Secret Government (UN, FEMA) goals - Executive Orders
Mon Apr 10, 2006 03:16

Subject: Secret Government (UN, FEMA) goals in Presidential Executive Orders
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 00:50:51 EDT

U.N., F.E.M.A., Presidential Executive Orders - The Secret (World) Government:

1. Booklet - Why A Bankrupt America? (On the cover are references concerning the Federal Reserve Bank (a private corporation) by Devvy Kidd (booklet – no longer available) ( ) - electronic copy via email available)

2. Book - Our GLOBAL Neighborhood, The Report of The Commission on Global Governance (Reference to U.N. World Government) ( ) (A summary analysis by Henry Lamb (  ), (  )

3. The Charter of the United Nations, Chapter VII (Reference to Chapter 7, U.N. War Powers ( ) (Information on the U.N. and Taxes ( ) H.R. 1017, H.R. 1146)

4. QUINN IN THE MORNING, NEW WORLD ORDER - Stop the United Nations Land Grab. Everglades National Park, Florida, Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Statue of Liberty, New York and other U.S. sites are controlled by the U.N., UNESCO ( ) check pages 1 and 26)

U.S. NATIONAL PARKS TO BE OFF LIMITS TO AMERICANS From Patricia Neill. (emailed by ( ), ( ), ( ), placed on internet by ( ) (Reference to United Nation's BiodiversityTreaty, Biosphere Reserves and U.N. World Heritage Sites) (Not voted on by U.S. Congress)

5. QUINN IN THE MORNING, NEW WORLD ORDER - Executive Orders Bypass Congress

Presidential Executive Orders, U.N., F.E.M.A. – The Secret (World) Government:

The FEMA list of Presidential Executive Orders:

The OMEGA File, The Eederal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA - The Secret Government

FEMA - The Secret Government

6. The U.S. Tax Code 501(c)(3) – Most nonprofit organizations, including religious/spiritual groups, will not speak out on Government Policies or Presidential Executive Orders. They have to be neutral or they can lose their tax-exempt status. Also, most government officials and employees will not speak out against harmful Government Policies. (Ref. IRS tells churches: no politics - St. Petersburg Times, Florida ( ) Due to receiving finances, there are other U.S. Codes that Control Freedom of Speech.

7. SAVE AMERICA! (By Buying Back U.S.-America With Godly/Humanitarian Actions)

8. UFO, ET, ALIEN Invasion mentioned by Henry Kissinger in 1991, to frighten the people, in the future, to accept the New World Order (World Government)? (Reference - Exposing the New World Order ( )



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EXPOSED: The Carlyle Group
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