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Federal authorities told WBZ-TV not to air the story in September 2002 because it would jeopardize their investigation and would threaten national security. But Joe Bergantino, the WBZ-TV reporter who did the story, has said he now believes the government's demand to hold off on the story was instead a pretext.

Ptech whistleblowers initially went to FBI agents in 2001, but the whistleblowers say that the FBI and DOJ (Chertoff’s criminal division) did nothing adequate to respond and investigate. Then the whistleblowers went to US Customs agents working under operation Greenquest and these agents finally raided Ptech in December 2002 after the Bush DOJ and FBI deliberately waited, delayed and stalled for a year and a half. The impedance, delay and stalling by the FBI and DOJ however continued after the Customs raid on Ptech as the FBI then stepped in and unsuccessfully tried to take control of the case.

In October 2001, Chertoff was appointed head of Operation Greenquest, a multi-agency initiative to target sources of funding for terrorist organizations, according to a U.S. Customs Service press release. Chertoff told the Associated Press on Oct. 25, 2001 that, “The lifeblood of terrorism is money, and if we cut the money we cut the blood supply.”

But this is an exceptionally hypocritical statement given Chertoff’s legal defense of Dr. Magdy Elamir and Chertoff’s knowledge that Dr. Elamir was sending money skimmed from a New Jersey HMO to bin Laden and to the terrorist cell of Abdel Rahman at the Al Salaam mosque whose members Chertoff had used to blow up the WTC with Emad Salem and the FBI in 1993. But just as bad, and perhaps even more hypocritical if not corrupt, is the fact that while also head of Greenquest, Chertoff, the DOJ and FBI impeded and sabotaged the efforts of Customs agents investigating Ptech and the very agents who had set up Greenquest in the first place! Former U.S. Customs chief Robert Bonner created Operation Greenquest just after the September 11 terror attacks to be a high-profile federal task force targeting the financiers of Al Qaeda and other international terrorist groups. But as noted, in October 2001, Chertoff was appointed head of Operation Greenquest. When the Customs task force was folded into Homeland Security, the FBI and DOJ (criminal division and 9-11 team headed by Chertoff at the time) demanded that the White House instead give the FBI and DOJ total control over Greenquest and the Ptech investigation.

Homeland Security officials accuse the FBI (and DOJ) of intentionally sabotaging Greenquest investigations by Customs and Homeland security agents by not turning over critical information to their agents and obfuscating FBI failure to actively pursue terror finance cases. “They [the FBI] won’t share anything with us,” said a Homeland Security official. “Then they go to the White House and they accuse us of not sharing … If they can’t take it over, they want to kill it.”

What further bolsters Homeland Security officials assertions of deliberate FBI and DOJ (Chertoff) sabotage of the Ptech investigation is the fact that even after WBZ-TV finally ran its story on Ptech and after the Greenquest raid, there still have to this date been no charges or indictments against Al-Qadi or anyone else connected with Ptech.

On May 13, 2003 John Ashcroft and Tom Ridge stepped into the cover-up by Chertoff and Bush by signing a "Memorandum of Agreement” between DOJ and Homeland Security, formally taking control of the Ptech investigation from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), giving it to the FBI and DOJ, and further giving the FBI unprecedented unilateral control of all terrorist-financing investigations and operations. According to the memorandum, "all appropriate DHS leads relating to money laundering and financial crimes will be checked with the FBI."

Chertoff and the FBI strongly impeded and obstructed the US Customs and Homeland Security operation Greenquest investigating the Saudi, Ptech and other terror money sources for 9-11. The DOJ, Chertoff and FBI were given control of the Ptech investigation and Greenquest based on the agreement signed by Ridge and Ashcroft. To make doubly sure that nothing is done by the backdoor by Homeland Security to reveal the DOJ and FBI sabotage and cover-up of the Ptech investigation and other Saudi backing of terror finances, Chertoff has now been put in place at Homeland Security to replace Tom Ridge.

FBI and DOJ (Chertoff) sabotage of terror funding investigations does not just end with Ptech and Greenquest. It is even more disturbing that no charges or indictments have been made against bin Laden terror financier Al-Qadi when one considers the fact that the 1998 FBI operation Vulgar Betrayal confiscated over $1.4 million in terror funds part of which were directly linked to Saudi Arabian businessman Yassin Al-Qadi long before his role at Ptech came up. Investigators believe Al-Qadi provided as much as $3 billion to the AlQaeda terrorist network up until the Vulgar Betrayal investigation.

Chicago FBI agent Robert Wright over the objections of FBI intelligence officers initiated the criminal investigations under Vulgar Betrayal. Wright has said FBI intelligence types did not want their probes of terrorist suspects interrupted or ended by the suspects' arrests for criminal activities. Wright further has stated that FBI management "intentionally and repeatedly thwarted and obstructed" his attempts to expand the investigation to ARREST other terrorists and seize their assets.

