but today I am doing better so I decided, since I get shut down anyway, I'll hit it hard while able.

Look out media, elected officials, newspapers, radio, etc because first chance I get with an urgent press release, I'm going back to work and making it worth their while, making as many waves as possible in the name of "Truth & Justice."

We're experiencing and seeing the escalation of many actions against "Truth Tellers"...Against our very citizens, patriots and good Americans everywhere...Including death threats, the newest being>>> http://www.dissidentvoice.org  /

Don't be fooled that many haven't already been hurt and lost their lives for that matter.

I've written this to let those inactive know we need help in educating others and motivating them to action before it's too late for recovery in America.

We must all stand together when situations arise every chance we can. Divided we will fall. The future of the children on this planet must be secured. Their very lives are at stake.

You can start helping by forwarding this information to Kingdom Come


First they came for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Communist.
Then they came for the Social Democrats,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Social Democrat.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists,
and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up,
because I wasn't a Jew,
Then they came for me,
and by that time there was no one
left to speak up for me.

Pastor Martin Neimoller

"God" Bless Us All,
Marsha McClelland, Founder of the "We The People United Movement"
330 926-1679

"We The People United Movement"
We are many Political and Patriot Groups joining together, to help right the wrongs in America..."United We Will Stand"

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Message: 20 Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 23:17:23 -0700From: "MCAC"

Subject: NSA Intercepting ALL AT&T Customers Internet TrafficNSA Intercepting ALL AT&T Customers Internet TrafficLiberties , Misconduct , NSA Wire-Taps , Privacy Ok America, have you had enough yet? From LinuxElectrons.com: AT&T Forwards ALL Internet Traffic Into NSA Says EFF"The evidence that we are filing supports our claim that AT&T is diverting Internet traffic into the hands of the NSA wholesale, in violation of federal wiretapping laws and the Fourth Amendment," said EFF Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston. "More than just threatening individuals' privacy, AT&T's apparent choice to give the government secret, direct access to millions of ordinary Americans' Internet communications is a threat to the Constitution itself. We are asking the Court to put a stop to it now."EFF's evidence regarding AT&T's dragnet surveillance of its networks includes a declaration by Mark Klein, a retired AT&T telecommunications technician, and several internal AT&T documents. This evidence was bolstered and explained by the expert opinion of J. Scott Marcus, who served as Senior Technical Advisor for Internet Technology to the Federal Communications Commission from July 2001 until July 2005.The internal AT&T documents and portions of the supporting declarations have been submitted to the Court under a tentative seal, a procedure that allows AT&T five court days to explain to the Court why the information should be kept from the public."The public deserves to know about AT&T's illegal program," said EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn. "In an abundance of caution, we are providing AT&T with an opportunity to explain itself before this material goes on the public docket, but we believe that justice will ultimately require full disclosure."The NSA program came to light in December, when the New York Times reported that the President had authorized the agency to intercept telephone and Internet communications inside the United States without the authorization of any court. Over the ensuing weeks, it became clear that the NSA program has been intercepting and analyzing millions of Americans' communications, with the help of the country's largest phone and Internet companies, including AT&T. http://www.shadow-media.org/blog/

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