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Re: VOLCANO! What the Immigration Protests are REALLY Saying
Mon Apr 10, 2006 19:21

Quotes from:

"In 1991 during the Gulf War, top brass of the US Air Force drew up plans to project a giant holographic image of Allah over Baghdad."
"The plan was abandoned when it was realized that images of Allah are forbidden in Islam."
[R] _Also consider why, the holographic image was considered in 1991? Knowing what was going on at this same time is very important. Starting with the ancient Mayan prophecies that 'the Celestials would be opened on July 11,1991.' Then of course 6 days later, the July 17, 1991 Enigma Crop Drawing Barbury Castle, UK, then 6 days after that, another crop drawing on the 23rd (in otherwords how to deal with the 666) and so on. This of course was known to specific few and for the most part what is actually going on is not allowed out. 'You are on a need to know basis, only' sound familiar? Reverse World is what we are dealing with. What is good is called bad by the ones considering themselves to be in power.

Secrecy is consider the goal of most the so called powerful. And what you want to really ask is WHY? Who really gains?

Why go after the people of the Middle East? Are they praying more then certain ones are comfortable with? Is it considered mandatory to get Spiritually connected individuals disconnected so to say? Once again who gains?

How MANY ways has the mimic of the real, been used to hold up as what is earthly truth. Yet time sorts out all the ploys sooner or later. Heavensgate founders were said to behave like 'angels?' And would isolate themselves with their followers. Why the use of that terminology?

Rockefeller money is used to coopt so called 'Independent' media. Notice that certain subjects and real evidence are just NOT discussed, when Rockefeller money is involved (like 911)? It is convenient to be able to dictate via the purse strings?

Such as:
"Rockefeller paid for at least two meeting sessions of the Starlight Coalition, a group said to be made up of former intelligence officers and military men interested in UFOs. At one time Rockefeller funded a plan to establish contact with aliens, not using the SETI method (by radio telescope), but by signalling them with banks of powerful halogen lamps. In May 1999 the BBC reported that Rockefeller was funding the UK's largest ever scientific study of crop circles, often linked to UFO activity by researchers."
[R] Isn't it interesting that IF actual study of Crop Drawings etc. was being done, wouldn't allowing it include at least North, South, East, West on the Crop information be automatic? To date, even these directions are held back. Let alone the one(s) that could give additional data are not 'allowed' to speak out.

So if you want to use data for your own manipulation wouldn't you do just what has been done?

Now think of from the perspective, if you were trying to ignore Revelations 20:1,2,3 - - -

Wouldn't you try to find out all you could about the one(s) whose duty was to deal with the core of evil on Earth?

Is that really at the heart of the Philadelphia Experiment jumping forward in time till 1983 to know how to set a plan like in the book '1984?'

Is that why the ridicule of the whole UFO situation and now only recently starting to talk about it? Are the recent events just an effort to be able to create a false invasion in the near future?

Is that why the actual happenings on July 9,1947 are not wanted out?

Is that why the MJ12 is denied and files more than fifty years old are not allowed to be out for the Public, when about any other file that old has been long since declassified?

Is that why Prophecies that have been around for thousands of years have been tried to be locked up, spun or denied to be general information, because they are what everyone needs to know right now what is going on?

Is that why the crop 'circles' are mocked and not even reported properly?

Is that why the ones that should be able to speak are being stopped, isolated, discredited in multiple ways, put on blacklist/watchlist etc.

"We have been and are being conditioned. It's no strange coincidence that top lieutenants of the Trilateral Commission like Laurance Rockefeller and Bilderberg placement like Steven Spielberg are funding and fomenting this alien paradigm. That is not to say the entire UFO research field is controlled, but the stranglehold at the top represents elite manipulation and social steering. The technology to pull off this hoax is in place, the historical precedents are documented. It will only take one declaration from the President, one staged attack on a US city, to convince the people of a universal threat. Only a centralized one world government will be able to protect us."
[R] Heavensgate outlines some of the so called Black Ops data collected about the real ones and then mimics several aspects such as: Bonnie and Marshall held that they had taken on human form [Bonnie Lou Nettles & Marshall Applewhite]. 'Two Witnesses'reference and technology f verbal intercranial communications could have been used to convince them they were holding true to what they knew about the Bible and so on.

Havensgate has been called just a nut cult so no investigation as to why the huge funds being paid to 'Higher Source' and what did the 39 actually know about the inner workings of the Internet and 1995 Internet Wars etc. etc. etc.?

Now if you were the core of the evil on Earth are these points just part of your game plan to prolong Rev.20:1,2,3 (for you know that sooner or later it will take place)?

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