Wright staked his reputation and career on his complaints against FBI management when he wrote a memo 91 days before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks warning that Americans would die as a result of the FBI’s failure to adequately pursue investigations of terrorists living in the country. Wright held a news conference after the 9-11 attacks with his attorney David Schippers to air his complaints. Wright indicated that 9-11 could have been avoided if the FBI had allowed Wright to continue his criminal investigations and arrest known Hamas terrorists and terrorist financiers that Wright was investigating for over four years.

Wright’s attorney, David Schippers was the legal counsel for the House managers during the trial of Clinton in the US Senate. Ashcroft and DOJ attorneys like Chertoff have repeatedly and aggressively rebuffed Schippers’ and Wright’s attempts to correct the problems identified by Wright at the FBI and DOJ that led in part to 9-11.

In response to Wright’s news conference, John Collingwood, assistant director of the FBI's office of public and congressional affairs, sent a letter to Schippers in May 2002 that explicitly told Wright not to disclose the contents of Wright’s memo - in writing or verbally - to anyone not approved by the FBI. The Collingwood letter also contained what Wright and his attorneys considered an intimidating threat.

Hamas cells in the US that were investigated by FBI agent Robert Wright of Chicago and FBI agents in Florida and OKC for years before 9-11 are part of the terror underground railroad/network set up in the US in 1995 by Khalid and Ali Mohammed and Zawahiri to work with Iraqis, AlQaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic for terror activities in the US. This was fully known to the FBI, CIA, Ashcroft, Gonzales and Chertoff and is the result of White House approved corrupt policy of intentionally permitting known terror groups to operate for years in the US, to track them allegedly for intelligence purposes, without getting them off the streets even NOW. This policy practiced by Chertoff, the FBI, the DOJ and the Clinton and Bush White Houses strongly contributed to the 1993 WTC and 1995 bombings as well as the 9-11 attacks.

Chertoff may really in fact know where terrorist money was/is coming from and going via semi-legit organizations, terror business operations possibly like Ptech, Saudi financiers, drug trafficking, and money laundering via banks infiltrated by US intelligence and US criminal elements. But Chertoff has tried to steer Congress away from learning what he knows by publicly trying to persuade the Senate Banking Committee (looking into the terrorists’ money trail in the aftermath of 9-11) into believing it is not possible to know in sufficient detail:

"Frankly, we can't differentiate between terrorism and organized crime and drug dealing."

“These groups don't hold themselves independently: They work with one another. Terrorists get engaged in drug activity. They have relationships with organized crime."

These statements by Chertoff to Congress sound eerily like the assertions and allegations of Indira Singh and Sibel Edmonds because they are based on the same evidence- evidence that Chertoff, Gonzales, Ashcroft and GW Bush are trying to cover-up and hide and that Singh and Edmonds are trying to expose to save America from corruption.

Protecting Bush and Saudi Terror Backers

GW Bush ordered the FBI (and DOJ) to stop investigating all Saudi business and money ties to terrorists as soon as Bush became President in early 2001. Ever since becoming President Bush has used Chertoff in more instances than just the Ptech case to make sure the Saudi terror backer ties to 9-11 and to Bush were hidden before, during and after 9-11. Here is an excerpt from a speech given by John Loftus, a former Deputy US Attorney, in August 2004 that describes the effect of Bush orders to lay off investigations of Saudi backers of terrorism:

“So I had all my friends in the FBI and CIA send in these files. I said, “Why haven't you prosecuted this guy (Saudi financial terror backer)?...“We'd love to. We've tried to prosecute him but we were told we couldn't touch him because he gets all of his money from the Saudis, and we are all under orders not to do anything to embarrass the Saudi government.”

John Loftus was a US prosecutor and has been a longtime lawyer for whistleblowers in the American intelligence community.

GW Bush had ties to the companies in the US funneling Saudi money to AlQaeda via HolyLand Foundation and InfoCom in Dallas, which also ran a website for Iraq and was represented by close Bush friends and attorneys at Akin and Gump (law firm known for representing drug dealer king pins). Saudi Royal banker Khalid Bin Mahfouz was on the board for both of these companies. Mahfouz was involved with GW and HW Bush in the BCCI scandal, and Harken and Arbusto oil companies. Mahfouz was a defendant in a trillion dollar lawsuit by 9-11 families and he has been linked to financing of the bombing of the USS Cole.

InfoCom and HolyLand were raided by the FBI on Sept 5, 2001, just 6 days before 9-11 and at the time Michael Chertoff was head of the DOJ criminal division. A federal grand jury under the control of Chertoff was conducting a grand jury investigation for InfoCom and Holyland at the time.

The FBI’s OKC Bomb task force inspector Danny Defenbaugh was tracking the AlQaeda front organizations in Dallas connected to these companies for several years prior to 2001 as SAC of the Dallas FBI office. Defenbaugh was tracking the AlQaeda financiers like at Holyland and InfoCom and AlQaeda members including bin Laden’s personal secretary El Hage using Dallas police officers. In early 2001 the FBI 302 reports showing the arrest and release but involvement of three men in the OKC bombing were found hidden in Defenbaugh’s office. Emad Salem had recruited the same three men for the FBI and Chertoff to help carry out the 1993 WTC bombing. They were Anas and Asad Siddiqy and Mohammed Chafti who had rented a car in Dallas and were fleeing to Dallas when they were arrested in Dallas the day of the OKC bombing The Siddiqys continued to work with Khalid Mohammed after the 1993 WTC bombing on the plans for the OKC bombing and for the 9-11 attacks. This was known to the FBI and CIA and likely Chertoff going back to 1995 and also may have had a bearing on the raid of InfoCom and HolyLand just 6 days before 9-11 in Dallas.

Because InfoCom and HolyLand Foundation were allowed to operate by the FBI and DOJ for years with known terror connections and ties to Bush and the Saudis friend of Bush, and because no indictments of Bush business associate Mahfouz and Bush attorneys representing these companies were ever handed down, there is a very strong suspicion that any evidence that the federal Grand jury may have gotten from the FBI raid on the companies just before 9-11 was redacted, manipulated or slanted by Chertoff and the DOJ to protect the FBI, DOJ, Bush, the Saudis and Khalid Mahfouz. Was evidence also confiscated from these companies that implicated Bush, the FBI, DOJ, CIA and Chertoff in prior knowledge and possible provocation of the 9-11 attacks, provocation like was done in the 1993 WTC bombing by Chertoff and the FBI??

It is very conceivable Ashcroft, Chertoff, Gonzales and the FBI have now likely scrubbed any evidence seized at InfoCom and HolyLand that might have been incriminating to the FBI, DOJ, Bush, the Saudis and Bush attorneys.

GW Bush and HW Bush have a long history of dealing with Saudi terror backers and Saudi financing via BCCI connections to James Bath, Saudi Khalid Mahfouz, and FBI director Robert Mueller while he was at DOJ.

Besides Khalid Mahfouz, GW Bush has had long standing ties to terrorist backer Sami Al Arian. GW Bush met with Al Arian several times and took campaign contributions from him when Bush had been previously warned by the Secret Service that Al Arian was a terrorist

Sami Al Arian and his terror cell group in Florida was investigated and tracked by the FBI in Florida for over 13 years before Al Arian was arrested after 9-11. Al Arian and his group were associated with the OKC bombing, the 9-11 attacks and funding of the terrorist groups, Hamas, AlQaeda and Islamic Jihad.

Al Arian and his terror cell in Florida were tracked but intentionally and knowingly allowed to operate in Florida by Chertoff, the FBI and DOJ as enablers for AlQaeda, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Florida for years. FBI and Israeli intelligence agents jointly monitored Al Arian’s group in Florida for over 13 years and information gleaned from the group was passed on to the FBI office in OKC warning them of an attack on OKC’s federal building three days before the OKC bombing. This joint operation and the information it developed was available to and likely known to Chertoff while he was head of DOJ’s criminal division.

Chertoff and Porter Goss directly assisted Bush in keeping the 28 missing pages out of the 9-11 Congressional report. According to public statements by Senators Bob Graham and Richard Shelby, these 28 missing pages referred directly to the Saudi money, drug and arms trafficking ties to 9-11 and GW Bush. The missing pages also refer in part to the InfoCom and Holyland Foundation case as well as the allegations of Sibel Edmond, Indira Singh and FBI agent Robert Wright about Ptech and its bin Laden, AlQaeda financier, Yassin Qadi. They also refer to Saudi funding of 9-11 hijacker pilots AlMhidhar and AlHazmi while living in an apartment provided by an FBI informant and provocateur in San Diego, Abdusattar Sheikh.

The DOJ, Chertoff and the FBI directly prevented FBI agents from testifying at the 9-11 Congressional hearings. The agents were in a position to testify about their tracking of 9-11 hijacker terrorists AlMhidhar and AlHazmi and their monitoring of the Saudi money connections to the these hijackers. Porter Goss and his director, James Lewis, helped Bush, Ashcroft and Chertoff cover-up and impede the 9-11 Congressional investigation while Goss was Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation of the 9-11 attacks. My attorney Mike Johnston and I had direct communications with James Lewis during the Lewis and Goss cover-up in the 9-11 Congressional hearings and report. Now as head of the CIA, Goss is in a position like Chertoff to perpetrate and cover up more terror pretexts as an excuse for laying the groundwork for a police state in America.

Using Nazi Trained Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists

The CIA, the DOJ, the FBI a


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